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  1. AndyFov

    Advice re speaker setup / sound bar purchase

    I've bought an LG CX Oled for the bedroom, and its A doesn't come close to its V. I'm a bit disappointed in the sound quality if truth be told. Without wanting to spend a silly amount of money I'm looking for a way to make it sound a bit more cinematic. I've an Arcam FMJ amp gathering dust...
  2. Ken Bass2

    Question Advice re internal FM aerial

    Dear all Can anyone suggest a decent – and affordable – internal aerial for FM radio? Here's the situation: home is floor 3 of a tower block, so no possibility of any external antenna location is Seaforth – the northern end of Liverpool's docks area tuner = Arcam Alpha 7 with 75ohm coax socket...
  3. mwelbourne

    Query re set up of Denon X3800H

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to help me set up my speakers as I was hoping. I've just got a Denon X3800H. My previous Denon amp from about 24 years ago was a 5.1 amp with A and B front speakers and I used some music speakers in B and then went I switched from surround sound for TV I...
  4. JtR1888

    Question Dont suppose any able to advise/help re Subwoofer placement dilema

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can help 7 guide me please I am stuck in deciding which subwoofer type and configuration that might be best for my setup I have attached a rough layout of my 7.x.4 Atmos setup in a narrow dedicated room with sound treatment I have a few options in mind, and...
  5. kenshingintoki

    Where is the industry going re: subwoofers? - waveforming & ART

    Where do you guys think the industry, especially at the higher-end, is going in terms of subwoofers? Reading Trinnov's waveforming guide, it sounds as if quantity of subwoofers is now becoming a really important thing not just in placement but also form factor for placement) for things such as...
  6. nick farrow 100

    Question re calibration of set up help please

    Hi everyone ive recalibrated my 9.1 set up due to new furniture and have placed the subs in opposite sides of the room ..1x front right and one back left ,but sounds too boomy and not tight enough is there anyone out there I could send my calibration results to to give me advice please once the...
  7. S

    Reddit posting

    I created a reddit account. Posted a comment on a thread. When logged in I can see my comment. When logged out my comment disappears. Log in and it re appears. All other comments are visible. Any idea why? The help section isnt helpful. Contact form doesn't work. It just redirects to some...
  8. W

    Denon X7200W question re amp assign

    I have been trying to configure my denon x7200w and really need a bit of help please . I want to run LCR plus surround left and right from my external amp 5 ch amp The other 6 channels below directly from denon Height Speakers qty 4. Top front x2. Top rear x2 Plus two rear surround...
  9. M

    Can't quite re create filmmaker mode

    Hi all, I have turned all picture settings on the custom preset to the same settings I can see in filmmaker mode. The only one I can't make exactly the same is contrast control in advanced settings as filmmaker mode is not adjustable and shows 3 lines so in custom I just turned it off. Sorry I...
  10. L

    Question Advice re upgrading Fusion Drive to SSD 2014 iMac

    I have a late 2014 27” 5K iMac 4GHz i7, 32 GB RAM, 3TB Fusion Drive running High Sierra that I need to update. Having read that APFS doesn’t play well with HDD I’m considering 2 options and would like opinions/advice please. 1. Replace internal HDD with 4TB SSD using this kit. (I’ve upgraded...
  11. M

    Question How can I re programme a Bamof 2607 box to receive FreeSat when it has been preprogrammed and does not list the required satellite?

    I bought this box thinking I could just plug it in and connect the cable from the dish. Following instructions to select the satellite dish I see a long list that does not include Astra 2E, Astra 2F, and Astra 2G. It shows French and German satellites. Can I do anything to enable the satellite...
  12. technoking94

    5.1 recomendation for ps5?

    Hi there, as ps5 has a temptest 3d auido chip , when i move to my apartment i want to utilize this for movies and ps5. I dont like soundbars, i find soundbars with atmos as overrated and i like good old 5.1 experience to be good enough.the whole ceiling reflection sounds like a gimmick to me ...
  13. billbirchall

    Re: EARC

    I have a LG OLED65CX5LB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV I have SkyQ, Apple TV and a Sonos Playbar, with sub woofer and 2 Sonos Play one rear speakers. I realise the surround sound is not capable of producing Dolby Atmos, but wondered whether there is any merit in using the EARC hdmi slot and...
  14. S

    Need advice re bluetooth only amp for speakers

    So I've got a pair of Jamo 507a 200w max. I'm after a bluetooth only amp to power them with, any recommendations?
  15. Delta38

    Movies you want to re release in 4k

    In a Poll list your Favorite Movies you Wish were On 4k ? One Movie {Armageddon } should have a Re release on 4k as it would Look inc readable We all have a Movie that has not yet made the 4k list , Please include.
  16. iqoniq

    Transferring audio from PC direct to mobile phone during a call

    I've got the Samsung S22 Ultra, which has done away with the 3.5mm headphone jack. I need to play audio from my PC directly to my phone during a call, but also need to hear what is being said by the recipient of the call. I've got a USB-C to 3.5mm converter for my phone, but I'm not sure my...
  17. chrissuffolk

    Record fairs?

    What is the general impression of record fairs? Good place to pick up hard to find records, a place for dealers to off-load unwanted stock or a haven for over-priced stuff - or a mix ? Not been to one, and wondering whether to give it a go.
  18. M

    Question re Sony HD1000E camcorder drum count

    Hi all - newbie here ... does anyone know how to find the drum count on a Sony HD1000E camcorder please - I want to sell mine now I'm retired but feel a drum count would be useful for the advert - thanks
  19. the groundsman

    replacement battery

    Hi I have a Canon bridge camera and am going on a trip soon with quite a bit of boat travel so thought a back up battery would be a good idea if charging and low temperatures become an issue. Canon branded batteries seem to retail around £50-70 which was more than I had anticipated. You can...
  20. M

    Speaker terminals query re Musical Fidelity amp: help please!

    Daft question: I have just unboxed my new Musical Fidelity M2si amplifier. Everything was going well until I spotted that the holes in the speaker terminal inputs where you would ordinarily insert your banana plugs are fitted with plastic caps (see photo). I've tried easing them out using my...
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