1. M

    43PUS8536/12 recommended settings

    Hi all. Just ordered this TV. Can anyone please provide a link to recommended picture settings for this TV please? Thank you.
  2. elthomp0777

    Recommended LAN adapter

    Hi I have just purchased an LG C1, the LAN input on the back of the screen is difficult to connect with how it’s mounted on the wall. Has anyone got a recommended adapter that won’t effect the speed or connection please?
  3. mias11

    recommended fL for Sdr low light?

    Anyone know what the recommended brightness is for low light condition sdr non-light curtains closed but white walls
  4. kitenski

    Recommended smart radiator valves ?

    We've taken to turning our bedroom down to zero at night then I get kicked out of bed to turn it back up again when the alarm goes off! Turns out you can get smart radiator valves which will do this automatically, wondered if anyone had used them and if they work as well as suggested? As ever...
  5. SaitaM

    Recommended TV screen size

    Hey all I'd like to gather some opinions on the recommended tv screen size for an LG OLED C1. It will go on a 30-32 m2 squarish living room with an estimated viewing distance of 2-2,5m. The wall it would be on has around 5,5-6 meters. The furniture piece it will go on has 2,7m. I am trying to...
  6. H

    Refurb vs new (vfm) & Recommended refurbed phone websites

    Hello, Can anyone please recommend any good sites for refurb phones? Also,has anyone had any experience with Kwikfone? they seem a bit cheaper than most so am slightly wary. Also wondering whether I should look at new phone such at Motorola G50 or SamsungA12 vs older used handset such as...
  7. M

    Recommended USB to Ethernet adapter for Samsung TV The Frame 2019?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter that works with Samsung TV The Frame 2019? I would like to plug the adapter to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the TV's One Connect Box to increase the TV's internet download speeds. The built-in Ethernet port on the One Connect Box only...
  8. darrenhaken

    Recommended soundbar for my mum - please help

    Hi, I'm looking to order a soundbar for my mum to pair with her new LG OLED A1 55". I'm really into my HT but my mum certainly isn't! I recommended a soundbar as I know the speakers on the unit will be awful. Can someone recommend something say £400 or under? I googled budget soundbars but...
  9. F

    Recommended CD player/HiFi System For 94 year old

    My 94-year-old mother-in-law wants me to find a compact HiFi system to replace her DENVER MCA-230 CD MICRO SYSTEM. The problem with the latter is that I had to go around weekly to clean the laser (with an ALLSOP disc) as it kept stopping working, plus she could do with a system that has just a...
  10. Soundwave

    Recommended Lease firms

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could help with recommended leasing firms? Seems so many out there now & I'm after advice as to who you use & who you would recommend I've decided I'll be leasing the next car because it just seems better value for money based on what I can afford if I go the...
  11. Waynej

    HDMI 2.1 cables - is there recommended cables here that most of you use?

    I know that’s a broad question that could apply to other parts of the forum too, but given the LG supports all the 2.1 features, I figure this would be the best place to ask such a question. I know on older cables the consensus was it either works or it doesn’t, and the preference was to go...
  12. M

    Recommended setup for current car audio system

    I need an advice for setting up 2.1 stereo car system, with 2 woofers , 2 tweeters, ,2 crossovers, and a sub. amp is 4x80w rms, sub is bridged with two chanels for more power. speakers are 120w nominal power at 4 ohms. What setting should I set it for better quality sound. From the picture...
  13. T

    recommended video settings for the AVR X2300

    Hi, I need some advice on recommended video settings for the AVR X2300. I noticed last night while playing on my PS5 that the image quality wasn't as clear/sharp on the AVR compared to being directly connected to the TV, I upped the enhancement setting on the AVR which improved it quite a bit...
  14. S

    Recommended Budget 55" TVs in Ireland

    Hey, I've been looking on the forum for a good TV and checked the pinned Guide but have run into issues finding most of these TVs in Ireland. I've gotten a list of TV prices that I've been looking at that could work but some tips for this would be massively appreciated: LG BX 55" : 1,150€...
  15. slave2rain

    recommended settings for Hisense 50A7100F?

    have had this tv for about a week now and despite endless fiddling with the settings I just can't seem to find a solid picture, now I know this is a budget TV but it's either too washed out and lifeless and inaccurate and saturated
  16. tempranos

    65OLED806 - Recommended settings and issues to expect?

    Hi all, Really looking forward to getting my 65OLED806 tomorrow. Going to look great synced with my hue lights and I’ve also never had an OLED so I’m overall super excited. Firstly, based on what I’ve read I think I’m not going to plug my atmos soundbar into the eArc port? It just sounds like...
  17. 494930

    Complete list of 4K UHD retailers

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here who forgets about some sites existing come payday and there's nothing worse than buying something only to find out its cheaper on a rivals site. So I've put together this list of all the current 4K disc retailers with links direct to the 4K section of their...
  18. Secondhand

    Looking for recommended LED strips for bulkhead

    Help - anyone know of a reputal brand and maybe point me in the direction for LED strip lighting? I'm creating an overhead bulkhead and wish to give my ceiling a nice blue glow. Bulk head will be 3x4. I'm becoming a little overwelmed with electrics/lighting. Many thanks.
  19. M

    Recommended tools for Calibrating large TVs

    I have been waiting for years for someone locally whether it be a retail giant or a small entertainment store to offer ISF certified calibrators or any calibrators at this point but they seem to think there is no market for that in my country so I want to do it myself. I have a big screen tv...
  20. P

    Eternals - Recommended IMAX Theatre in UK

    I'm pretty stoked to catch Eternals in the coming weeks, although I am still undecided on where to see it in the UK. The film seems poised to look really great in IMAX, with select sequences - most likely the CGI ones - being filmed in the 1.43:1 aspect ratio. As I understand it, a select few...
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