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  1. ChrisGTL

    For Sale Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

    Bought a couple of these and this one is surplus to requirements. Unused. £20 Inc P&P
  2. T

    For Sale Raspberry Pi 3 B + Black Case, 32GB Micro SD, HDMI & Power Cable

    The Pi is in great condition and in full working order. I have just installed the Raspberry Pi os and no issues. Looking for £35.
  3. X

    How to correctly hookup multiple Ceiling Speakers in a zone?

    Hi, Hope someone can advice me on the following. Firstly, I am new to this stuff and are not very advance if it comes to certain tech jargon, but happy to learn. :-) I have different music zones in a house, with mono passive ceiling speakers of 8 ohm each, and are hooking these up to...
  4. darrenhaken

    Help Raspberry Pi configuration - Allo Boss2 Player/Allo DAC/Hifiberry/USB DAC

    I am planning to build a Raspberry Pi streamer (with Volumio) for Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. There is a dizzying number of options and I am after some advice on the best way to go. Option 1 - Allo Boss2 Player...
  5. Hank_Marvin

    Raspberry Pi - hifiberry amp - Bluetooth - offline

    Is there a way to setup a pi with hifiberry amp which will receive Spotify via Bluetooth (phone) and happily play whilst the pi has no network at all? So it basically acts as a bluetooth speaker. Not sure if any of the OS's will work like that, anyone done it? Cheers
  6. J

    Touch-screen case for Raspberry Pi & DAC & DSP?

    Hi I want to build a touch screen device using the official Pi 7in screen. I'm planning to use: RP 4b; HiFiBerry DAC2 HD; DSP - all to be housed in the case. (I'm aware will have to cut out for RCA plugs). Though I'm not sure if the usual screen cases are deep enough for both the dac & dsp...
  7. Ambienz

    Raspberry Pi as a DAC

    Has anyone used a RPi as a DAC with digital input? The hats I've seen only seem to have analogue RCA outputs, but i want to feed in a digital audio signal from streaming box and output analogue audio thanks
  8. V

    Building first audio streamer

    Hi guys, I'm looking for advice on buying audio streamer to hook-up with my Denon PMA-600ne amplifier and pair of Wharfedale 12.2 speakers. I would like to know which option will be a better choice for me, Raspberry Pi 4 + Allo DigiOne HAT or Raspberry Pi 4 + Schiit modi 3+? Will Schiit sounds...
  9. Stevie G

    Sonos Album Art on a tiny square Raspberry Pi Screen - has anyone else tried this cool little project?!

    Hi all I had been thinking for a while that it would be cool to have some sort of little LED display showing 'now playing' from a Sonos speaker, but I stumbled across this little project recently and thought it was looked really cool! Has anyone else tried it...
  10. D

    10 Raspberry Pi 8GB Starter Kits Giveaway!

  11. D

    10 Raspberry Pi 8GB Starter Kits Giveaway!

  12. Szjoin

    Using Logitech Media Server with Cambridge Audion CXNV2

    Hi, I am running an Logitech Media Server ((LMS 8.x) on an RPi Docker instance. I installed the squeeze2upnp bridge so the LMS can serve the CXNV2. I cannot get it to work. The CXN does not 'see' the LMS not can't the LMS selet the CXN as renderer. Who have ideas on this? (p.s. I already set the...
  13. D

    Turn Your Raspberry Pi 400 Into The Ultimate Amiga!

  14. B

    Bargain Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM + 32GB MicroSD (2020) + Micro RGB Desktop Case

    Fantastic Raspberry Pi4 8GB with 32GB MicroSD & Raspberry Pi OS Custom Micro Desktop Case with RGB Fan Intake & Exhaust Cut Out Design. OLED Display (which can be modified) Easy Access to Insert / Remove MicroSD Card Ideal for an enthusiast or as a gift will require power supply which can...
  15. G

    PSU Raspberry Pi 4

    Since I am convinced that I can hear a difference in SQ when I power my R Pi4 and DAC with a battery pack, as compared to powering with a standard SMPS - thought I’d ask if anyone else is powering their R Pi 4 with anything other than a “standard” switch mode supply. I particular, is anyone...
  16. metasoar

    Question Newbie Needs Help: Laptop Hi-Res Audio System

    alright guys apologies for any naivety here, i am very new to the world of audio hardware despite being an obsessive collector of digital music for 20+ years now i am planning on establishing an audio system that makes the most out of my collection (at this stage, it's 99% FLAC both 16/24 bit...
  17. D

    December Giveaway! Pi400 Kits, Raspberry Pi 4’s, Mini PC’s!

    Thought I would share this
  18. D

    $100 PC VS Raspberry Pi 4 8GB - Can The Pi4 Replace a Desktop PC?

  19. D

    Mega Raspberry Pi 4 Giveaway! 5 8GB Pi4’s Argon One Case’s and More

  20. G

    Raspberry Pi 4 USB v SPDIF HAT

    And so the constant search for improvement goes on. Will it never stop????? Part of me regrets ever getting back into audio because I seem to have dived in to several rabbit holes with the prospect of never surfacing again! The other part of me is pleased that I did and although I am playing...
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