1. djjimbob

    For Sale Custom made hi-fi / AV rack in Oak

    Custom made hi-fi / AV rack in Oak Wide and deep enough for typical AV receiver. 2 height adjustable shelves included, dog not. Dimensions: Height: 80cm Top plinth: 58cm(W) x 49.5cm(D) Shelf: 50cm(W) x 46cm(D) Entrance to shelves: 55cm(H) x 45cm(W) --> more width if accessed from back. £200 ono
  2. Arfa

    For Sale Rack mountable server case, 4u,

    Large server rack-mountable computer case. 18cm high (4u), 550mm deep, standard 460mm wide, black steel. Comes with a lockable front access panel (with keys!), an internal USB mem card reader, a 3.5" to 2.5" drive bay bracket and some fans. Space for lots of drives and full size ATX motherboard...
  3. callahan

    For Sale Spectral High End 5 Tier Rack

    I have now slimmed my system down enough to be able to fit it into a small 19" rack in a cupboard, so my Spectral rack is available. It's a really lovely rack that is in good condition, but definitely not perfect. See pictures below. Very thick glass shelves and solid columns provide excellent...
  4. B

    3u fans for sanus cfr2127 rack

    Hi, I have a Sanus AV rack and looking to utilise the fan exhaust vent cutouts top and bottom. Really want it to be temperature controlled and quiet as it’s in the same room Unfortunately seems that the official Sanus fans are only available in the US. Has anyone an alternative fan recommendation ?
  5. meagabyte

    For Sale Qnap TS870u rack mount

    Selling my 8 bay rack mount nas. 4x GBE nics Dual power supplies. Comes with 2 keys and sliding rack rails It’s just too big for my needs now. Postage is not an option but could deliver distance depending.
  6. KWB1

    TV/Hifi Rack to house AV receiver

    Is there a TV/Hifi rack than can house an Onkyo AV receiver - internal depth shelf would need to be 480mm with a shelf height of 250mm width of rack can be up to 1200mm I want to hide all the equipment behind a glass door and be remote friendly - any suggestions please??
  7. Sunshinewelly

    tip for new av rack

    My wife wants to replace our old sideboard which i have been using as an av rack. I need something to store an xbox, ps5, sky box and importantly an av receiver so ideally the space for the av receiver will need to be open and not enclosed my current side board has an open area in the middle...
  8. S

    Rack Mount Sony Amp

    Hi all :) Does anyone know of or where to get Rack Mounts for Sony AV Receivers or for AV receivers in general? I have a Sony Str-dn1080 amp. Sony used to make sony WS-RE1 rack ears. Thanks :)
  9. Neojaga

    Where to sell my AV rack in the classifieds.

    As above. I'm not sure as to where or what section this needs to be sold under. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Harkon321

    What Power Distribution Unit for AV RACK?

    I need a PDU for my AV rack that I’m just finishing cabling. 27u Sanus Rack Can fit horizontal or vertical. There are a few options on Amazon which look good value. I want it to be surge protected (which these are?) but I’m sceptical... I don’t want to risk hundreds (thousand?) of pounds of...
  11. A

    Please recommend a make of fan for a rack

    Hi all, I had a rack installed by a home automation company when my house was built. It may have been prematurely installed when the house was dusty, but either way the two 5" fans have one by one failed. They were running 24/7 - perhaps they didn't need to - don't know if intelligent fans...
  12. T

    Question Is it possible to mount a server rack on a partition wall?

    Due to space constraints, I'm hoping I can mount a 9U server rack on a stud partition wall? The server rack won't have any actual servers. It'll probably have a two 24 port network switch, a couple of patch panels, a couple of smaller consumer devices like Virgin Media modem, network attached...
  13. Puntoboy

    2U/3U <30cm rack mount chassis

    I'm on the hunt for a replacement for my ageing Synology DS1515+. I have limited space within my rack so options are also limited. I was initially planning on build my own NAS, as I have previously, but finding a chassis that fits within my rack and provides a reasonable number of hard drive...
  14. O

    Question Hutter hifi rack ???

    Hello everyone I will start with saying sorry of this is in the wrong section I just couldn't think what else to list it under but I have this HUTTER hifi rack and it's very very nice and did cost a lot when I bought it. I can't find much info on them other than a few pictures.. what would this...
  15. D

    HT Upgrade - Rack Distribution Question

    Hello all, I've been searching for the best way to set the following up. I'm replacing my Pioneer Kuro Elite TV and Receiver with the following: LG OLED CX77 Anthem MRX 1140 Receiver - Not out yet buy expected in late Jan. The receiver will be housed in my IT Rack with Whole Home Audio...
  16. C

    Target audio rack weight limit?

    A bit of a strange question perhalps but I have an old Target audio rack for hifi separates. The individual shelves are made of tempered glass. I have just purchased 2 monoblock amplifiers that weigh 30kg each (!). Would this be too heavy for my shelf system? Many thanks, Andy
  17. bag head

    Cheap Rack

    A rack in that it seems to fit most standard-sized seperates. Not sure where the cables hide though. Top-heavy and needs fixing to the wall so maybe not for a TT. Mrs A bought it for its actual purpose but I suspect my amp will be used as a counter balance on the bottom shelf. No doubt there...
  18. maxbrooker

    Modular DIY Equipment Rack on a budget

    Long story short... keen to save my hard earned cash for new equipment I decided to build my own equipment racks as a stop gap until I can afford some decent ones. Super pleased with the results, especially as I managed to build all of this for £400, chances are that these will become a...
  19. D

    AV cabinet/furniture with 19” rack built in

    Hi is anyone aware of an AV cabinet/furniture with 19” rack built in? Interested in something visually appealing as it will need to go under the screen at the front of the room but also in the security and robustness of a good rack mount. thanks
  20. B

    HiFi Rack

    Forgive my possible naivety / ignorance... I've just done a search on Google as I really should buy a proper AV rack. Tons of options out there, but know I'm looking for something primarily wood (walnut coloured), with four maybe five shelves and modular design for a bit of flexibility. I'm...
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