1. pixelpidgeon

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Raid, Sat 5th March 2022 6pm

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Raid, Sat 5th March 2022 6pm Hi. Just putting it out there to see if there was any interest in getting a team together for the new Raid this weekend? Cheers Bit of info When does the Witch Queen Raid open? Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's raid will open on Saturday...
  2. Mr Hyde

    Help - Ghost of Tsushima Raid Chapters

    I am appealing to the good nature of the avforums gang and wonder if anyone would be willing to help me get through the Raid Chapters on Ghost of Tsushima. Sadly the random matchmaking makes it difficult to complete even the first chapter.
  3. Finaljustice

    Hp proliant microserver gen 8 hdd issues

    I'm setting up my own home lab with a hp proliant gen 8, I have 4 10tb wd reds, and I'm having 2 issues the first is that when I go into hp's built in setup manager it only finds the ssd I wish to use for my OS, it does not detect any of my hdds, I cannot therefore setup RAID or progress past...
  4. D

    QNAP TR-004 DAS RAID5 Nvidia Sheild Pro 2018 Plex bag of poop

    Hi people! I have the above set up. Before I ventured into the world of DAS, I had an external WD elements 2TB usb 3 HDD that used to work fine until I decided to upgrade to the above. The QNAP has a hardware raid controller so opted for the setup of RAID 5 which the Nvidia Sheild picks up no...
  5. J

    Which NAS has more flexible RAID implementation?

    I remember a while ago someone pointed out that standard RAID (I think RAID1) can be quite strict in terms of initial volume sizes. I'm sorry I forget the details but it was something like the first disk you installed 'locked' the volume size forever meaning you couldn't easily install bigger...
  6. IanNicholls

    Zapitti Pro 4K HDR with a 5-Bay, RAID 5, DAT?

    Hi Peeps I'm looking at a new Media Player solution, namely the Zapitti Pro 4K HDR. My question relates to the potential storage solution. I am looking at a 5-bay Yottamaster or Orica DAS enclosure configured to RAID 5. Assuming I used 5 x 16TB discs would the Zapitti recognise the enclosure...
  7. N

    G Tech 8TB Raid T3 - Failing after 2 days?

    Just forked out GBP 550 for a G-Tech RAID Thunderbolt 3 8TB system, only been up & running a couple of days and wondered why the health is deteriorating? DriveDX is showing at 87.5% due to the spin up time..... Any help appreciated.
  8. Gerry557

    RAID Calculator Vs real

    I used the Synology raid calculator for SHR. Going from 14tb, 12,tb,12tb, 8tb and swapping the last 8tb for another 14tb. This states I should have 38TB usable space but in storage manager is shows 33.2tb The size did increase after expansion but Im I missing something or being a bit silly...
  9. D

    Question Does anyone RAID 0 their NVME's?

    I have been playing about with RAID 0 for a few days as I am trying to optimise my set up. Is there anyone with a Threadripper/X570 build using RAID 0 for their NVME's as a scratch drive? I just stuck four Samsung 980 pro's in an Asus card and got the results below. I'd be interested if anyone...
  10. M

    Question RAID NAS - Do you keep a spare drive in case of failure?

    I have recently been persuaded here that once you have a NAS arrangement that includes RAID resilience to disk failure (with backup) that it makes sense to run disks to the point where they do fail, rather than swap them out routinely after four years run time? Do people here have a spare disk...
  11. topgazza

    Question Creating fixed partitions or folders in raid 1

    I’m about to buy a Synology DS720+ and will fit two 6TB drives in. I want to create 3 fixed sized folders or partitions on the drive 0. For instance Movies - 4TB Photos - 1TB Data - 1TB I’ve always assumed you can do this but can’t find any references to it. I suspect I’m not quite...
  12. M

    Question Windows 10 RAID vs Storage Spaces VS Hardware RAID?

    As people here may (or may not) recall, earlier in the year, I re-purposed a low energy consumption PC to be a combined PC, for use in the garage and a NAS for data storage/media server. The NAS side of things has 2x4TB WD Reds running in RAID 1 configuration with backup to a separate machine...
  13. A

    New to NAS - No RAID Basic Volumes

    I am setting up my first NAS System. Its sole purpose is going to run my Plex Media Files. Originally I did not want to use RAID because I want to maximize all my storage. I am starting off with just using 1 bay drive and will expand my storage to include all 4 bays eventually. I want to know...
  14. mambo1888

    Question DS220J 12TB- Advice needed

    I just picked up one of these from Amazon Warehouse. It has 2 x 6TB Ironwolf Pro disks in it but I cant see a way to use it in RAID 0 so i get 12TB storage. Also the price seemed really good, I paid £235, the hard drives were loose and had to fix the disks properly when it arrived. I wasn’t...
  15. smallieboy

    Question RAID advice

    Hopefully this is the correct thread for this ............ I'm in the process of downsizing and, amongst other things have decided to get rid of my 400 CD's and the two multi-disc 'jukeboxes' they're on. Using RuneAudio I'm playing mp3's through a Raspberry Pi/DAC through a Technics amp & Q...
  16. B

    NAS with SSD and HDD - Multiple RAIDs

    Hi all, –– ADVERTISEMENT –– –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I have a project coming up where I require the ability to write to a NAS from multiple PC's (circa 100) as quickly as possible. We have around 100 PC's that will each be uploading approximately 4-6GB all at the same time. I...
  17. MeGuinness

    Question Raid 5 controller card

    Hi guys , my Synology 4bays Nas cannot cope with the amount of data I'm throwing at it 😄 so decided to build a Nas to accommodate many more hdd's. I would need suggestions about which raid 5 controller card to purchase without the need to remortgage my house lol..., any recommendation please...
  18. topgazza

    Anyone Using a LaCie Dual Disk Raid ?

    I run a USB WD Book 4tb as my back up for my movies with a portable 4tb USB drive as a backup for that. I also have 3 other external drives that save my other bits and pieces including Time Machine and a whole mirror copy of my iMac's hard drive. It all workd well but I'm tempted by the...
  19. D

    The Raid remake (2020)

    Joe Carnahan want to make The Raid in 2020. It's a remake from the 2011 movie The Raid. This sound like a good movie.
  20. C

    Windows RAID Advice

    Hi all, After building an HTPC + NAS system I have been left with a decision on how to configure 4 spare 4TB hard disks to store the bulk of my movie collection and could do with a little help on what direction I should take. A quick Google sent me down a RAID 5 path which was pretty simple to...
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