1. D

    Sharp TV IR reciever??

    Hi there, Because they changed the standard from dvbt to dvbt2 here in Poland, we are forced to buy new decoders. I bought the more expensive ones where you can program the buttons of the remote, so you dont have to have two seperate remotes, just one for the decoder which just learns from...

    Help with reciever choice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a reciever in the next few weeks. Want a 5.1.2 set up. I have a ziddo player, lg oled with earc, series x & ps5 and sky going into the reciever ATM. I understand there is only a few with full 2.1 support so would it be worth buying one without and just putting...
  3. D

    HTPC sound to AV Receiver and HDMI to 4k TV

    I just bought a new 4k tv and would like to connect my HTPC to this and still get sound from my old Pioneer LX-52 AV receiver, which doesn't support 4k passthrough or even ARC. I saw a thread somewhere which I can't find now saying that I could use a display port to HDMI adapter to connect to...
  4. D

    Existing av reciever, or new soundbar ?

    I currently have a Samsung qled tv, with a onkyo TX-SR252 av receiver. I've got 5 x 150w speakers I'm wondering, if a dolby atmos soundbar would be a worthwhile investment... I'm considering either..a Samsung soundbar, a q600a, or the sonos beam. 1st it worth buying new vs...
  5. slowpoke

    Entry level 4k pass through reciever.

    Hi, what would people reccomend please. Is the yamaha entry level the best version.
  6. Dtsman59

    ARC televison to EARC Denon AV Reciever

    My 2019 Sony TV does not have EARC but ARC I am hoping that the HD Fury 4K Arcana can make the magic happen when connecting to my Denon AV EARC. Thus making Films with Dobly Atmos on Disney Plus or other Streaming services play corrcectly using my Denon 2600 AVR. All i am reading about is...

    Recommendation For eARC/ARC Reliable Reciever

    Hello Friends There have been many posts here from folks who have had similiar issues dealing with units that are slow or having difficulty switching/toggling back n forth recognizing eARC/ARC signals and Audio Sources. I have an idea (its been explained) the lag time could be inherrent in the...
  8. W

    extending my current wiring that feed into reciever? (slighly short)

    hi guys i hope you can help i had a 5.1 system installed, the wiring my builder did, but it is on the slightly shorter end where it feeds into the reciever by a few inches on some of the cables. i have the van damme blue speaker cables, i still have a lot of cable left on the reel..... is there...
  9. R

    Monitor Sony Reciever

    I have a Sony STR-DN1040. I’m trying to get the Sony setup menu to display on my Samsung TV. I’ve done it before, but it’s been a few years. I’ve read the manual multiple times. I just can’t get it to work. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. L

    AV reciever help with Monitor Audio Silvers

    Hello, Just looking at upgrading bits to my home theatre setup. I initially started it on a budget and have been picking up bits along the way. I've got a set of monitor audio Silvers and the AV receiver I currently have is a pioneer vsx 930. I don't feel like it's strong enough to drive...

    Buying a reciever with one less optical port .... um?

    Hi Gang Everyone here are helpful, courteous and professional - that's what makes a discussion forum a great place in which to post questions freely :thumbsup: (thank you)! I've owned two Yamaha recievers over the years (enjoyed them), from an HTR-5835 to an RX-V467. But I was a bit behind the...
  12. P

    PC to reciever to monitor issues

    Hello, I want to set up my PC with surround osund and also have a monitor. I am using a HDMI cable between my PC and receiver . And I used a HDMI cable from reciever out to a monitor. Problem is when I connect the monitor, PC does not recognize reciever(i can still see the reciever displayed as...
  13. C

    Wich amplifier to buy for an AV reciever

    I have a 7.1 surround set with 2 exstra speakers that has atmos ( Though not using center speaker found out the other speakers will get better sound ) , and i am wondering wich amplifier to add to those two exstra speakers or to the left and right speakers ( they are floor standing the left and...
  14. C

    Anyone with DTS reciever got PS5 to output DTS?

    My 5.1 receiver I set to input mode "Auto" and on the PS4 Pro audio settings I could choose one of 3 options: "Dolby Linear PCM" (Which would show on receiver as "Pro Logic".) "Bitstream (Dolby) (Which would show on receiver as "Dolby Digital".) "Bitstream (DTS)" (Which would show on receiver...
  15. L

    Denon Reciever Speaker Profiles for Individual Listeners

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way to create and recall speaker profiles on a Denon AVR-X3500H reciever? I would like to set up a profile where I turn down the surround volume for the DW, and then have her select that profile with a single click. I tried using the "Quick Select" buttons...
  16. K

    Subwoofer wont work on sony multi channel av reciever str-dh590

    I bought a Sony multi channel 5.2 str-dh590 with the intention of replacing my old reciever. My subwoofer wouldn't work and I assumed it was because it was a passive subwoofer so I bought a klipsch 12 inch powered subwoofer hooked with a 2 input to single input lfe cable. Nothing I do gets...
  17. R

    AV reciever & speakers

    I'm starting off with a 5.1 suround system, looking in the used market and I've seen the below: Yamaha RX-V375 along with Tannoy speakers all for £100 - all working fine no problems Just after some advice of what you guys think of the AV reciever and speakers, I've done some YouTubing and it...
  18. dartone

    AV Reciever help

    I have a Yamaha RX-A860 that has all started randomly mutes on its own and the decoder goes off the unmute button turns the mute off but the decoder is still off and I have to power off the receiver then back on to get it back some days it does not happen then other days it will do it 3 or 4...
  19. Koolshab1

    Lost with subwoofer

    Sony av reciever was and subwoofer connect
  20. Strappy01

    4K AV Reciever £500 ish 5.1 set up

    Hi Guys, Finally upgraded to a 4k tv. Sony KD48A9. And currently have an Old Yamaha RX673 amp. So only running a 5.1 set up currently. What would you reccomend at about £500 as a replacement. Is it worth getting one with HDCP 2.3 or will the 2.2 be fine going forward ? Kind Regards Andy
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