1. H

    Wanted Denon AVR reciever

    I'm after any of the following Denon receivers (or anything similar); Denon 2300 Denon 2400 Denon 2500 Denon 3400 Denon 3500 Denon 3600 Denon 4400 Let me know what you got?
  2. J

    Question Marantz TA100 reciever and Marantz CD player CD40

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I was given these a while back from a friend and was wondering if there are worth anything? They're my current set up now, love how it sounds but must part ways with them, unfortunately. Thanks for any info.
  3. MitsMaan

    Question No sound from my AV reciever when trying to watch Netflix via Sony Smart smart tv

    I'm having issues getting sound to come out from my AV reciever when trying to watch Netflix via my smart tv. The audio for SKY works fine. Smart TV - Sony Bravia kd75xg8096bu AV Receiver - Pioneer VSX 930 Current connectivity is as follows. (TV HDMI3/ARC ) to (HDMI 1/ARC Output on AV...
  4. L

    Question Advice needed for upgrading old setups AV reciever

    Hi everyone, i recently decided to set up an old 5.1 system that we had collecting dust, and have been really inpressed with how it improved my movie watching experience. However ive been having some problems that i believe are caused by a crappy av receiver so i am looking to get a new one. The...
  5. S

    New av reciever advice

    I am moving house I have 512 setup at the moment but I want to increase to 514 any advice on new av reciever up to £1000 I have q acoustic 7000i and monitor CB 165 in ceiling
  6. R

    Wanted 5.1 Speaker Package

    Hi I'm looking for a 5.1 speaker package (something like HTS101/102) Must be boxed (original or repacked sufficently) and be willing for my courier to collect it as I'm in Ireland. Lets see what ye got! ** Thanks Rob
  7. C

    Bluetooth reciever without auto power-off

    Hi all. Not sure if this is in the correct forum, if not sorry. I bought a small aptx bluetooth receiver to allow my hifi system to connect to my phone. The problem is when I leave and return, I have to keep manually turning on the bluetooth receiver so I can reconnect. I'd like to hide the...
  8. figoagogo

    Question Compact receiver with HDR ARC to drive Mission M Cubes

    Hi. Looking for recommendations for a surround receiver. Not looking to spend ££££s, just want something that is compact (to fit in a tv unit), has Arc and HDR, Atmos is welcome but not required. Speakers I have are Mission M Cubes, 5.1 nowt too snazzy or top range. Room is medium size, tv is...
  9. quicksand

    For Sale Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 Av Reciever

    For Sale: Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Reciever In immaculate and fully working condition, purchased from Richersounds last March (receipt included). Has the ability to use wireless Heos speakers as surrounds and link with Heos multiroom setups similar to Sonos. Original box, remote, documents, etc...
  10. GetFuzzy

    DJ Mixer to Home Reciever

    I have a basic two turntable set up. I connected my DJ-Tech DJM-303 mixer to my Onkyo Reciever. I used two RCA cables from the Output Master on the mixer to the Line In on the reciever. Theres no sound. Should I be using the balance output and buy some 1/4 adapters for the RCA cables. I love...
  11. F

    For Sale For Sale Kef 3005se speaker package with 2 Stands, Yamaha Rxv581 Receiver & Kef Q500 Speakers

    Due to room redesign I can no longer make space for a full surround system so am reluctantly selling my current setup to purchase a soundbar. The 3005se is the gloss black model, package is in full working order with minor signs of wear and tear mainly to the speaker stand bases as they were...
  12. H

    Speakers with AV reciever

    I have just brought the Yamaha RX-A680, however I used to have the LG BH7430P speaker system in, my question is can I use the speakers from that system in the new amplifier okay for now as I don’t have the budget for a new speaker system too, I also understand the subwoofer from that system...
  13. gregwiley

    Replacing AV Reciever Help

    Hello and Happy New Year, I looking for some guidance on how best to replace my current Sony STR-DN1050 receiver and potentially my front and centre speakers, precipitated by the purchase of a new Samsung Q70R TV. My current setup consists of: - Samsung QE49Q70R TV - Sony STR-DN1050 receiver...
  14. graymattor

    Question My first AV Reciever

    Hi All, I am sorry for another one of those threads! I am looking to delve into the world of home cinema sound and purchase an AV Reciever and speakers and in the future (or straight away) expand to a Dolby Atmos system. I am really posting for recommendations, I have done some research and...
  15. M

    Roku Ultra and Vintage Reciever

    Hello Is it possible to control volume from Roku through a vintage receiver with the Roku remote? I've been scouring the internet looking for a solution to my issue and this forum seems to have the most knowledgeable users so I'm hoping someone can give me a definitive answer. Here's my setup...
  16. N

    Question Looking for help with upgrade question for Yamaha Reciever

    I currently have a Yamaha RX-V663 receiver, hook up to a KEF Sound bar, old Bose Subwoofer, and 2 in-wall KEF (back left and right). I have the FIOS cable, Roku Ultra 4k, and Xbox 360 (I know old school) all going through the receiver, and then out to a Samsung UHD 65NU8000. Roku and TV are...
  17. rampant

    For Sale various lego / GPS receiver - price drop

    Hi all, looking to sell these few bits of Lego i have left Lego 75136- droid escape pod - sealed - 14 Lego 75105 millennium falcon - built and then dismantled - 55 SOLD Lego 75082 - Tie Advanced Prototype - sealed - 35 SOLD Lego 75104 - kylo ren command shuttle - built and dismantled - 40 Lego...
  18. T

    Reciever / preamp setup required for large stereo power amp and speakers

    I have designed and built a large pair of 3 way speakers which i have used in my lounge for listening to music when i want to really feel it. They are a bit of a focal point and they sound really nice in my opinion. I am powering them off a trusty crest audio power amp which i also love, the...
  19. H

    Question Recommended me some speakers for a Denon 3400/3500

    Hi all I'm in the market for some speakers for my living room. I'll hopefully be getting a Denon 3400/3500 AV Reciever shortly. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Now the speakers will only be used for watching films (not really music). The room the speakers will be in will be medium sized. I dont...
  20. calvind123

    Wanted Budget AV Receiver

    I’m looking for a very low cost AV receiver, ideally £50 max budget including delivery. It’s going to be connected to a PS4 via an optical connection so needs to be able to decode Dolby Digital and DTS, if it could do HD audio and had HDMI as well that would be a bonus but not required. I...
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