1. S

    Wanted Jvc vr-5505 reciever in working condition

    want good working order jvc vr-5505 reciever
  2. Pompey12

    Sony xbp700 uhd Blu-ray connection to onkyo 696 reciever

    Hi there ,I’m an avforums first timer so bare with me . I’m trying to connect my Sony xbp700 uhd Blu-ray into my onkyo 696 , hdmi1 goes into my television hdmi2 goes into bd hdmi port .I get a perfect picture but I’m pretty sure I’m not getting atmos sound as arc doesn’t do pass through on the...
  3. Z

    Old pioneer reciever has no sound except direct

    Hello, I have an old pioneer vsx 9900 reciever that I purchased in 1991. I used it for about 7 yrs but moved away and left it at my dads place. Recently I went for a visit and discovered it was still there. So I plugged it in but no sound came out. All the lights were working and...
  4. Jabwylie

    Tidal + Atmos = multichannel Atmos output to AV Reciever ?

    before diving into Bluesound purchase I’ve signed up for 4 months for £4 tidal offer . currently using MCconnectlite on iPad as bridge from tidal to my Oppo 103 , and then onto Arcam AVR850 Whenever I play an Atmos album it’s just stereo ? Am I supposed to get full 5.1.4 (multichannel) via...
  5. D

    sonos through my av reciever

    Ok im not a av wizard so need some advice. i have a full house with sonos played through systemline ceiling speakers in each zone. The Sonos is plugged into a wall input socket in each room. i am having a full new cinema system in my lounge and would like to play sonos through the speakers on...
  6. TxDraw42

    Crackling sound coming from an Onyko Sr607 reciever.

    So I bought this reciever used from an auctionhouse two months ago and decided to check it out before trying to resell it. After hooking up the speaker wires, there is a crackling sound that comes from the right channel when nothing is being played through the system. I reset the Avr and for a...
  7. Y

    if a reciever supports 4K, does it mean it also supports UHD

    Hi! I'm gonna be building my first home theater and the place I want to start with is a quality reciever, however, if a reciever supports 4K, does it "automatically" mean it supports UHD as well or can it be dependant on the reciever...
  8. supfoxtrot

    Question Watt calculations and Do I need an amplifier?

    Hello folks, Setup: AVR Denon X4100W Monitor Audio RX6 L/R Monitor Audio RXC Monitor Audio RXFX (Side Surrounds, Dipole) Sub - BK XXLS400 DF I have recently picked up a C weighter SPL meter and have been balancing channels for 75db with the internal Denon test tones. As I was looking into...
  9. Stinger

    Humax Foxsat Freesat receiver won’t switch on

    My reciever after switching off overnight now wont turn on, the radio and TV lights on the front are blinking randomly but other than that nothing else seems to be working. Has anyone had these symptons before and can recommend any fixes/repair so I can use it again. Thanks
  10. M

    Hubsan Transmitter

    Hello I've purchased a new 502e board and replaced it into the drone as it was faulty. What are the steps to bind/recode the board to the original transmitter.. I've message hubsan and they replied with a you'll need to recode the drone and the transmitter.. how... I dont know, as they wont...
  11. R

    Connect Sony Walkman cassette player to Marantz 7011 receiver ?

    What would be the easiest way to connect to play old cassettes. Front connections:- Could I connect via head phone socket with 3.5mm to 6.5mm jack converter ? 3.5mm jack to USB lead ? 3.5mm to left & right audio phono only part of the front component connection ?
  12. RatJones

    Pulled the trigger on a new 5.1.2 Composed of Kef R Series and an Arcam Receiver

    Hi All I've been posting all over the place recently to gauge what components to buy for my new 5.1.2 system! (TV is LG OLED77CX) In the end, as everyone says, go and demo the system yourself, which I did at Nintronics, who are fantastic, knowledgeable and courteous. My Shootout was between...
  13. S

    Move audyssey multeq app settings to a new reciever

    Hi, is it possible to move Audyssey settings from a Marantz SR6011 to a Marantz SR6015 either by using the app or by any other means? Thanks
  14. L

    Looking for input on a new reciever

    Looking for some input on which receiver to buy to power my speakers I recently acquired. I'll be hooking up two DT Mythos 5 Towers, a DT mythos 7, Two DT Mythos Gem and a DT0031 Sub. I've been looking at the Denon AVRX1600H, the Denon AVR-S950H, the Sony STRDN1080, or the Yamaha RX-A680BL. Will...
  15. Kev Ratters

    Question AV Reciever Footprint (size)

    Hi all Im after a new AV Reciever that has quite a shallow footprint (from front panel to rear terminals) Can anyone suggest anything? Currently have a breeze block sized Yamaha RX-V673. Just needs to be able to output 5.1 and be compatible with EARC/ARC 👍
  16. S

    Amplifier Or AV Reciever For Music?

    Which is better for producing the best sound for music? I currently have a Yamaha amplifier which does produce good sound, however does not have Sub out connection.. Only high level speaker connection or Rca line out. Is it worthwhile selling my Yamaha Ax-396 and purchasing a AV receiver that...
  17. G

    Question Oberon 5.1 receiver pairing

    Hello, i recently got the Oberon 5's with the dali e-9f sub. Planning to add the Oberon vokal and oberon 1's for back speakers. Some backstory "can be skipped" So i went to a hifi store asking what receiver to get and asked if the "Sony STR DN1080" could work in my case. The clerk told me it...
  18. C

    Using TV for HDMI switching not AV Reciever

    Hi - about to take the plunge and replace an old TV. Current setup has HDMI to AV receiver then all the sources into the AV receiver. The reciever is not 4K capable and I don’t really want to swap it just yet. Would it work if I connected sources into the HDMI sockets of the new TV and then...
  19. Raj007

    Old AV Reciever and Amazon Music HD

    Evening all, I have a Pioneer VSX-1018ah. GT 730 (supports 7.1 HDMI) >> AV Receiver Recently got the free Amazon Music HD offer and wanted to listen to music in 3D. Is it possible?
  20. Secondhand

    Question Optoma UHD42, Denon AVC-X6500H Receiver and XBOX question. Noob needs help please

    NOOB Hi. I'm looking to convert my double garage into a home cinema/gaming room. Looking to use the next gen XBOX as my media centre for games (FPS semi competitive) and movies, etc, whilst running a 7.2.4 Atmos setup. For the projector, I've been currently looking at the Optoma UHD42 with it's...
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