rear projection

  1. R

    Need help with mitsubishi DLP

    I need help with a mitsubishi wd-73840 rear projection dlp tv . It has weird green lines on the picture . Any help would be appreciated
  2. redlancer87

    Question ideas for higher-end large format 4:3 rear projection

    I've started looking around for a new projector for our office that gets used for a lot of presentations and multimedia. Our current projector is getting a bit long in the tooth (10 years old) and we're wanting to get something better. Couple of caveats, though. Set-up is rear projection...
  3. Mipsoo

    Question Rear projection on black curtain

    Hi everyone :) I tried to Google as much as I could but I'm a real beginner here. Couldn't find an exact answer. I will be competing in a dance competition soon and I had an idea of projecting something on the background during my routine to have a story for my dance. Now the lady who organises...
  4. H

    Question Can I lay a rear projection TV on its back?

    I am looking to make a gaming table, and would like a video screen built into it (facing up). There are a dozen or more examples to be found online, the image below is close to what I intend. I have found a dozen (more actually) free rear projection TVs on craigslist locally, and am considering...
  5. Akarawx

    Question Subtitles issue on projection tv

    I have a 52 inch rca scenium d52w135d rear projection TV and for some reason when I use my Xbox 360 and watch any videos on Hulu Netflix ect the subtitles are cut off on screen I was wondering if anyone had any advice for fixing this. The Xbox is hooked up via composite cables and display is...
  6. S

    rigid rear projection with particular shape (mold)

    Hello, I would like to build a rigid rear-projection screen, which has particular 3d shape. It's pretty simple and looks like this, but should be rigid.. and transfer light. Here is an brief technical description of the same idea: I wonder what kind of material I can use to build...
  7. Vertigo72

    Question retractable rear projection screen

    Hi all, First post here, and consider me an absolute newbie, as I know next to nothing about projection. Only that I would love to install a retractable projection screen that can be lit from behind. My living room and home office are separated by a double door that I will remove, and above...
  8. billunit

    Question Large scale rear projection screens

    Hi all! First post on here, so please excuse my ignorance! I'm having 7 large rear projection screens built for a large-scale audio/visual installation/performance I'm working on ( in case anyone's interested), and have been asked to do a bit of research on screen material by...
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