1. S

    My new DIY AV racks .

    Hi, I'm a new member and would like to show my new av racks. They are made from real mahogany wood and 35mm aluminium rod. Sizes are 60x 50 x4 cm. 50cm deep to fit emotiva xpa 5. Took me about week to made these and cost about 120 pounds each for materials. Any feedbacks ? :)
  2. D

    My AV rack cooling

    As a bit of a background, my rack is mounted near the ceiling of my basement stair case, away from the room. I put the rack together myself, and this is my first attempt, so I learned a lot... One thing that I did not think of was the heat build up from all the equipment and it being mounted so...
  3. JimmyCauty

    Simple Control and HDanywhere matrix with rack mounted sources?

    A question for the Simple Control experts if I may... I am looking to control some rack mounted gear using Simple Control iOS based apps/hardware. Just can't seem to understand the website description of the practical uses of various IR items. So, if the rack is fitted with: HD Anywhere 4K...
  4. D

    Av rack in a garage?

    Hi guys. Looking to finally make the move to a component free home, with just Tvs having on the wall with all other equipment housed in a pair of 12U racks. Now this is the source of the question. I want to mount a pair of 12U racks around 2M off the floor mounted to the wall at the far end...
  5. jont

    Question home-built dexion AV rack mount ?

    Anyone got any experience of building a rack out of dexion ? I can't buy a standard rack as needs to fit in the cupboard under the stairs and the door is too small !! Was thinking of getting some dexion strips and building a unit that I could put the bottom edges of power amp / pre amp on...
  6. M

    Server Rack Size

    Hi folks, I am planning on installing some media and computer equipment in my house, which will be centralised in the office (work has not started yet). I have no idea if a 12U server rack (which fits under the desk) will house all the equipment I need it to. I suspect not given the list of...
  7. stevos

    AV rack in light wood

    Any ideas where I could get a reasonably priced AV rack in light wood, I guess beach colour. Could also be black metal, dark glass I guess. I need it to be able to handle 2 AVR height items (my power amp and processor) and 3 more shelves for my HTPC, sky box and bluray player. Currently I...
  8. Y

    19" rack stupid question

    just purchase a 2nd hand rack (cheapish) and am now buying some shelves (how much !!!) can a canteliver shelf than is only bolted to the rack at the front really support a heavy AV amp ? If not what kind of shelf should I be buying Sorry ridiculous question, but if it wasn't for the fact that...
  9. Y

    AV rack

    Hello all Moving house and want to stick all my AV equipment in a "19 rack, but racks are new to me so have a couple of questions: Racks seem to come in lots of sizes , but think I want 600 X 600 32 u , I don't understand how 19" racks can come in different sizes (600 /800 / 1000 width and...
  10. Z

    Server U Rack for AV equipment

    I am guessing that a standard server U Rack can be used for AV equipment but I just wanted to ask before haul this monster to my house. Thanks in advance for any help. Zygon
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