Real may refer to:
Reality, the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be.
Real numbers, in mathematics, extension of the rational numbers (and opposed to imaginary numbers)
  1. M

    For Sale Switch/PS3 Hori Real Arcade Pro N arcade stick

    Selling my Switch/PS3 arcade stick. Was originally a PS3 model but has been customised. These things are built like tanks so can take one hell of a beating! This one even has the cable door intact!! PS3 model body PS4 model button panel Brook Zero Pi PCB for added Nintendo Switch...
  2. stevie0

    For Sale Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor with 16 50A Circuit Level Sensors | Real Time Electricity Monitor/Meter | Solar/Net Metering

    Purchased in April 2023 and unopened, I was going to install with the idea to monitor my usage of electricity without installing a smart meter but never got around to it. Looking to recoup 200 quid.
  3. A

    New Home first real Home Theater

    Hello all. I currently have a LG 77 cx with a lg soundbar sn11rg. But I Will start To build a new house with an openspace, with no walls between the living room, the dinner room and the Kitchen. The blueprint of the openspace is in the file annexed. I would like To create a better home theater...
  4. silouette

    Is a UHD Q box a real upgrade

    Just Bought a 77' UHD tv ( very happy)but turns out my sky xbox needs and upgrade to get real 4k. Wondered are there any issues, broadband speed needed etc
  5. Te23

    The insiders, is it real ?

    The insiders give free stuff in exchange for reviews or heavily discounted for high value items. Who is an insider ? Has anyone got any experiences they could share on here. I have read some positive posts on facebook but they could be fake. But ive read some...
  6. JudgeDredd2010

    Forensics: The Real CSI

    BBC 2 Tonight 9pm Series 3 Episode 1 of 4 To Catch a Rapist The forensics team must identify and arrest a rapist through information provided by the victim and digital evidence recovered from the crime scene.
  7. R

    AV Control apps - Easy real time adjustment of channel volume

    I am currently researching the ideal AV amp to replace my now aging Yamaha AV receiver. There is lots of information and reviews on line, so I am finding easy to establish which amps have the features and connectivity I am after, some idea of relative sound quality and so on. What I am...
  8. S

    Can anyone real world compare Panasonic GZ2000 to Sony A95K?

    Hello, I've enjoyed the Panasonic GZ2000 65" for a few years now and love it. I don't use the onboard sound, it's hooked up to an amp with proper speakers.. I'm considering a Sony A95K as I need to put a TV in a second room.. Ideally I'd like to use the onboard speakers in that room and am...

    Dune HD Real Vision 4K Duo New

    The Dune wont win any Design Awards but the HD Real Vision 4K Duo is a media player powered by the Realtek RTD1619DR chipset which offers two 3.5″/2.5″ HDD racks. In addition, Real Vision 4K Duo streaming media player with NAS supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This home theater media player is...
  10. leo5111

    Dune Real Vision 4k Duo

    Dune Real Vision 4k Duo.... i have 1133 movies on its internal hard drive if i try to add more either appears to copy but file isnt there after OR gives some error and wont let me copy it...its a 18tb drive dune see,s it fine shows it as correct size its formatted ntfs
  11. shahedz

    real wattage difference amps

    I currently have a Pioneer VSX-1131 which I bought from here 3 years ago. It replaced a Denon AVR-3313. I needed a quick fix, 3 years later its still here. I moved house since I originally bought the Denon. which was used for multiple zones etc. I need a much simpler set up now but miss some...
  12. T

    Harmony Is Real is a great Christmas album from the Living Sisters

    Love this album with great new and old Christmas songs !! The Living Sisters are a great cover band !!
  13. B

    no audio sync issues in test pattern, but every real movie has problems

    Hi there - I have this issue on all three of my TVs. 1) Sonos Beam w/ eArc from Samsung Frame. 2) Sonos Beam w/ wireless surrounds w/ eArc from Samsung Frame. 3) Anthem 740MX receiver direct from AppleTV, passing video through to a projector. The lip sync issues are far less pronounced on the...
  14. TheShrike

    DM thinks Sir Micheal Take is real!

    Hurry to read before someone points out their error Daily Mail thinks Sir Micky Take is real
  15. T

    48" OLED - Choices & Real World Differences

    Looking to replace a 42" Panny Plasma with a 48" OLED (size non-negotiable). The 3 I have identified are the Panasonic LZ980, Sony XR-48A90K and Philips 48OLED807. Is there much real world difference in PQ (mostly upscaled SKY HD and streaming 4k)? I believe that none of the 48" TVs get...
  16. F

    The Real Benefit of An OLED TV

    Hi There! For months now I've been thinking about upgrading my Sony KD43XG8396 4K LED TV to the Sony A90K OLED 4K TV. My main reason for considering upgrading is to take full advantage of the High  Dynamic  Range on my 4K UHD blu rays. However I have one fundamental question which I need to...
  17. LuckyLuciano

    Real Cinema & Adjust Logo Brightness Bug

    Hi My LG G2 is suffering from this bug which affects 2022 LG OLED TV’s. When Real Cinema is enabled it creates artefacts if Adjust Logo Brightness is set to High. The issue disappears when disabling Real Cinema or disabling Adjust Logo Brightness. The issue also disappears when Adjust Logo...
  18. B

    Real Life Hobbit Here - What's your body quirk?

    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster here. Thought I would start with a bit of an ice breaker. I'm basically a real life hobbit. So I'm a 5′4″ (162 cm) guy with size 18 US / 17 UK / 55 EU feet. Yep, my feet are stupidly big for my height. It's due to a genetic anomaly - I was born...
  19. BeelzebubUK

    Stock of Dune Real Vision 4k anywhere in the UK?

    Decided I wanted to upgrade my Vero 4k+ to something which can play DV natively and for my budget and use it looked like the Dune or the Zidoo Z9X would fit the bill nicely. Wanted to go for the Dune just because it includes an air remote in the package, But....can't find it in stock anywhere...
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