1. C

    RCA / Phono on new tv

    Afternoon all, i know this is old technology using rca or phonos but for 1 reason we have to temporarily use this as a input on a new sony led tv The only thing the tv has is a 3.5 or maybe 2.5mm jack, could i get a lead to convert from that connecton to rca in? Also what size is that port on...
  2. T

    Good quality remote control selector with RCA ports?

    I am looking for a good quality AV selector switch, with RCA ports and remote control. 4 inputs would suffice, 6 would be nice, but I know more than 4 seems like very limited options. I only need RCA, no HDMI. 2 outs would be nice, if not I’ll use Y adapters. I recently bought a 6x2 box which...
  3. jakewalsh

    Balanced headphone amp with rca input/3.5mm

    Hi guys. Im using my lg g7 to run my dt770 atm. Also have a schiit stack soon to be for sale Ive just ordered some audio techinca msr7b which are balanced but also only 35ohm which may not trigger the phone dac. Im looking for a headphone amp with rca or 3.5mm input thats not too...
  4. T

    Reasonably Priced Quality RCA Interconnects?

    Hi Everyone! Hope you can help? I'm after 7 reasonably priced quality copper RCA interconnects to hook up various mid-high-end hifi separates and DJ Decks. Anyone ever used SKW? Amazon buyers and some Youtubers say they're the dogs b*ll0ks. Others say they're over hyped tat...
  5. lookItsAshton

    Add a Sub to a Simple Two Channel RCA Stereo Out

    Right now I currently listen to music via a pair of bookshelf speakers that go out from my USB interface. I have decided that I want to add this subwoofer to the system and I am curious: 1) if this is possible 2) what is this best way to connect it and optimize it for music listening (casual not...
  6. D

    RCA cable connection question?

    Greetings, I want to connect 2 receivers together for a remote set-up in another room. I have the basics as far as connections and setting up the receivers once they are connected but I couldn't find info on this. Can I use a Y cable at each receiver and run a single RCA cable for the distance...
  7. A

    LG TV won't display RCA video input from Pioneer VSX-817

    Hello All, I am trying to hook up my Pioneer VSX-817 to my LG TV 65UN7300PTC so i can do the initial setup. I have run a single yellow RCA lead from the Monitor out plug on the Pioneer to the AV in (yellow/green plug) on the LG. I set the LG to AV1 and enter setup mode on the Pioneer but i am...
  8. brad1138

    Marantz AV7705 - will using XLR to RCA adapter cause any harm?

    It is said in a number of forums, when using an XLR to RCA adapter, pin 3 should be disabled. Others say it won't matter. It also depends on if the preamp out is true balanced or not. Marantz AV770x is not I have read. I will be using both the RCA nd XLR out (long story) for the main L/R...
  9. R

    Are universal remotes usually programmed with their own brand codes?

    For example, RCA or in my case Phillips. It says it is preprogrammed for samsung and roku but nothing about Phillips? The Phillips ph903 is the universal remote I was looking at. I know I once had an RCA universal which was pre-programmed for my tv, which was also RCA. The dvd/vhs I have...
  10. cjlhessing

    Amp to poweramp conflicting advice

    Hi everyone. So getting a bit of conflicting advice from some of our well known audio retailers re this and figured I’d just ask here, far more reliable people on this forum I’m connecting an arcam avr550 to a poweramp. Far as I can tell I need a 12v trigger (assuming these are all the same...
  11. kenshingintoki

    Are RCA cables all the same?

    What would be the difference between: https://www.ultimateproaudio.com/Van-Damme-Neutrik-RCA-Phono-lead and https://www.markgrantcables.co.uk/uk/audio-cables/van-damme-7-way-multichannel-set-with-neutrik-rean-connectors/ fundamentally same product and performance?
  12. W

    AV connectors dead, will RCA work?

    I've been using detached speakers via a/v cables with my old flatscreen. I started having audio issues yesterday -- I replaced the speaker wires and the speakers and it appears the right a/v connection is no longer working (speakers in the L work at a low volume, but are complete static in the...
  13. D

    RCA cable for external amp

    Hi guys , thinking of adding external amp (emotiva a 3,or 5 )to denon avr 3600 and need advice on rca cables ! want reasonable quality with 1 meter length or less however there are so many I am totally confused by the specs ! would really appreciate some advice ! Thanks 🙏
  14. K

    Coloured RCA Cable recommendations

    I am about to move all my kit, so when I put it all back together I'd like to replace some old RCA cables with a set of multi-coloured RCA to make it simple to identify each channel, initially just need 5 cables. Thanks in advance.
  15. Member 749941

    How do I record stereo/audio out of my 70s record player via headphone or RCA sockets, into my phone via headphone/mic or usb?

    I want to video record my vinyl 70s singles with my phone to upload to my YouTube channel. I want the audio recording in stereo as best I can. I've tried recording from the headphone socket and the left and right RCA outputs but the audio is too loud and distorted. I'm guessing I'll need some...
  16. V

    RCA to MiniDSP then xlr to Amp

    Hi, Hope I can get some advice/help on this please. I have a denon x4700 and an emotiva xpa9. I am going to use a minidsp ddrc-88a for Dirac inbetween them for F+C+Sur and leave atmos on the denon. Question is if i am using rca out of the denon into the dsp , would it make a difference to...
  17. A

    ideo Signal Distortion in Concealed AV Cables

    Hi All, I have a TV in my master bedroom for which I had got the AV/RCA cable concealed wiring done.i.e. AV cable running from my Living room tv wall (connected to living room tv Set Top Box because i have only one set top box in my house) to Master Bedroom tv wall long back, but since I was not...
  18. thedude

    Rca cable needed what to get

    Any recommendations for a rca cable. Got. A bluesound node 2i coming next week and pairing with my elicit r.
  19. M

    Do I need a Toslink to RCA adaptor?

    Hello all! A bit of help would be massively appreciated. I've historically been using Sonos as a multi-room system. In the lounge, I have been using a Sonos Connect, connected to a Pioneer A-30 Stereo Amp via analogue/RCA cable with external Dali Zensor speakers. All ok. I'm changing from...
  20. Scotty Pro

    How to connect UHD player to Stereo amp with RCA cable

    OK, I want to connect my Sony UHD X800 player to my amp to play CD's. My amp does not have a digital input, its a Cambridge Audio A1 Mk 3 which is used at the moment for playing vinyl from my Pro-ject Essential III. Question is, are there any cables I can get that with have a coaxial plug on...
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