1. M

    Yamaha CX-A5200 Zone question

    Hi all, Is it possible to have the main zone to be fixed to ARC (audio1) and have zone2 to be switched to things like AirPlay and Spotify What happens now is when I have the main zone on ARC (audio1) and when I want to stream audio to zone2 with Spotify or AirPlay, the main zone also goes to...
  2. N

    4K Blu-Ray, Sky Q - Watch on TV or Projector...

    Hi There, I'm wondering what the simplest way of displaying a 4K Blu-Ray player and Sky Q UHD on both a 4K TV and 4K Projector whilst having the sound for whichever one I'm watching coming out of a Sonos Beam. Can anyone help? I don't want to watch both the TV and Projector at the same time...
  3. S

    2021 av receiver recommendations?

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice, looking to upgrade my ancient sony STR-DE595 after having just purchased a new lg oled. Looked into the sony STR-DN1080 but these are hard to get hold of now, was temped by the STR-DH790, not 100% sure what audio formats it supports / HDR passthrough? Both of...
  4. W

    9 channel Atmos receivers

    Hi, I'm converting a loft room into a home cinema, PS5, office etc and just deciding on either a 5.1.2 or a 5.1.4 setup. However, there is quite a large price difference between 7 channel & 9 channel Atmos receivers. Do I really have to pay approx £1k for a 9 channel receiver ? I can get a 7...
  5. stblob

    Sony receivers??

    Hey guys. Just wondering, where are the Premium Sony receivers? What happened to the QS and ES range? Is the STR-DN1080 the best they do today? Really? Whats gone wrong with Sony?
  6. D

    Question IR receivers

    Looking for a company who makes it receivers if any one can help much appreciated
  7. V

    Question Connect / Network Two Receivers Together?

    I have a large room with a TV and wall mounted speakers. The equipment to power the speakers is in the large room (e.g. receiver, cable box etc.) In the room are two additional ceiling speakers. These are wired back to my basement with another receiver. Assume I can make no changes to wiring...
  8. shoemaker666

    PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug

    PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug
  9. H

    Question Question about 7.2 vs. 7.3 AV receivers

    I have had a Yamaha RX-V775 receiver for several years now. It is marketed as a "7.2 channel" receiver. However, if you look at the back it has 3 Subwoofer ports; 1, 2, and Center. I've wondered about this for a while, I have 3 subs hooked-up to it and I'm really happy with the look/sound of...
  10. D

    High quality WISA receivers?

    I'm rearranging my system and considering simplifying it. One of the main changes is mounting the LG C9 on the wall. Currently I have Focal 1028be speakers powered by home built Hypex NCore monoblocks fed by a Benchmark DAC2 HDR into which the TV is connected optically and I have a home built...
  11. EdisonsChildren

    What 7.2 receivers are affordable and best for those who DON'T want all those bells and whistles?

    Have upgraded to Jamo S809 7.2 speaker system from a 5.1 small integrated denon based system which was an inclusive package with receiver and bluray and tiny speakers. Have begun looking at all of the choices out there for Atmos height elevation A/V receivers to make the most of a Samsung Q7...
  12. river123

    Hdmi 2.1 receivers

    Having a HDMI 2.1 receiver hooked up to a LG CX tv and selecting the tv’s streaming app’s such as Netflix and Amazon am I right in saying for surround sound from the receiver I don’t need to use the simplink hdmi-cec on the LG CX?
  13. M

    Do Ross still make satellite receivers?

    I am looking for a replacement handset for a ROSS HD 8130 satellite receiver. I am not confident in buying a 'universal' handset and was hoping to buy an original one from the manufacturer.
  14. M

    What receivers support 4ohm speaker on center channel while having 8ohm speakers on side channels?

    I want to connect a 4ohm speaker to the center channel but 8ohm speakers to the side channels. Do recent home cinema receivers usually support this? Or only some, or none you've seen? I'd probably need a way to adjust the volume per channel to account for the lower impedance on the center which...
  15. L

    Connect 2 av receivers with hdmi in series?

    Hi all, I was wondering is it possible to use an older av receiver that has upscaling for legacy inputs to hdmi, then run that hdmi output into my newer receiver that is running my theater system. So I'm using the old unit as a video scaler/switcher, then passing the signal out via hdmi to my...
  16. R

    Dolby Atmos system advice

    Hi all, hoping somebody can advise me please. I’m in the process of renovating my open plan kitchen lounge and want to install an Atmos sound system but I’m not sure what best arrangement would be to fit the room. About our ads You may also like I am having a new false ceiling built so...
  17. Saladin88

    Question HDMI 2.1/eARC Compatible AV Receivers for LG CX/C9

    Hi all, I'm looking to get the Denon AVR-X3600h receiver alongside the LG CX and was wondering if any of you had any experience with HDMI 2.1 compatible receivers (if any exist yet) as well as eARC compatibility. Cheers. - Hamza
  18. SonOfSJ

    Owners of Pioneer receivers, especially SC-LX75/85 - can all nine channels be driven at once??

    I recently bought this Pioneer SC-LX75 receiver on eBay: I've never owned a Pioneer receiver before, so far I've had three Denons and four Yamahas, including the two that you see in my parlour and kitchen. The Pioneer SC-LX75 was reviewed here, and I bought it because I wanted another...
  19. G

    Question Onkyo HT-R358 help needed

    Hi all, I have an Onkyo HT-R358 AV receiver and I have a problem with it. The symptoms: It only turns on for like 30 seconds. It works fine for some time but after a while the front right channel (speaker group A) makes a buzzing noise and the receiver switches off. It happens either with all...
  20. SteveO24

    comparing receivers

    Hello !! I have both: RXV-567 and HTR-6250 Yamaha AV receivers Any idea the year of introduction and the difference between them ? Thanks, SteveO
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