1. tareksafo

    New Song Out Now// DIAMOND💎

    check it out!
  2. K

    what's this song?

    Okay so I've got a song in the back of my mind it's R&B hip hop ish. lmao. In the beginning a guy & girl are fighting because the guy is into drugs or something & she tells him to get out. but in the song she sings about how she can't be without him. I know that it has something about the feds...
  3. KayB

    Please Help Me Find a Song!

    Please help, it's driving me crazy! Its an R&B song I believe and there is an african american woman sitting on concrete steps with a group of other women and they are all dressed in bright clothes. I think it is supposed to take place in old time Baltimore. She is singing to a man across the...
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