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  1. M

    Advice for in ceiling surround speakers

    Hello all Wanted to ask for your opinion on something. I have currently a 5.1.2 system with a Marantz 1608 AVR, Dali Fazon SAT as surround, front and center speakers, a Minx X301 Sub and a couple of Dali E60 as Atmos speakers. The issue I have is that right now my surround speakers are in the...
  2. DemonAV

    On the look out for a 5.1 soundbar with rear speakers.

    Hello all. I'm on the lookout for a great 5.1 soundbar that packs a wallop for movies streamed from my Plex and decent music playback from the same source. I don't own a bluray player so I'm not interested in Atmos, but a good sense of horizontal immersion. Its got to have decent bass and have...
  3. Msib

    Denon home or HS1 as rear speakers

    Hi all, apologies if this has been discussed but I have recently bought a house and it has a 5.1 set of speakers in the walls already. the rear speakers are in the ceiling and overhead. I have a marantz nr1711 with HEOS. now i saw a thread on the denon website (HEOS SURROUND SPEAKER SETUP FOR...
  4. S

    Yamaha RX-A780 issue with rear speakers

    I have a 5.1 setup, and the built in test tone function works correctly through all speakers. However, when I play content (e.g. YouTube 5.1 test, or a movie) the surround channels plays through the front speakers! I tried the Direct setup and various surround decoder. Thank you in advance.
  5. markyboy14

    replace rear speakers and surround for nakachimi 9.2.4

    hi ive bought a nakachimi 9.2.4soundbar hooked it upto my setup sounds excellent my query is i was told that you can change over the rear and surround speakers of the soundbar i want to get the verybest sound effect immersion and overhead effects possible with the soundbar can you please highly...
  6. Frank Smith

    Need some advice on how/where to place rear speakers.

    Heya Nothing fancy here at all. I'm looking to get a soundbar in a couple weeks time with rear speakers in my small living room. The two main things I'm trying to achieve are: 1. Don't make the speakers look out of place or clutter the living room. 2. Be relatively child proof. I've been...
  7. N

    LG SP9YA with SPK8-S rear speakers question

    If I play 7.1ch movies or games, does the rear speakers(SPK8-S) only output 6ch&7ch audio? which means 4&5ch audio only output from side speakers on soundbar, not from two rear speakers? If 4&5ch audio only output from side speakers on soundbar, I'd rather save my money and choose SP8YA instead...
  8. D

    Rear speakers on my panasonic sa btt 400 are not very loud.

    Hi my above Panasonic surround sound is very faint can only hear it if its held up to my hear, does anyone know how I can this, thank you.
  9. J

    5.1 height of rear speakers

    Hi all, I have a QAccoustic 5.1 setup which I have always been pleased with I have recently purchased a corner sofa so have lost the area that I used to place my left rear speaker. I am now looking at the QAacoustic wall mounts. If I mount the rear speaker near the top of the walls about 7ft...
  10. A

    I need new rear speakers

    I have just fried one of my rear speakers so looking for a recommendation from you lovely people on what to replace them with. I have large mains, one (soon to be two) BK Double Gem’s, running off an Anthem MRX310 with the main speakers using a separate power amp. The rears will be about 10’...
  11. N

    Samsung MS650 not connecting to rear speakers

    Hello I have a rear speaker kit which was working fine for the last few months. I noticed today that there wasnt any output on the rear speakers so I checked the unit and noticed it was red. So I tried turning both the soundbar and the receiver off. No luck I then reset the rear speaker unit...
  12. Frank Smith

    Where to best place rear speakers?

    My living room is small but pretty square. Next year I'm planning on getting a soundbar with rear speakers. Where is the best place to put them? Below is a picture of the back of my living room (opposite the TV). To the left of the picture, I could put the speakers there on a stand; the wife...
  13. oaklandraiders

    How to make rear speakers wireless

    Let’s assume I can’t connect direct from current power amp to rear speakers. 4 ohm rear M&K SS150 Is there anyway I can add a box near the speakers to power them which could receive a wireless signal from preamp or a wireless box taking a photo connection from preamp. Other wireless ideas...
  14. L

    Rear speaker placement for new 5.1 setup

    I've just jumped from a 2.0 setup to a 5.1(with exact subwoofer to be confirmed). The room I have is a slightly difficult shape (the black triangle in my fantastic marked up floorplan is a fireplace) and I'm struggling with where to place the rear speakers (which are Cambridge Audio Minx 12s)...
  15. A

    Marantz sr5015 rear speaker dialogue delivered with static

    Recently bought the 5015 and love it except: any dialogue that emanates from the rear speakers is associated with static under all surround sound modes. Of course the normal dialogue sent to the rear speakers is very low levels, but my rear speakers are close enough to our seating spots where...
  16. T

    LG sn11rg stand for rear speakers

    I've gone through the LG SN11 owners thread and can't really find which stands i can use for the LG SN11RG Rear Speakers except the ones from VEBO's where you can't adjust the height and also the one from Amazon Eono which isn't pretty but adjustable. Which stands do you guys use for the rear...
  17. M

    European rear speakers

    So I want to setup a 5.0 system(subwoofers are really expensive in the EU). I have a Monitor Audio Bronze 2 as LR and am thinking about buying a Monitor Audio Bronze C150. I asked the audio store nearby for a cheap recommendation and they came up with the Monitor Audio Mass 2G(€175 for two...
  18. BayAreaAudiophile

    Samsung HW-Q950T and HW-Q900T Soundbar - Review & Comments

    Starting a new thread for the newly released Samsung 2020 Soundbars.
  19. B

    JBL BAR 9.1 - Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar

    Seemed like a good time to start an owners thread and collect some of the known function shortcuts. Feel free to add or change as we collect more Calibration Place speakers beside seating position Press and hold HDMI button for 5 seconds on remote Wait until 'calibration-1 done' is displayed...
  20. darrenhaken

    Recommendations for rear speaker wall brackets

    I am moving into a new home and want to mount my rear speakers on the wall. At the moment I have Tannoy Mercury rear speakers which are half depth bookshelf speakers but eventually I might end up with small bookshelf speakers when I replace my home cinema setup. My current speakers weigh 2kg and...
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