1. grims dale

    Rear Atmos position advice

    As you can see I have an old fire place so rear Atmos are in the corners seem to work ok but I recently put a shelf up so when sitting the right rear Atmos speaker is obscured by the shelf to my ears seems to sound ok or should I just move it forward a bit or should I reposition both of them...
  2. bobby_badger

    question about rear surround speaker placement

    Hi I have a Sonos Beam 2 (gen 2) soundbar and I'm considering getting a pair of either Sonos One SLs or Sonos Ikea Bookshelf speakers to act as rear surround speakers. The problem is due to the room (and also the Mrs) the speakers would have to be on the floor behind us - either side of the...
  3. Msib

    Denon home or HS1 as rear speakers

    Hi all, apologies if this has been discussed but I have recently bought a house and it has a 5.1 set of speakers in the walls already. the rear speakers are in the ceiling and overhead. I have a marantz nr1711 with HEOS. now i saw a thread on the denon website (HEOS SURROUND SPEAKER SETUP FOR...
  4. J

    LG C1 77" - black vs. white rear casings / colour?

    I'm planning on getting the 77" C1 this year and been waiting for it to get to a lower price. CostCo now have it for £3200 (price I was waiting on) but it's the white C16LA model, where most other places (John Lewis etc.) have the C14LB model which is black. I'm like 99% certain that given...
  5. P

    Samsung HW-Q950A - Rear speaker wall mounts

    Just got this soundbar and I am interested in wall mounting the two rear speakers. Currently looking at the following mounts: deleyCON 2 x Universal Speaker Wall Mount Bracket Box Holder Swivel + Tilting Vogel's VLB 500 B speaker wall mount, swiveling, max. 5 kg, 2 brackets, black Anyone...
  6. G

    kd-65xh9296 rear panel removal

    Has anyone taken the back off this model, there are some small screws on the screen frame but can not see any screws holding the back on, how does it remove?
  7. SFkilla

    Rear Window (1954) ( 4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR/DE/IT)

    Rear Window (1954) (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 29/09/2021 Status: Available to pre-order Artwork TBA ---------------- Rear Window (1954) (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 09/09/2021 Status: Available to...
  8. C

    UHD Return of the Jedi rear channel audio issues

    ive noticed in at least one spot on Return of the Jedi 4K Blu Ray, that the rear channel crackles or distorts. its at the point where the Millennium Falcon flys over just after the death star explodes. anyone else confirm?
  9. M

    Is in-ceiling placement of rear & sides possible for 7.1 system?

    Installer I am working with says they have installed thousands of systems with in-ceiling rears & sides and that the sound does not suffer significantly. The room I am trying to use is really challenging (window immediately behind seating, no wall on the entire left side of room (opens to...
  10. M

    rear speaker placement with troublesome door

    I'm trying to arrange placement of my speakers in my new dedicated cinema room and would like some advice please. I've been busy with a pencil and measuring tape before making holes and chasing cable runs but an awkward door is rather unhelpfully placed where I want to put my right rear...
  11. Ste7en

    Damp Rear Seats (ooer!)

    So, the other day I walked past our Mazda on the driveway. I looked in the window and thought the rear seats looked a bit damp. I got the keys and popped in. Sure enough, the rear seats were damp. Not soaking, but damp enough to see the fabric was darker in some areas. Floor/mats are bone dry...
  12. D

    Question Any sound bar with wireless rear speakers and RCA connection for Turntable

    Hi all, Unfortunately 3 speakers connected to my Denon AVR X2000 have stopped working and so now I am debating on either getting a whole new speaker set up or getting something more modern in the form of a Sound Bar with the ability of having rear wireless sound to reduce the amount of wiring...
  13. jsl20

    Question Would rear heights work in my setup?

    I'm currently running a 5.1.2 and fancy going up to a 5.1.4 configuration. I've pasted in a (bad) drawing of my lounge below, basically the issue is that the sofa is against the back wall of the lounge so the rear heights would have to be on the same wall as the back of sofa. I've done a bit of...
  14. Gerry557

    Question Rear atmos speaker position R1 or R2

    When installing x4 atmos speakers what are the pros and cons of Rear 1 position over Rear 2 position I know ideally, the rears should be a lot further back and the other side of the window, so not an option. Also there is a ceiling joist that prevents R1 from being any further back. The MLP is...
  15. BreadrunsAway

    Question Size of rear surround speaker (Wharfedale Diamond 11)

    Hi Everyone, I'm finally going to register here and ask a question because I'm about to "upgrade" my surround rear speakers which are currently Wharfedale Diamond 8.2's. Earlier in lockdown I finally upgraded my cheap surround sound which came with an old blu ray player to something more...
  16. Q

    Denon 3600 no sound rear height speakers

    I have a Denon 3600H. I'm trying to set it up 7.1.4. I have 3 Definitive Technology UIW RCS III for front LCR and 4 Polk rc80i in ceiling for front and rear height speakers and one subwoofer. I don't have any surround sound speakers. When I run audyssey I get tones from all the speakers. I...
  17. Johndm

    Question Centre Rear Position

    Re my Atmos 7.2.4 setup So, I have two centre rears up near the ceiling, and thinking of moving then to the back wall to be at a better height, but they would then be a slightly greater distance from the viewing position than the fronts and centre position. Do I leave where they are which is...
  18. M

    Question Lg rear stand

    Hi can anyone tell me what rear stand i can buy to use on a 65" Lg tv. The legs are too wide for my unit and i can not put it on the wall. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. T

    Question Wanted for new home: rear surround and upfiring atmos speakers

    Hi all, we just moved from London to our new home in Switzerland and i am looking for ways to integrate the home cinema into the new living room. The system consists of JVC X5900 Denon 4500 L-R-C Whafedale Sapphire Sub Yamaha 2x8'' I am looking for the best possible solution for the surround...
  20. R

    Question All in one or rear speakers? Not sure whats best for the shape of the room. Newbie questions.

    Hi. I've mounted my new TV (a 55 inch 4k Sony) and am looking for the right home cinema/soundbar system to go with it. While I am suprised at how decent the TV's own speakers are movies are just missing a certain spark when watching them. The wall behind the viewing area is sort of an L shape...
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