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  1. T

    Wanted LG SPK8 rear speakers

    Morning. Just purchased a SL9 soundbar and now after a set of these rears. Located in Bedfordshire Thanks
  2. M

    Rear speakers

    Can you buy the rear upward firing Dolby Atmos rear speakers that come with the k90 separately? Can’t seem to find them
  3. silva741

    Question 7.1 - not getting sound from rear speakers with 5.1 content

    Hi everyone. Recently I added 2 speakers to my 5.1 system, and my faithful Marantz 7009 is now powering 7 speakers plus 2 subwoofers. I went through the Audissey setup calibration, making sure everything was correct and all the speakers working properly, and with 7.1 content everything sounds...
  4. H

    Wanted Monitor Audio Bronze FX surround speakers

    Looking for some black ones under £130 Need to Courier for social distancing reasons What you guys got?
  5. P

    5.1 Test - Rear speakers not working Bose lifestyle 600

    Hi community, I just set up a Lifestyle 600 with wireless surround speakers. I went to YouTube to see a 5.1 test videos it goes through each speaker one by one. But when the test shows playing sound from left or right surround, the system doesn't play anything from surround speakers but instead...
  6. P

    Question Samsung Q90 rear speakers on NW850 or NW950?

    Hey all, it seems all this hardware is near identical. If I bought the NW850 can you add the NW959 it Q90R rear speakers on later or are the main units running specific firmware. Thanks
  7. K

    Rear speakers for arcam av 550 setup

    Hi, a friend is going to use PMC 25/23i speakers for the fronts and centre with his arcam av550. He had planned to use the 25/23i speakers on stands for the rears but for the sake of domestic harmony he is now looking for something smaller like the Focal domes that he can tuck into the rear...
  8. New Start Neil

    Question Wireless rear speakers for LG SL8YG

    Hey gurus, I’m thinking of getting this soundbar for £179, with the purchase of a new TV. I think it’s a good deal and I’d like to get it, but I’d also like to add the wireless rear speakers to it, but I can’t find them available to buy anywhere. So my question is, are there any other...
  9. Mayandi2

    Question AV Receiver with wireless rear speakers?

    If one wanted a GOOD sub-£500 AV Receiver with Atmos and 4K passthrough but would work with wired central/front and wireless rear speakers, is there a choice to Yamaha Musiccast RX V685? I was thinking of Yamaha P350 wired central/front set with NS SW Subwoofer (all wired) and a pair of Yamaha...
  10. Vic 0681

    Question Position of surround sound speakers in open plan living area

    Hi All, wanted to get some help please on the positioning of my rear speakers on a 5.1 setup in the living room of an open plan layout. I have the ceiling wall mounts, but am struggling on where to position them in my new open plan extension which is currently under construction. option 1...
  11. IanW1977

    Rear Speakers required.

    Hi Used for mainly films 80% TV 10% and Music 10% Current set up Denon 3313 Fronts Jamo Cornet 30 IV Centre Mission 7CI Rears Mission 703 3 Spare (2 used for Wide) Mission M70 Mission 8” Subwoofer Bought the M70 package 18 years ago. M703 12 years They were free so not invested at all. Fixed...
  12. J

    5.1 rear speakers volume level matching

    My rear speakers in my room are slightly awkwardly positioned. The rear right speaker is positioned slightly wider than the left because of the shape of my room. They are bookshelf speakers and both mounted to each side of the walls so that's the only place they can go. Audyssey XT32...
  13. C

    Front and rear speakers playing the same thing? Not getting 5.1

    I’ve got a Samsung ms750 Soundbar and sub I recently added the swa9000s surround speakers. I initially tested the 5.1 on YouTube, right front, right rear and left front, left rear were playing the same thing, just right and left channels. i though it may bebecause YouTube doesn’t support 5.1...
  14. Mayandi2

    Question Rear speakers for Panasonic SC HTB700 soundbar?

    We already have a Panasonic SC-HTB 700 soundbar linked to TV, 4k BD player and satellite box in the bedroom of our second home in India. The audio is quite good but IMO will be better with a couple of powered rear speakers. Unfortunately, Panasonic don't make them but I have heard rumors that...
  15. C

    Mounting rear speakers

    I'm currently running a 7.2 system in a small room (2.4m x 3.7m). Given the width constraints, the door location, and the fact that we're sat only 1m away from the back wall, I have my rears mounted up high and angled down into the listening position. While not ideal it works surprisingly well...
  16. H

    LG SL7Y Soundbar with SPK8-S rear speakers

    I am buying this Soundbar with the optional rear speakers to to create a 5.1 set up. Note that Richer sounds are selling the soundbar for £60 less than anywhere else at the moment. Soundbar Rear Speakers...
  17. SteveMo1

    Samsung HW N950 rear speakers - alternatives/replacements

    Hi. I've been going round in circles on this and have just come off a chat with Samsung where I got absolutely nowhere. I bought the HW-N950 on eBay with Sub but without rear speakers. I bought new rear SWA9000s in the assumption they would work. They don't connect. Speaking with Samsung they...
  18. rahulk1212

    Connecting Rear speakers of Samsung HW Q90R to Q80R Soundbar

    I have Samsung HW Q80R Soundbar and the rear speakers of Q90R soundbar. However the main soundbar does not detect the rear speakers even after trying ID SET. How do I overcome this problem. The hardware of both models is exactly same and firmware updates are same as well.
  19. G

    Do front and rear speakers need to match?

    Current setup: 2 x Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers 1 x Monitor Audio Bronze Centre Would I be OK running 2 x Monitor Audio Bronze 1's as the rears? As a rule, do you need to follow any specific rule when adding rears to an existing system? Thanks.
  20. frogyzq

    ALL LG's soundbars and SPK8-S rear speakers bass management flaw

    ALL LG's soundbars and SPK8-S rear speakers bass management flaw The sound bar not realize bass management to SPK8-S rear channels . It's simple to test it, run Dolby Atmos test tones (7.1.2) and for every sound bar channel the subwoofer make some bass (the bass management ), for the rear...
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