1. Aziz Ismail

    Recommended Crossover For B&W Anniversary 5.1

    Hi I have an Onkyo TX-NR 828 running some 603 S2 Anniversary Floor standers, 606 Bookshelf for my rears and HTM6S2 as my centre. I have ran the Audyssey using the microphone in the three listening positions and changed the distances slightly (used a tape measure). However, the receiver sets...
  2. F

    Which budget amps are recommended for pair of Celestion Ditton 15XR Speakers (8 ohms)?

    Hi, I have a pair of Celestion Ditton 15 XR speakers that I bought in the 70s. I am not sure of their wattage as does not say on the back. Each are 8 ohms impedance. What specification amp would work well on a small budget for a small lounge? I would probably buy on ebay for max £80.00? I know...
  3. S

    Recommended 55" For PC/HTPC use?

    Hello, I live in the UK, my old TV recently broke and I'm struggling to pick out a replacement. My setup is in a dark living room, usually with a PC connected as a HTPC / Gaming machine and occasionally PS4/Switch. My old TV was a LG 55UJ634V. A 2017 model with around 11ms response time in...
  4. Barrovian

    Recommended Boiler and cylinder temp settings

    I'm hoping someone give me some advice. I have a 10 year old British Gas 330 condensing boiler and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard which has a thermostat setting on the side. I'm always struggling trying to get a balance between hot water that is more than lukewarm and radiators that...
  5. W

    Recommended Universal Remote ?

    I am looking for a Universal remote that can do the following. Control 5 devices . Be able to handle IR and RF . Have large and/or lit buttons (eyesight not so good at night). I have tried the Harmony 665 and the buttons are too small and dark for me to see properly.Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. H

    Recommended VCR for digital conversions?

    Hi folks, I've been set up for a while with equipment to digitize VHS tapes by way of a capture box. I've had 2 VCRs in collection for some time saved explicitly for this purpose. A cheap one from a thrift store that I'm surprised worked at all, and what I thought was an expensive one...
  7. G

    recommended upfiring speakers for Atmos

    Hi, Could anyone offer suggestion to match up a pair of upfiring speakers to complement my Jamo a1-2 hcs 5.1 speaker system for dolby atmos? (not sure regards timbre, impedance, etc?)
  8. abr1

    Question Recommended amp for PMC Twenty5 22

    Hi I currently have some PMC Twenty5 22s in a mixed movie/music setup but am moving home and will put them to work in the living area as music only. I mostly listen through Sonos (either Spotify or FLAC files on a NAS). I have an existing Sonos Connect that I can either hook up to a regular...
  9. H

    Question Recommended SPL Meter.

    Looking for a cheap and cheerful spl meter,had one from Maplins from about 10 years ago which has given up.Got a u-nit brand one which measures the mid to high sounds but I need to go right up to the subwoofer for a reading and as I move back to the listening position the sound drops off to...
  10. rousetafarian

    Recommended fan/oil heater for a small home office

    Hi Working from home 100% was ok during spring summer and autumn, but my home office has two external walls and is behind the internal garage wall. It’s a ‘real feel’ of bloody freezing so I want to get recommendations for a small fan heater/non-oil heater to assist me getting through the day...
  11. A

    Question How can I clear NU8070 Smart Hub recommended video list for YouTube app.

    I'm trying to find a way of clearing the recommended videos that are displayed in the Smart Hub when you "hover" over the YouTube app before actually selecting it. I've had the same list of videos shown there ever since I bought the TV about two years ago and what really annoys me is that they...
  12. A

    Question TX-55HZ1000B - Recommended picture settings?

    Two days before Christmas our TX-55CX680B just stopped working, changed the fuse in the plug but still nothing. After a quick call to the local Panasonic shop I went and bought a TX-55HZ1000B. In the past I have checked on the forum for recommended picture settings, are there any for the...
  13. N

    Recommended method to split an HDMI output to video and audio? One to TV and one to Amp?

    I want to consider splitting the HDMI output of an Nvidia Shield TV so video (& audio?) goes to my TV, and it also goes to my amp solely for the audio to be used. ie: So HDR or Dolby vision video can go to my TV, and then say Dolby Atmos audio can go to my amp. Can a simply HDMI splitter...
  14. M

    Recommended POE CCTV system

    Hi, its time to upgrade my swann 720p cctv system. As its all wired up with Power Over Ethernet I'd prefer to use the same manner for powering the cameras on the new system. Only need 4 cameras and I'm no expert in this so if anyone can recommend an easy system to set up that would be great! Any...
  15. J

    Is there recommended setting for animated content? (LG CX)

    So I was watching the Simpsons last night, and I noticed their skin tone looked a little more mustard yellow than their regular yellowish color. This was on ISF Dark with pretty much regularish settings, i.e. color 50, contrast 90, OLED light 80, brightness 50 and any enhancement stuff turned...
  16. R

    Question Gaming recommended field of view

    Hi all, I have been looking around trying to find a recommended field of view for gaming but i cant find one. I currently have a 60 inch Pioneer in my man cave and want to upgrade to something bigger. Its either going to be a 75 inch or an 85 inch TV, i like the looks of the Samsung Q85...
  17. M

    Question Another recommended me a TV

    Hi Our 6 year old bog standard 40” panny has just died and we are on the hunt for another tv. will be using it with a humax Freeview box and the usual apps. Netflix etc. our 2 sofas are about 6 feet from the tv and size constraints mean we will be looking for a 49”. Where I sit is about 30...
  18. D

    Recommended picture settings for Panasonic UB820

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic UB820 and I’m trying to get the most out of the player with my blu-rays. 4K Blu-rays look stunning, however, some of my older Blu-rays and DVDs don’t look so great. I appreciate that the older discs won’t have the same impression as a 4K but I’m wondering what...
  19. S

    Question Recommended retailer/TV

    Looking at getting a new TV and, as usual when I research things, I tend to gravitate to the high end stuff. Main TV is a 8 year old(ish) Samsung UE40D7000 which, to our eyes at least, still gives us a great picture but it’s getting very slow opening Netflix, iPlayer is no longer supported and...
  20. H

    Question Best recommended tv wall mounts

    Hi all, Not really well up on these things, so I’m looking for advice on wall mounts for two TVs. I want to wall mount a 65” and a 55” UHD Sony TVs. I only need to mount the TVs. Everything else (Xbox, Virgin box, soundbar) will be on a TV stand. I’m not too bothered about actually moving the...
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