1. S

    Question Recommended retailer/TV

    Looking at getting a new TV and, as usual when I research things, I tend to gravitate to the high end stuff. Main TV is a 8 year old(ish) Samsung UE40D7000 which, to our eyes at least, still gives us a great picture but it’s getting very slow opening Netflix, iPlayer is no longer supported and...
  2. H

    Question Best recommended tv wall mounts

    Hi all, Not really well up on these things, so I’m looking for advice on wall mounts for two TVs. I want to wall mount a 65” and a 55” UHD Sony TVs. I only need to mount the TVs. Everything else (Xbox, Virgin box, soundbar) will be on a TV stand. I’m not too bothered about actually moving the...
  3. G

    Which amplifier is recommended after my Arcam AVR200?

    I have used my Arcam AVR200 amplifier with great satisfaction so far, in stereo, but unfortunately ruined. -NAD C326BEE -Cambridge Audio A5 Are they better? Any other suggestions?
  4. E

    Recommended <32" TV for kitchen

    hi all We have an OK-ish 24" Sony LCD TV in the kitchen but it's starting to lose all of the apps like iPlayer, and I fancied upgrading to something bigger/better. Worst case I could stick a Fire TV stick or something in it, but where's the fun in not upgrading ;-) ? The problem is that the...
  5. A

    How to repair drone electronics

    Need some guidance on how to find where fault lies. I shorted a component on PCB board of my drone, housing screw piercing both plus & minus wire feed to one motor. Motor still working, checked via other motor outputs. Any help or advice welcomed. photo showing larger orange circle where wires...
  6. shotokan101

    Question Other Recommended AV Classifieds?

    Anyone got any other AV classifieds sites they would recommend? Cheers Jim
  7. T

    Question Digital spy hole camera for front door (closed circuit)?

    I know the Ring door bell is very popular these days but I'm not keen on an Internet connected device. Are there any closed circuit options that will allow me to have the standard front door spy hole but using a camera which transmits video to a proprietary display that is in the house? I would...
  8. VHS Gamer

    Recommended Subwoofer at or under £400, help!?

    Hello guys, had a good look myself first of course but, so confused and no idea what would be a great subwoofer for this price range, preferable at, or under £400 I have a pair of Monitor Audio bronze 2 bookshelf speakers and MA Centre. The bookshelves go as low as 42hz and the centre 60hz...
  9. K

    Question Recommended picture settings for 55inch Samsung Q60T 2020

    Just got mine. Any advice or templates would be very appreciated! :) Thanks!
  10. S

    What amps are recommended for powering SVS Prime Pinnacles?

    I’ve heard these require a decent chunk of power to get the best out of them, so, any amp recommendations in the circa £1-2k range? I know testing is ultimately the best way to make a decision on speakers, but for anyone that has a pair, how do they perform? As good as the various reviews out...
  11. flaperise

    Recommended £500 Gaming PC for 10 year Old Sister

    Hi All, As the title say's, I'm after recommendations for a system for my 10 year old sister - I don't need to worry about Keyboard and Mouse etc or monitor. Ideally I want to build the system for her and she wants one with lights on it on the case - a medium size tower nothing too big but...
  12. A

    Recommended Second Hand Turntables & Amplifiers to Look Out For

    I've been considering various options for buying a turntable, mostly brand new. However, when it comes to considering second hand turntables, I feel a bit lost as to where to start. What would your Brand/Model recommendations be to look out for on the second hand market? I feel like starting...
  13. M

    Question Recommended software,hardware and programming language in VR industry standards?

    In current industry standards, what would be the recommended software and hardware for virtual/mixed/augmented reality? Also what is the most commonly used programming language? I would assume C# or C++, but if there are others that may be considered more popular in the vr industry, I would like...
  14. YYDeckard

    Which of your recommended 55" Premium models ?

    I have looked through your guide and have actually ordered (and paid for) a Samsung Q85R from John Lewis (as i am partner there I get 12.5% discount) but its "dicey" whether I will get one or not as they have very little if any stock left - I will know in the next week or so... Just in case it...
  15. martyn3000

    Recommended me a HDMI switch

    Usual problem, too many devices, not enough HDMI sockets. Need a 3 input HDMI switch, compatible with 4K 60hz HDR signal for PS4 Pro and Nvidia Shield to my UHD TV. There's a plethora of them on Amazon all with mixed reviews. Does anyone here have any recommendations?
  16. zamwessell

    Question Please recommend XLR and XLR to RCA cables which do not break the bank.

    Looking for XLR and XLR to RCA cables that do the job but are not silly money. I only need 0.5m and/or 1m lengths Any good recommendations? Thanks.
  17. neuty

    Question Recommended VPN for home fibre broadband and mobile

    Hi All, This is all quite confusing for me, but can anyone recommend a good reliable and not costly VPN for home and also for mobile / tablets usage? There are so many it’s blown my head off. Thanks for looking. Carl
  18. chegeo

    B&W 606 recommended receivers? (ideally <= $1k)

    Complete audio newb here and just got a pair of Bowers 606 + stands as I've always wanted a pair, but now unsure which receiver to get. I'll mostly be using for listening to music / stereo and watching movies with 2.1 only. Originally I thought to get the Marantz NR1200 as it seems to fit my...
  19. D

    Experiences of using Synology Surveillance Station, and recommended IP cams for indoors / outdoors?

    I’m a great fan of Synology NAS and have a few including an 8 disk unit in the basement. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up the surveillance station for quite a while. Where I’ve got stuck is choosing a suitable IP cam to use - there seem to be thousands on the market and I must...
  20. R

    Recommended TV Stand/Bench for 55"

    Hi all, Just bought the 55XF9005 from Costco the other day, loving it so far! I've had to invert the feet to fit it on my current stand, so I'd like to get a new one capable of fitting it very soonish. Budget is around £200 and looking for something around 40-50cm in height. Any...
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