RCA Corporation, founded as the Radio Corporation of America, was an American electronics company in existence from 1919 to 1986. General Electric took over the company in late 1985 and split it up the following year.
The RCA trademarks are used by Sony Music Entertainment and Technicolor, which licenses the RCA brand name to other companies such as Voxx International and TCL Corporation for products descended from that common ancestor.

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  1. M

    Question Firewire to RCA?

    I need to use an 8mm camcorder with an a/v capture device. The camcorder has a 4-pin firewire connector, and the device cable has RCA jacks - yellow for video and red & white for audio. So I need a 4-pin firewire to 3-wire RCA cable/adapter. Does such a thing exist?
  2. TB303

    where do you go for cheap but good quality power and RCA cables these days?

    Hi there, I want to connect a couple of active speakers, so NOT looking for 'audiophile' cables but equally dot' feel right to buy some random stuff from amazon... Recommendations are appreciated. Thank you,
  3. T

    Question Most cost effective way to transport signal from SPDIF coax over CAT to RCA?

    Hi guys, I want to connect my subwoofer which is 10m away from source. At source i have SPDIF Coax output and CAT6 cable for transportation, subwoofer have RCA and LFE inputs and CAT6 outlet next to it. Can use SPDIF over CAT transmitter and receiver and then DAC converter, but it will be...
  4. P

    Question I have run out of inputs on my amp!

    Hello all, there is probably a very simple solution to this but requesting advice on which to take. I have a Rega IO which only has three RCA inputs on the back. I have my turntable, CD player and TV (via an optical to RCA adapter) plugged in, but need to add my Bluetooth adapter and maybe a...
  5. J


    I cannot find the firmware tomy RCA LCD/LED TV motherboard CV3553BL-D anywhere. Can someone help me please?
  6. AFM1

    For Sale Arcam AVR550; Emotiva BasX A4 power amp; Chord Company Chameleon RCA Interconnects

    This is a listing for: An Arcam AVR550 receiver (£700) An Emotiva BasX A4 power amplifier (£500), and A set of 7x 0.5m Chord Company RCA interconnects - the Chameleon VEE 3 and the ChameleonPlus VEE (£60/pair). I'll list the three items with photos in separate posts to follow below.
  7. H

    NAD CI980 cutting out

    Amp cutting out I have a NAD CI980 8 channel with 6 speakers 4 running stereo and 2 bridged ( this may seem odd but it works for me as the 2 bridges are separate and I want them louder) all channels set to Global input The problem I've got is when I plug in the right RCA after 30 seconds...
  8. gloriousglenn

    Connecting RCA Video/DVD to HDMI TV

    Hi all, I'm a bit "green" to all of this, so I apologise if this seems like a silly/simple question! I have an old video/dvd player that has RCA plug connectors on it (see pic) Is it as simple as getting an RCA to HDMI cable (see other pic!) to get this working on my TV? Many thanks in...
  9. S

    Technics 1500C RCA output

    Hello, I have a Technics 1500C that I use to record vinyl with. It is connected to a Univesal Audio Apoloo Twin Interface, via an RCA to 1/4 jack TS cable. I have recorded loads of vinyl with good results, but I just dicovered that I havent used a cable with a balanced jack-plug (TRS). The...
  10. river123

    Recommendations for RCA leads.

    Could anyone recommend a choice of RCA leads connecting phono stage to receiver for vinyl?
  11. lynx

    Digital SPDIF Converter - RCA to TOSLink -£4.03 @ CPC

    Digital SPDIF Converter - RCA to TOSLink https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-signal/psg08094/coax-to-optical-adaptor/dp/AV12736 Youll have to spend a few more ££ if you want to avoid del charge.
  12. rccarguy3

    Zone 2 XLR & RCA

    I thought my Tonewinner AT-300 had Zone 2 outputs (it doesn't) I'm currently using the main L/R XLR outputs into my ATI amplifiers. The AT300 has RCA pre outs for L/R, so I'm thinking would it be ok to use these outputs into another stereo amplifier to drive another pair of speakers? Would...
  13. M

    This TV any reviews?

    I cannot find any reviews or pictures of the inputs anywhere. RCA RS22H2C-UK The A marketplace has them for sale but of course the reviews are for the whole store and not the TV - I think that is defo a scam the way A does that, but that a rant for another time. This time I am only really...
  14. IronMonkeyDad

    RCA to XLR

    diy subs amplified by pro amps like crown behringer eyc might use an rca output (from for eg a minidsp) connection going to an xlr input on the amp in the form of a cable. When I was enquiring about my amp I was told "LDDP2400X input awaits a balanced professional line level signal with +4dBu...
  15. Gibonz

    Question Which Integrated Amp or AVR - w/ RCA Aux-In + 2 Pre-outs + 1 SW Output

    Hi All, For use in my office for laptop RCA aux-in audio (and through a DAC), I need an integrated amp/AVR, that both a power amp, and sub can be connected to Ideally would like the amp & power amp to be from the same brand, reliable, and reasonably priced, ie circa £1k or less for each each...
  16. Ayrton

    Speaker wire for RCA faceplate?

    When I had my office built in the garage, I had the builders put speaker wire in the walls. This was because I wanted the speakers somewhere that the amp wasn't, without trailing cable around. So I've got a banana faceplate at each end of the room. Anyhow I'm undergoing a re-organisation, the...
  17. gasolin

    pre out, main in rca jumpers

    I changed the pre out main in metal jumpers on my nad c325bee to something made with van damm cable and it made a differnce in the higher midrange lower tweeter, less harshness and slightly better bass, audioquest did introduce more pronounced s and t sounds but added some clarity I don't find...
  18. S

    Sky+HD box using RCA (R audio only)

    Hi. I've got a couple of Sky+HD boxes connected via RCA (long story...). Short story is they are only connected via Yellow (video) and Red (Right audio) Should I be using any particular settings on the box to improve audio? It really is not good right now. I can't use R & L audio as downstream...
  19. rccarguy3

    Antimode S2

    I have a couple of antimode 8033 cinemas, and possibly interested in a Stereo SII model. I could use the S2 in the home cinema Tonewinner RCA SUB 1 out into antimode input L Tonewinner RCA SUB 2 out into antimode input R Antimode L output into left sub Antimode R output into right sub Set...
  20. B

    DVD Query About HDMI & RCA Connectors.

    I have just bought a new Panasonic TV and had a bit of a tidy up of my AV gear, which involved getting rid of 2 DVD/HD recorders and relying solely on my Manhattan T3-R device for recordings. The thing is, my Marantz SACD/DVD player was connected to my AV amp via one of my now discarded...
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