1. johna

    Any Real Difference in the TV's £400 Price

    Needing to buy 2 49inch TV's for the kitchen and bedroom (so image is no so important compared to the living room) I started to look at the usual spots, John Lewis, RS etc. One thing I noticed is lots of similarly priced models from the main manufactures, sometimes with pound and pence between...
  2. V

    Atmos on netflix that isnt "real" atmos

    Im sure this has been covered a thousand times but after doing some research it seems that only devices that can "natively" support atmos will be lossless and play "real" atmos.For example ,if i play netflix atmos content using the app on my samsung tv connected to my q-950 soundbar the display...
  3. P

    Dune HD pro vision 4k solo Android update ??

    Hi does anyone know if the android verstion can be updated ?? looks like it ships with android 9 is 10 or 11 possible ??
  4. DracUK

    DuneHD Real Vision 4K and Harmony Ultimate Remote

    Anyone got this combo working together TIA
  5. UpgradingAgain

    Real World…..G1 vs C1 vs A90J

    Hi guys, like many others, I’m. Looking at the latest TVs and have seen YouTube comparisons etc. And read reviews here and there. There’s so much said of motion, near black performance, tv vs gaming, and of course Nits!!! When I view these TVs at shops, I have to say I can’t tell the...
  6. worcesternaf

    Dune HD real vision 4k or Zidoo z9x???

    Currently have a vero 4k+ for playing rips. While its stable, easy and works great BD menus are lacking and that is annoying me. My use case is slightly odd as I rip full uhd disc but playback is 1080p SDR because i'm using a Epson tw9200 projector. (at some point ill upgrade to a 4k projector)...
  7. N

    Kodi on Dune HD Real Vision

    I am experiencing strange behavior wrt kodi installation on this box that never happened on other devices I used (Zappiti, Nvidia Shield, GT King) 1. Under Audio settings, different kodi versions present incomplete/different options to select for what my AVR is capable of for passthrough, eg...
  8. G

    Any real benefit to upgrading a 5 year old AV receiver

    So, I'm almost finished installing my new MK MP950/M40T and 2 x V12 setup and I'm wondering is my amp getting the most out of the speakers. I have a Yamaha RX-A3050 amp, it was top of the range on release some 5ish years ago. Would I really notice much difference upgrading to a new 2020 / 2021 amp?
  9. M

    Dune HD Real Vision 4K

    Hello Is there anybody that gave the new Dune HD Real Vision 4K unit? I have a question about external srt. thanks
  10. T

    Audio sync issues with Bitstream (ISO) on Dune HD Real Vision 4K

    Dear community, i received the Dune HD Real Vision 4K a few days ago. So far it seems to be a nice mediaplayer. But when playing ISO files (BD or 4K-BD) the video delays massively (about 300-400ms) on DTS-HD when i choose bitstream output. So I always need to set a audio delay on my receiver...
  11. password1

    Monitor Audio Silver 5g black oak, is it real wood veneer?

    I know the light oak is real wood veneer but what is the black oak like? It's difficult to tell from online pictures. I can't find any close up pictures..It looks like fake wood grain vinyl similar to the finish on the bronze 5g. Does it look better than the bronze 5g black oak in the flesh...
  12. Gerry557

    RAID Calculator Vs real

    I used the Synology raid calculator for SHR. Going from 14tb, 12,tb,12tb, 8tb and swapping the last 8tb for another 14tb. This states I should have 38TB usable space but in storage manager is shows 33.2tb The size did increase after expansion but Im I missing something or being a bit silly...
  13. M

    Arendal 1961 1s vs Real T5i

    Hello.I need help choosing a subwoofer. Currently my set is a Marantz Pm7000n with Q Acoustics 3050 speakers and a small room of about 16 m2. I listen to rock, jazz, blues and sometimes hip-hop. The subwoofer needed more for the lower lows, sometimes gently for movies. I chose ARENDAL 1961...
  14. D

    Real Truck Driver is available as a Giveaway of the day! : Windows .
  15. G

    Real world difference

    Looking through the very useful and well written guide on what tv to buy and it mentions you really need to buy one of the high tier TVs if you are wanting to view HDR content. I was wondering what the real world difference is between one of the high tier TVs and a popular budget model such as...
  16. A

    43XH8505 - Any real harm these picture settings

    This is for general TV viewing in a not so dark room. Using Custom Picture and Expert Temp I have upped the Hue to +1 and turned the brightness down to 30. The picture seems a little better, maybe still too bright for my liking, but im not the only one watching it. Is there any real harm to...
  17. W

    Bargain Expired Real Christmas trees £1 at B&Q

    No idea if anyone really wants a tree 3 days from Christmas! Buuuutttt I'll mention it anyway, my local B&Q in Enfield has real trees for a £1, not sure if other branches have them!
  18. D

    Atari VCS game console is now shipping (It’s real and it… needs software updates)
  19. MickEire

    Question xxls400 or Q acoustics QB12 , first real sub advice coming from a logitech z5500 !

    Hi, Looking for a sub to complete my first real av system, room is about 12X18 ft. Have q acoustics 3050 for front left and right, 3090ci for center, 3010 for rear left and right and 7000i for atmos. Denon 2700 just arrived yesterday :) :) I have narrowed it down to the xxls400 or the q...
  20. M

    ELAC sub on sale at Best Buy. I'm a rookie, looking for my first real system and only need a subwoofer still. Should I buy this?

    I was thinking of buying a sub for around $400-500 ish. I bought my whole 5.1 system, it's in the mail, it's ELAC Debut 2.0, the 6.2s for the center and front L/R and the 5.2 for the bookshelf surrounds. I have a nice Yamaha reciever, all that's left is a sub. Should I wait for Black Friday, or...
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