1. A

    Pink Triangle DACmagic as rare as a hen's teeth?

    Hi folks, I managed to get hold of a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 1 (Pink Triangle). I have a few questions if any of you are kind enough to read this and give an answer. I haven't hooked it up to my system yet. For these purposes i'm talking about my Audiolab 8000a amp, Rega Planet CD transport...
  2. Singhisking

    For Sale Entire Collection Steelbook Marvel, Transformers *RARE* OFFERS QUICKSALE

    Hi please see my listings some of the jcards (covers) maybe slighty ripped or damaged but can take more pics. Cant see any damage on the steelbooks and all have been well looked after. I have put prices as a rough estimate through quick research. Open to sensible offers and delivery inc :)...
  3. D

    CR Developments Romulus V2 and ASTINtrew 3500 value

    hi all, looking for some 'Sound' advice (sorry for the pun). I inherited many years ago the below; CR Developments Romulus V2, and ASTINtrew 3500 Im looking to sell these now as i just feel i dont do them justice. I lack the audiophile buzz that they deserve. Both are in good working...
  4. N

    Rare, fancy lab glass, what does it do?

  5. Qaisr

    Rare Mordaunt short aviano subwoofer any good?

    Hi guys i have a full aviano setup which consists of the 8s the centre and 1s at the back being powered by a pioneer sc lx2023k. I currently got a video logic 250watt rms 350 watt peak 10 inch subwoofer with a speaker driver made by audax and it is very good due to size and output but not much...
  6. A

    XH90 + PS5 in HDMI port 4 - horizontal wavy lines - rare

    HI All - anyone ever seen anything like this? Has only happened once so far. A reboot of TV and PS5 sorted it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pyodujxeyyirnwj/VID20201225122209.mp4?dl=0 Also, more often, I think when coming out of PS5 standby, the image has really muted / dull, almost greyscale...
  7. D

    GoldenEye 25, a fan-made effort to resurrect the classic N64 shooter from Rare, is to shut down

  8. stonkintime

    Rare find, LG E6 55inch, New, unopened.

    I got my mitts on a new unopened E6 today, a £4K, 4K OLED been sat in someone’s bedroom unopened for 4 years. Any opinion on value? Advice/guidance? Stu
  9. Alphamails

    Weird and unusual shaped speakers

    EBTB Terra speakers ... great but when i switched the systems round with the GT3s BIG difference in sound on both systems, GT3 Sounds great with the Yaqin and the Terra sings on the fatman 302 WHAT UNUSUAL SHAPES DO YOU GUYS HAVE ?
  10. BlueWizard

    KEF LS50 vs B&W 706-S2 - Rare chance to compare

    Tharbamar on YouTube has recent changed his beloved LS50 for a pair of B&W 706-S2 and has created a Demo of the two speakers. Both sound fantastic, but I think the 706 have a bit more detail. Very close call though. You can decide for yourself, but remember that YouTube videos favor Mid/High...
  11. fallinlight

    Video Game Collector's Thread: Big or small - please share what you have and any stories

    Foreword: I started a thread some time a year or two ago with the intent of drawing together a pool of photos and experiences form fellow video game collector's. But it never gained much track. I am hoping to fuel something special in a new thread. So, here it goes. Last year I sold off my GC...
  12. MrPsyco323232

    Question Rare KEF Solutions (179 out of 200) Wrist Watch

    I've never see one of the KEF watches before and I have no idea how or why this thing exists. All I know is It's a really nice premium feeling watch with a Citizen 0S10 Quartz movement, but that's all I know up to now. Does anyone have any information or back story on why this thing exists?
  13. brian s

    Rare Beasts

    Billie Piper has written the script for Rare Beasts. She will direct and star as Mandy, a career-driven single mother, who falls in love with the charming, traditionalist Paul. “It’s a dark and funny anti-rom-com with a theatrical edge. It’s also a fascinatingly personal comment on the price of...
  14. sebbykin

    Rare album, CD or single

    What is the most collectable, rare or most expensive CD, album single (cassette, 8 Track!!) in your music collection. Not after pricing as such, just the most noteworthy Had this as a bithday present years ago and now resides in the attic:) Not sure of this ones value, saw for £700 in Record...
  15. sjackson

    Question Camera for Rare Events....

    So I'm thinking of changing my "good" camera at some stage in 2017. To be honest this camera comes out once in a blue moon when I want to take a better photo than what the iPhone provides. In fairness it's taken some amazing photos over the last 10 years or so of the wife and kids. The current...
  16. R

    Denon avr-x2200w Wireless Rare Speakers Help

    Hi I currently have a Denon avr-x2200w AV receiver, and just wanted to check if its possible to connect wireless rear speakers to amp. These are to replace my current rear wired speakers. Ideally I would like these to be B&W speakers to match my fronts. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  17. S

    Kef Reference AV1 Subwoofer in Rosewood (Rare)

    Hi, this is my first time on this forum. I am after some ideas as to how much I can get for my Kef Reference AV1 Subwoofer in Rosewood finish. I bought this sub to go with my Kef Reference system and I actually bought 2 at the time. I never got to use this one and believe it or not the box has...
  18. M

    Issue with WinRAR

    Hi, 1. I downloaded a free trial version 3.7 of WinRAR. 2. When i tried to open the compressed files, i could not open it, and got the message" WinRAR: Diagnostic messages" window open, and there are 3 options: Close, Break Operation and Copy to Clipboard. 3. Is it a problem with WinRAR? or the...
  19. S

    Rare problem with SAMSUNG UE50J6202 DVB Tuner

    Hello all, first of all - im not expert at all in SMART TV stuff, im complete rookie at it. So i will describe my problem as shortly as possible. I really hope somebody can help me. I bought Samsung Smart TV UE50J6202. It seems to be working fine untill i connected digital cable of local TV...
  20. Kravenius

    Rare Replay

    30 games from 30 years of Rare's history and reported to around about £20 Be great to revisit some of these.
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