1. IvanichIvanich

    Dynaudio or elac on isoacoustics

    Hi! Considering either elac vela bs 403 or dynaudio evoke 20 (I know it's a man vs giant comparison woofer-wise though). Will have to use on isoacoustics stands on a very long and heavy (and good resonance-controlled anyway) rack. Just have to... Room 6x4 and high ceilings 3m. Listening distance...
  2. IvanichIvanich

    Question What bookshelf speakers are actually known to perform well on a rack or open shelf)

    Hi! I'm researching into speakers now, which ones are known (real world experience) to perform well on a rack or shelf (floor placed) but not on stands (don't have space for them)? Focal aria 906, fyne audio f500 (personally most interested in them for now), maybe definitive technology d11 (I'm...
  3. IvanichIvanich

    Turntable choice help based on the rack

    Hello, everyone! I'm getting into hifi some time later and just researching early. I have a room with a very long and heavy floorstanding rack by ikea. It's quite old, so I don't remember the name. It uses wheels with breaks. Overall, it's heavy. Around 3 meters long. Horizontal and has a top...
  4. Scott28

    Question How to get a nicer rack ?

    Good citizens of AV Forumns, With the Covid - 19 lockdown now reaching its 3rd week, with no end in sight, the list of tasks my wife has set me is drawing to a close, as such she is casting her eye on my AV rack and demanding a clear up. As you can see from the pictures below, I started it...
  5. mel769

    Rack mountable 10" SOHO Ethernet switch

    Great response from my last posting here so Ive another question. Im looking for a rack mountable 10 way, Cat5e switch to fit in a SOHO 10" cabinet. Anyone know where i can get hold of these, most of the ones im looking at are not rack mountable, and so i expect sit on a shelf. Also, is generic...
  6. J

    My diy rack

    Still waiting on some special order stuff to come in to put the finishing touches on but I'm really digging the classical / industrial look
  7. puntloos

    Considerations for equipment rack?

    When it comes to equipment rack location many people 'blindly' default to "right below the TV", perhaps since it keeps cable length short, or maybe you can put the tv on the stand that holds the gear. But what considerations do you consider relevant for equipment placement? I'm thinking: 1/...
  8. john01707

    Sanus crf 2127 rack cabinet

    Is anyone out there using one of these racks. they seem really good value compared to Middle Atlantic etc, some pics would be really appreciared if poss. John
  9. S

    Question Rack Mounted NAS Solution

    Hi guys, I've currently own a HP Microserver (14 years old now) which hosts all my content (moves & pics), i use Plex to stream the content. The PLEX app lives on an Intel NUC which works great! The time has come to upgrade the HP Microserver. As i have a data cabinet which houses my switch...
  10. Zigourney

    Rack mount router suggestions?

    I'm considering a rack mount router to replace the standard issue BT Superhub. I currently pay for BT FTTP service 300down/50up and am consistently get more than my rated speeds. I will be upgrading when BT launch a faster consumer service (i need it to transfer very large files to and from the...
  11. A

    Power solution for 2 Raspberry Pi's and 2 Retro gaming classic consoles in AV rack

    Hi all, As the title suggests I'm looking for a neat power solution for 2 Raspberry Pi's and 2 Retro gaming classic consoles in my AV rack. I am trying to rid myself of hideous wall wart power supplies. I want to avoid anything that has "fast charging" as that could damage the consoles or...
  12. PaulDavidThomas

    DIY Home Theatre Cabinet ( the rack version )

    Well, I couldn't find anything I wanted, so I bought two sheets of MDF and did a cut list. Screwed most of it together tonight ( MDF Screws ). Basically, I wanted AV Amp/Receiver to the left. Amps in the middle and Gadgets / Players to the right. Tomorrow I'll get the trim to make it look...
  13. PaulDavidThomas

    Wife friendly Rack for the lounge

    Before I go and build one, does anyone make a wife friendly Rack that can go in the lounge. Happy with 8u high by 3 wide ... So 3 x 8 units. I've not seen any... Equally, if anyone is interested let me know the build / cut plan for making one myself.
  14. OptimusPrime9

    Question buying a hi fi rack options

    anyone know of some hi fi rack options i could like? i want dimenisions to be around 650mm height 600mm to 650mm width 400mm depth max be 450mm want 3 shelves i not like how 4 shelves there not equal space between the shelves one shelf may have a e.g 165mmgap, another more at 200mm price...
  15. Scott28

    Clean Up Network Rack Help

    Guys, I need your assistance, I have just changed out the networking equipment in my rack to a full Ubiquiti system. USG Pro 4 Cloud Key Gen #2 (with rack mount accessory) US 24 port 150W POE switch. I thought I would be really clever and purchase a cable managment finger mount & a keystone...
  16. cocarvalho

    Subwoofer inside rack in my room

    Hello friends, I would like ask for a help. I bought an Klipsch R12Swi (It is rear firing port) and I will install it inside a rack on my room. (I know that maybee is not the best option) It will be in the floor, but my question is about how many centimeters I should leave between the sub and...
  17. mosh

    Question Newbie - Setting up a Home Network - Need Advice

    Hey All, Been a while since I've last been on the forum, but I've just moved into to my new house which unfortunately is pretty much refurbished so there is no routing of Ethernet cabling in any parts of the house. Now there may be hope, as I've found somewhere to install a rack above the...
  18. Publicnme2273

    Question Best 2 tier hifi rack in black maximum height 50cm

    Hi guys . Wanted to pick some expert brains . Anyhow i've just got the Nakamichi Avp1 power amp and it turns it's too deep for my Elmob tv stand , and i was hoping to hide from view of swmbo . What i'm thinking of is moving the Tv unit all the way to 1 side of wall , to just about make room for...
  19. Q

    IR control of centralised rack

    Hi, Really hoping someone can feel with an issue I wish I had planned better for! I have a centralised rack of AV equipment, including a Sky Q 2tb and a Sky Q mini. With multiple TVs I want to control the kit room each room. I have 4 X cat 6 cable points at each location running back to the...
  20. kungfuman

    Question Cheap av rack recommendations

    I’m looking to move my av equipment into a cupboard and was wondering if there are any recommendations for a reasonably priced av rack to hold everything. My equipment consists of a av amp, two power amps and two disc players. The largest and heaviest unit is one of the power amps which is 31kg...
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