1. TabClear1992

    Covid stats and numbers including ONS and REACT surveys

    Hope it's ok to make a stats thread especially for those ex-DS guys who used to check in every day for the latest numbers. As today's numbers are delayed, here are the reported case numbers for the last 7 days, split by nation.
  2. pixel8

    Question Draper React 3 Set up Help

    Hi all Happy owner of a Draper React 3 but needing to link it to my Optoma UHD300x and Harmony Elite remote - Can anyone help out - I'm not too sure what to do?. My remote is REMOTE CONTROL, 1 CHANNEL My Control Box is...
  3. F

    Question loewe bild 7 does not react to the remote control

    hello, when i want to put my loewe bild 7 on, it does not react to the remote control. i have changed the batteries. kind regards, frans callebaut
  4. Furnace Inferno

    Question Best projector in living room with light walls ReAct screen

    Ok, so I’ve impulse bought a Euroscreen Draper ReAct 3.0 104” Screen from the forums but don’t actually have a projector yet. Main reason is I’ll be losing 3D on the TV as I’m switching to a new OLED and rather than having two TV’s and needing to hunt around for a 6 series LG OLED I decided it...
  5. J

    Question Draper React Screen in / Around Brighton?

    Hi Everyone Does anyone in the Brighton or surrounding area have a Draper / Euroscreen React 3 screen the wouldn't mind me having a look at? I'm planning on placing an order, but Draper is having trouble finding a dealer nearby with that screen in a showroom. Our new home has a front room...
  6. True Romance

    Road rage, how do you react?

    So I've been watching a number of youtube videos of dash cam footage mainly from the UK and I'm interested to hear what your reaction to any motoring near miss incidents you have are? It seems from watching these compilations we are a very angry nation. I'll admit that in the pass in my youth...
  7. J

    BESTÅ both worlds... family lounge meets home cinema

    Partly in homage to another thread with a similar name (you know who you are!), and partly in homage to my love of flatpack furniture from Småland, I'm starting this thread to chronicle my further adventures in home theatre as I try and improve on what I've got at the moment. I've got lots of...
  8. Harkon321

    React Screen - Anyone else have this issue?

    I have a React 3 screen 92" in a retractable Draper sesame case. I've tried to capture it on film to show you what I mean, but it's not easy to show to be honest. Since it's been fitted there have always been some small indentations in the screen that were concerning. They've not pulled...
  9. Ewoody

    Question Anyone got a Euroscreen Frame Vision Light React Fixed Screen !

    please could someone give me approx depth of fixed screen from wall, the reason I ask is because my screen is going up close to the casing (depending on depth) I'm hoping the door will open without hitting the screen, otherwise door would have to be fitted to other-side of casing. thanks.
  10. Member 518284

    Ideal AV launch RBH Speakers

    its Ideal AV's forum event time and quite a few new toys and systems to listen to, Saturday 28th September is planned to please register your interest in this thread if you are wanting to attend First up are the fantastic and i mean fantastic amplifiers from Amplifier Technologies On demo in...
  11. Skylinestar

    Draper ReAct MicroPerf

    Can the Draper ReAct screen be microperf? How much will it cost? Viewing distance is 10 feet.
  12. Harkon321

    How to adjust my Tab tensioned React screen?

    I've got a tab tensioned React screen in a draper sesame case. The left hand side needs adjusting as it's got so waves in it. Tightening the tension has removed most of it but there's still an annoying bit bottom left. Right side is spot on. However I've tensioned it to what feels like the...
  13. 3t3p

    Question React 2.0 and 3.0 differences?

    Looking for a grey screen, what is the gain of React 2.0 vs 3.0 as I can't find this info online. Are they positive gain grey screens? Four lounge use, currently light decor but ambient light controllable. Thanks:)
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