1. tegonik

    Celexon Dynamic Slate ALR Screen (is it real?)

    Hi Guys. I am a Greek reviewer on my personal blog and I am a fan reader of your forum. I am writing this post because I am wondering if anyone of you have seen this particular screen and what is your opinion about. I recently stumbled upon this screen and i was so impressed. Νext day i asked...
  2. Z

    The Real refresh rate of QE65Q77

    Hi, I'm really frustrated with the fact that most of sites and sellers don't show the original refresh rate and instead posting some bullsh*t with some Motion rate and etc. This model QE65Q77 here shows refresh rate 40-120 and I can't find anywhere when is 40 and when 120, could you please...
  3. Gibbo1701

    LG 65" BX vs CX will I notice any difference in real world picture quality?

    Hi there I am deciding between LG OLED 65" BX and CX models, can get the BX for £1349 and CX for £2159 and I am interested in knowing if the CX is worth the extra £800 or so please and if the two were side by side would I see any difference in picture quality when watching regular TV channels...
  4. L

    Any real alternatives to the Q70r in the 80”+ market

    Hi guys. I’ve had a 65” Samsung ks8000 for years now and absolutely loved it, but it’s On the way out and needs replacing! I rather rashly bought a new LG 8500 86” model but the picture quality is just not up to scratch, and the “wow” factor of such a large screen doesn’t make up for such a...
  5. T

    Question Real Or Fake Controller!

    Hii guys So i want to know if this ps3 controller that im getting (used ofc) is real or fake coz its very hard to find a real one these days. The guy claims its real. And also i only have a single pic. I got the video of the controller but cant post here if someones willing to help i can send...
  6. suzonka

    Samsung TV optical output to low to sound bar .-- what is the real fix?

    I never tried this on my Samsung TV, did any one else ever try this , In the equalizer menu if you adjust the little bars up a little to the plus + ,will the fixed optical out put be of greater volume, my problem is this new TV simply has a very low fixed optical out port to my sound bar I...
  7. Z

    Sony model line-up is a real mixup

    Trying to sort Sony's model list in order to understand the whole model line up, wats the latest, what before the latest etc. But the line up is so confusing for me. Is there some model list with specs so i can understand the line up and its specs for comparison?
  8. DemonAV

    Elon Musk. The REAL Tony Stark.

    Fingers crossed the first manned SpaceX will launch this evening and I've been reading up on it's creator, amongst other businesses, Elon Musk. The more I read and watch about this man the more I becoming fascinated by him. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– His ideas that seem like crazy hair brained schemes...
  9. S

    GTA 5 REAL VR Mod Problem

    I am having trouble with the VR mod. I believe I followed the installation instructions correctly, however, when I attempt to launch the game I receive the error message in the picture. If you have any insight as to how to fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  10. JimmyMac

    Xpert 11 - surviving without real football

    Ok folks xpert -11 is a free online footy manager game. Pretty simple to play and doesn’t use real teams or players so you don’t get some gthat somehow ends up with all the greatest players and wipes the floor with everyone it’s been about 5 years since I played it but we had a league going...
  11. wack

    It just got real in France, enforced isolation with travel papers required for essential travel Translated All the answers to your questions about the COVID-19 Coronavirus: On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to minimize contact and travel. A containment system is in...
  12. Flashgordon1982

    Projector bulb - real v fake

    Hi all, Has anyone compared a genuine Epson bulb to a none genuine bulb? Thanks Al
  13. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: LG announces 'Real' 8K TV lineup

    LG’s ‘Real’ 8K TV lineup for 2020 includes more screen sizes and the latest Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. Read the news.
  14. D

    Having a real nightmare finding Airplay 2 TVs

    Hi, so I'm looking to upgrade my rather poor-pictured Samsung UE55NU7400. It supports Airplay 2 happily, but having seen some other TVs, the image quality on this thing is just not up to scratch. However, I have a basic 3 requirements (budget irrelevent): Must be centre stand. Must have 4...
  15. K

    The Prestige, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, inspiration needed for a real life wedding anniversary plan

    This is a long shot, I've always loved film and stories, some of my favourites are The Prestige, breaking bad, prison break, Mr Robot, Saw, Now you See me, to name a few. You know that feeling you get when so much planning and detail has been put into a story? Or a plot trist happens but the...
  16. Z

    any real reason to go for a ag9 when i have a af9

    to begin i absolutely adore my sony af9 it's nearly a love story i admire it every day, i use it as a pc monitor and have for over a year and theres still not a single sign of burn in, this tv is just incredible not just from the image itself but the overall design it looks like a giant painting...
  17. IntelliVolume

    Have Real Aluminum Volume Knobs Gone the Way of the T-Rex?

    Is there any A/V receiver manufacturer still offering a unit with a real machined aluminum volume knob, or are they all made of plastic? I ask because I noticed when I look at units in local retail shoppes, even the higher-end Denons and Onkyos are still coming with cheap plastic bits, even on...
  18. rickebee

    How to switch to real 4k 120hz on a projector + all digital?

    Hello, I have a setup that is actually nice, for 1080p. 112 inch GrandView Prestige series screen BenQ w1070 projector a computer running Plex media server, with no special graphic card besides onboard, with many TBs of space For a long time, I would like to resolve 2 issues that annoys me...
  19. JabbaNut

    Black Friday sales offer few real discounts, says Which?

    " Black Friday sales offer few real deals with most goods cheaper or available for the same price at other times, according to consumer group Which?. It said that just one in 20 offers was cheaper during the annual sales, which start this week. Among products cheaper outside of Black Friday...
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