1. J

    AVR life expectancy

    Hi all. My Denon x3300w seems to have gone on the fritz. It’s only 5 years old so I was curious what people’s thoughts are on the expected life expectancy of a good quality AVR? They don’t come cheap! What I’m experiencing with the Denon is that it freezes (stops responding to commands on the...
  2. strawbo

    Large vertical shift needed. Even possible?

    I'm putting a project in our family room as the family TV. I got a GREAT deal through a family member on a 92" commercial retractable screen with enough black drop to be 36" off the floor. However, I'm now realizing I screwed up in estimating the position of the projector. My room is 116" tall...
  3. Darloc

    Recommendation for tab tensioned screen. Optoma or GrandView

    After having some issues with my manual Sapphire screen, I am considering upgrading to a tab-tensioned screen and considering two screens: Optoma or GrandView, both 120". From what I can see, they both look very similar with the same brackets as the sapphire screen, they might come from the same...
  4. F

    Universal player recommendation

    Hi. Please can anyone recommend a universal player to play my old and new disks? Cheapest will do. Must haves: Sacd (with dsd output via hdmi) Dvd audio Blu Ray 4k Nice to have: Dolby vision Hdcd Thanks
  5. MiniEmma

    Recommendation please? Wifi Calling, flip case to switch off screen, 3.5mm jack

    Hi all, I'd love your assistance please, I am looking to buy a new mobile for my husband in the next few months and I am totally lost. He currently has a Nokia 8 and it has always been plagued with issues. He had a Note 4 before that and LOVED it. We have no mobile signal at home so would...
  6. C

    50" TV and peripherals recommendation please (details below)

    I’ll be purchasing, and would appreciate recommendations for TV, UHD blu ray player, and soundbar. Have done research and show current product thinking below, but have completed the 'form' as requested, and open to hear from the experts. TV (budget £1,000 max.) Was thinking Sony KD49XH9505BU...
  7. Soundwave

    Question 4K UHD player recommendation

    Hi All, I'm finally looking at moving away from using my X-Box for HDR discs & replacing my Region A Blu-Ray player & Multi Region DVD player with an all in one multi region unit I'm looking at a couple on TPS & just wondered if anyone had either of these & what they would recommend - Sony...
  8. Terranova

    Projector Recommendation (Optoma UHZ65)

    Hi I am looking to replace my long time friend the JVC-HD DLA750 with something as bright as possible. My room is not completely dark during the daytime, I have internal and external blinds but there is some light leaking here and there. I am using a matt white 120" Stewart Fixed Screen and...
  9. tpr007

    Dear Rock Band fans... (vr drumming game recommendation)

    I just played the free demo on my oculus quest called smash drums - definitely worth a go! Smash Drums Demo on Oculus Quest
  10. U

    Question Recommendation please: HDMI 2.1 In-Wall Rated (CL2/CL3) 3-4m Cable for LG OLED?

    Can you please recommend the appropriate in-wall cables for an LG OLED55CXAUA? LG CX 55 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ® (54.6'' Diag) (OLED55CXAUA) | LG USA The TV is going to be mounted above the media cabinet, so the cables do not need to be longer than about 10-15 feet (3-4...
  11. M

    New speaker upgrade recommendation advice

    I am looking at upgrading our system an I think I have decision on the amp and tv. However I would like to upgrade the speaker system To Atmos. The existing speaker set up is as follows: Front speakers B&W FPM4 (3 no) centre at 2m hight left and right 1.7m height as tv but located behind in...
  12. J

    Question UHD BluRay and SACD player recommendation

    I have a Denon X3200W with an Atmos speaker set-up and a Samsung RU7020 55" UHD TV. I am already enjoying the system with material from Netflix and Disney but I would like the ability to play UHD discs. I don't want to break the bank so I am not expecting a high end player. I don't expect to...
  13. R

    Recommendation for a 12" woofer

    I'm looking to replace a 12" woofer in my PA cabinet. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good woofer under $60? I'm looking for a woofer that has similar specs as following: frequency response 30Hz ~ 3.2KHz, +96dB sensitivity, 350W RMS, +2" voice coil diameter, and +60oz magnet. Thanks1
  14. bogart99

    Question Class D amp recommendation

    One of my girls has just recently got into vinyl, so they do listen to what dad says occasionally:) So what she needs is, in my mind, a decent class D amp , with a phono input. Space is limited hence the class D approach. Any that stand out as obvious contenders. Max budget about £200
  15. J

    Question 1st hifi system + speaker recommendation

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up my first hifi system and would be grateful for your expert advice and opinions on the options i've come up with below. Apologies for the long post, and thank you for your time in advance! Set up is for living room (36sqm)- listening distance 2-4m, mostly...
  16. S

    2020 Replacement

    I'm currently rocking an Epson TW-9000W, ceiling mounted about 4 metres back from a Draper motorised 100" screen. This was linked up to a Dali Zensor 7.1 set up through an Onkyo TxNr818 until the board fried, was replaced under warranty, and then fried again about a year ago when I replaced it...
  17. L

    New 43" recommendation please

    I'm looking to purchase a 43 inch tv for my parents and am having trouble deciding which one to go for. Ideally with a decent viewing angle and a centre stand so it fits on their current unit. So far I have been looking at these: Lg 43un8100 Looks good but oos everywhere at the moment Lg...
  18. H

    Question Recommendation for FreeView box

    Hi all, I have a talktalk tv box that is only I use for recordings and earlier this year talktalk nerfed the mobile app that was great for sending recordings to the box. I have since learned that the bt app can be linked to certain talktalk boxes but not the one I have as is is a bit old as I do...
  19. B

    AVR Recommendation

    Four years ago I decided to replace my Denon 891 receiver and purchased a Yamaha RX-A660. Ever since that purchase, I have not been satisfied. Last night I decided to swap out the Yamaha for the Denon and I was surprised at how the Yamaha was only half as loud as the old Denon. I would like...
  20. H

    Question What do you recommend ?

    Hello, I am getting a new phone asap, what phone do you recommend I get ? Get the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G 128gb Get the Samsung Galaxy M31s Get the Poco X3 128gb NFC Wait for the Samsung Galaxy A52
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