1. I

    Pioneer Radio Help

    I have a pioneer fh-x830bhs and recently installed new speakers in my 2006 Chevy Colorado but have been experiencing some issues. The issue is that the audio will cut out at high volume and high bass music. Some of the symptoms include: 1. cutting out at lower volume when the vehicle is not...
  2. lynx

    Sharing co-ax with video and radio signals.

    I'm thinking of firing an antenna in my loft for FM/DAB reception. I ran a coax from my loft down to the ground floor, drop it into the floor void and resurfaced it for my tv. Q. is can I use a 'Y' type 2 in 1 out splitter to carry both signals and pick the signal up again where the existing...
  3. vinnielo

    Bringing back a radio directory to Reciva Radios, a.k.a doorstops

    Yes, you'll need to have applied the Sharpfin patch to your radio, but if it's all been successful, you can try and install the new Media Server add-on at Sharpfin media server for Reciva radios which'll include the RadioFeeds UK & Ireland directory on board without the need for UPnPing.
  4. L

    ** HELP** Radio speaker connect plugs

    Helppp! So I have this radio at work and I pulled the wires loosing these little plug/clips… I have no idea what I’m looking for can somebody help me please!
  5. S

    Wanted Network Streamer or Receiver with Wireless internet radio streaming

    I have had no end of trouble with getting a unit to allow me to browse internet radio. I originally had a Denon DF109 network streamer and it worked great, that had vTuner but when it broke (I listen to internet radio all day long, from about 7 am until about 11 pm) I bought another Denon with...
  6. CyberCad

    The Emiliano Sala story on Radio 4 - Absolutely chilling!

    I have been listening to the excellent series on radio 4 that explains fully what happened to this unfortunate player and his pilot. It has left me quite sickened at the way the player was treated, without realising, by a series of crooked men, all for money and without any regard for the...
  7. E

    Recommendations for Radio Stations for Blues and Folk

    I am looking for recommendations for blues and folk radio stations. I am using Qobuz and Roon. Thanks in advance
  8. Wulbert

    How to listen to internet radio on Denon AVR X-4500H ?

    OK. I'm getting fustrated with this. Trying to listen to internet radio on my Denon AVR-X 4500H. I can select "Internet Radio" and it starts (eventually) playing Celtic Music Glasgow. Fair enough. However, I can find no way to change the radio station. How do I do this? The Denon manual is...
  9. P

    Does the PS5 controller stop to emit bluetooth radio frequencies when plugged ?

    Hello, Does the PS5 controller stop to emit bluetooth radio frequencies when USB plugged as the PS3 acts ? Regards
  10. geekomatic

    NET radio is gone on Pioneer VSX-LX302

    This is BS. Onkyo is continuing as a brand/entity. I expect they honor Pioneer NET radio via TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, etc. As of now, my expensive LX302 AVR is USELESS to access net radio!
  11. ZTEK55


    Hello Everyone I have a question in regards to a 1970s MARC NR52F1 World Band Radio, which has these external VHF and SW Antenna connections that I am not familiar with. In reference to the attached photo....Does anyone know what is the name of the Connectors required ? Thanks
  12. mickbirch2000

    vTuner problems with Bauer media radio stations.

    The vTuner streaming platform on the Lyngdorf 1120 " Streaming amplfier " is currently not working with most if not all of Bauer media radio stations, other stations work fine. I know there was a recorded message saying the service would be stopping a while back , the same message was on the...
  13. R

    CXN V2 problems streaming BBC radio

    I bought this in January and have mainly used it for streaming Tidal and Internet radio. It is great and has performed faultlessly on all stations except BBC radio. BBC radio ( I mainly listen to R4 and R5) drops out frequently regardless of source - presets, new tune from Internet radio or...
  14. Omits

    Need a Radio with Aerial socket. Any?

    Looking on Amazon could not find a compact full function Radio. Non have an aerial socket just the telescopic which is no use for me as I want it on a shelf and reception is patchy. what's the matter with manufacturers who make a nice unit but leave out this option? Willing to spend 100 - 150...
  15. Y

    Radio four wurry

    Dear forum members Is radio four having trouble on analogoue on 93.7 megahertz
  16. A

    Roberts Stream 93i radio. How to delete or modify selected stations on the radio?.

    Hi everyone, I just registered from Spain in this forum and my question is the following: I've had this radio for a few years and I'm happy with it, but I can't find a way to delete stations from my selected list, or to be able to replace them with different ones. Somebody could help me...
  17. frankie carbone

    harmony elite cant find john lewis octave internet radio

    i have bought second hand john lewis octave internet radio without the remote control as i have harmony elite remote i have tried to add octave radio but harmony does not see it in the database i cant find any model number this is the first time harmony as not found anything that i have tried to...
  18. T

    Issue tuning radio with Beolink 7000

    Hello, I recently inherited a lovely beosystem 7000 from my father in law, including two nice penta speakers. I installed everything at home but I run in to some trouble trying to search for radiostations. On the display of the beolink 7000 I get a screen that doesn't look like the one I'm...
  19. J

    Ham Radio, Mobility Scooter Charging and Electromagnetic Interference. Plug-In Mains Conditioner?

    Hi, I'm a complete novice, so please forgive my incompetence. And apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. I am just about to move into a new property. There's a small, brick built shed attached to the property at the rear (I think it might have been a coal shed). My landlord installed...
  20. Y

    Yamaha rn 602 internet radio stopped working

    I have had my Yamaha rn 602 network receiver for 6 months without any issues but today I turned it on to listen to internet radio and all I get is please wait. Could anyone please tell me if they are having the same issue with Yamaha equipment?
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