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  1. P

    AV Reciever Recommendations - Upgrade form Pioneer SC-LX78

    Hi guys, I currently have a Pioneer SC-LX78 (2014 Model) used with a brand new set of 5.1 Wharfedale Diamonds 12 series (the largest one in each series). The AV receiver is used purely for audio as it doesn't support Dolby Vision/HDR, etc. Thankfully, it does support Dolby Atmos. It is set up in...
  2. R

    For Sale NAD T778 AV receiver with touch screen - Sunbury in Surrey

    I purchased a T778 from the Sound Counsel in August 2021 but had issues with other units early on. Nick at the Sound Counsel was great, and this new replacement he sent me in December 2021 had no issues at all. It went into storage in February 2023. I have plugged it in this week, it’s updated...
  3. Atmos

    For Sale Onkyo TX-NR1010 7.2 THX Receiver

    Hi there, I'm selling my Onkyo TX-NR1010 THX 7.2 channel Receiver. The receiver is in mint condition and has been well looked after. It comes with the original box, power lead and remote control. I can provide pictures if required.
  4. T

    Question Hue sync box with av receiver

    I’m thinking of getting a hue sync box and leds for my tv. I’ve read a lot that they are tricky to set up in a system with an av receiver. My set up is - Lg tv -> pioneer av receiver -> sky tv. I’d like to add in the hue sync box into the set up. Any advice welcome?
  5. M

    Old Yamaha RX-757 Receiver + Wiim mini or Wiim amp?

    Hi guys I'm thinking of buying some monitor audio bronze 100 7g bookshelf speakers and I was wondering what would sound better. My old Yamaha RX-757 (non uk tuned euro version with radio) Av reciever with a Wiim mini connected via optical cable or a Wiim amp? Has anyone gone down this old av...
  6. Metalian

    No atmos sound reciever Yamaha Rx-A2A

    Hy everyone,i just buy a reciever RX-A2A, and i have a huge problem.I have an LG Oled C1 Tv,and a pc with nvidia Gforce 4070Ti videocard, connected with my reciever, but i don't have atmos sound, just DD, playing movies with atmos sound.I try from my SSD,put in tv Usb slot, the result is same. I...
  7. D

    Question Arcam DiVA AVR350 Reciever

    How do I configure an Arcam DiVA AVR350 Reciever to a smart tv that doesn't have a composite video connection?
  8. P

    Upgrading AV reciever

    Hi all does anyone know if it’s possible to some how convert a hdmi cable to stranded wires to use to connect to a AV Reciever speaker terminals? Basically a friend currently has a soundbar currently connected to the tv via arc (Sony HT-ZF9) that he wants to use as a centre speaker.
  9. MisterMike69

    Gaming/Dolby on a PC with old reciever

    Hi I got a second hand home theater for a low price. I'm struggling to get surround sound. Setup: PC NUC 11 Enthusiast connected to TV via HDMI (GPU Intel Arc A770) TV Samsung QLED TV QE65Q80 connected to the AVR with a optical cable AVR Marantz SR7500 If I play a movie via the Netflix app...
  10. P

    Issues connecting a equalizer to my Pioneer vsx-804 rds reciever

    Hi, i am trying to connect a Kenwood equalizer to my reciever, but have no luck wit this. Dont know if the equalzer is broken or what it is? in the manual for the reciever there is information that if i want to connect a graphic equalizer i can connect it to tape 2 monitor jacks. So i connected...
  11. vI M4YH3Mz Iv

    Samsung htc 6500 upgrade, first time buying a dedicated AV reciever and speakers.

    Hello there, i am very new to the whole av receiver and speaker world, basically my current setup is; Samsung S90C 77 Oled the samsung htc 6500 5.1 blu ray surround system Windows 11 rtc 4070ti ryzen 5800x3d for uhd remux files, anime, tv shows etc I was using plex to stream my content from the...
  12. mikee66

    New Reciever - Advice Please

    Hi Folks, I’ve just moved and as such have realised my Pioneer LX58 is no longer up to handling current equipment. I’ve ordered a Marantz cinema 50 which I’ll be setting up this week. My question is, I’ve never used ARC/eARC previously so I’m wondering the best way to set this up. I have...
  13. L

    Advice please. Speaker's/ Reciever

    Hi Looking for advice, please. Have just bought a second-hand projector and I'm looking to buy a reasonable budget speaker system, just to get me up and running, then look to buy better later. Not expecting excellent sound, but hopefully with advice I could get something reasonable to listen...
  14. 2

    New reciever for new tv but old speakers

    Hi all I haven't posted for a few years, being reasonably happy with my ONkyo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Package comprising of HT-R494AV Dolby Atmos Reciever, and HTP-588 5.1.2 Speaker System.which sounds good in our reasonably small room. I've been using an Xbox one S for UHD disks and gaming...
  15. E

    removed subwoofer should I rerun Audyssey

    Denon AVR-S660H reciever, ran Audyssey with a subwoofer and 5 rsl cg23m speakers, wife didn't like the Speedwoofer so I sold it , do I need to rerun Audyssey? Thanks
  16. A

    What's the Best Choice Receiver For Removing Latency When Gaming?

    Hi all, I'm building a home cinema system that's primarily used for games (Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch). However, I've noticed there's a little bit of lag when I'm playing online. Here's my current setup: TV - LG C2 Surround - Wharfdale DX-2 5.1 Amp - Denon AVR-X2300W Just to test...
  17. P

    Onkyo reciever suddenly stopped audio

    Hi all. I am using an Onkyo TX-NR686. I attached a directv cable box and a bluray player to the onkyo’s 1 and 2 hdmi inputs and an hdmi out of the onkyo’s main output to an LG tv. Out of the box it would play audio through the reciever and video went to the LG OLED55C2PUA no problem. Then i...
  18. C

    Yamaha Receiver and Samsung TV with additional HDMI

    Soory if this is a repost, I tried to do a history search. Any recommantions for connections between Samsung TV and Yamaha receiver for additional HDMI devices like camera NVR or xbox or amazon fire stick? Do you hook up the devices through TV or Receiver. I have the reciver and tv go through...
  19. naylor2006

    4K 120Hz Support on AV Reciever?

    Hi all. Soon to be getting a new TV and I'm curious about something and that is mostly what the hell are the ports on my Yamaha RX-V383 capable where in the manual says a thing about it other than HDCP 2.2. Currently I have a 4K TV and the AV passes through 4K Dolby Vision 60hz.... 4K...
  20. C

    Yamahas app for AV Reciever

    I have a Yamaha RXA-4A Reciver I recently purchased and wanted to download the app for it via the Apple website. Is it really that clunky and do you need music cast to make it work as my previous Yamaha receiver didn’t need it to make it work but then again neither did the app. It finds the...
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