1. Mr Miaowgi

    Sim racing online for series x

    Hi all I’ve long been a fan of more realistic racing games like forza motorsport etc. I like horizon but I am really missing going round a track against other people and competitive racing. Im a bit gutted there’s no sign of forza motorsport for ages and wondering what the next best sim is...
  2. Tom Tom

    VR Racing Setup

    So my long term project is to set up my racing chair and wheel with VR. I know there are lots of VR headsets and you need more and more powerful PC's (Current PC handles just playing at a reasonable refresh rate but is not able to handle ultra). My question is what is the best VR for racing...
  3. thedude

    PC racing leagues?

    Anyone in one? Want to join etc just looking to get involved, I'm no good at them but fancy something a little more organised. Will be making a league there's a post about signing up near the bottom 👌🏻
  4. Z

    Racing wheel woes

    I've posted about some of this in the Forza Horizon 4 thread, but I didn't get any replies and, anyway, things have moved on. I've just got a Logitech G923 racing wheel to use (mainly with FH4) and, far from making racing games more fun, it's making them less fun. The whole thing feels really...
  5. Zorro2021

    Drone games: Racing, Football & ?????

    Good evening everyone I am a newish pilot and have been looking at the use of drones for entertainment. I have seen plenty of drone racing media and more drone football. Does anyone know of other "sports" that use drones as their focus? Apologies if this has been discussed before, I have...
  6. G

    Homemade 80mph Racing Drone

    Hey guys! Thought some would enjoy my video on flying this beast for the first time in a year! Flying My Homemade 80mph Racing Drone (FPV Freestyle)
  7. NickParks

    Gran Turismo Racing (informal)

    Since it’s been a while and there’s nothing formal set up, would anyone be interested in an informal lobby tonight at 8pm? I’ve got a couple of races coming up soon at Le Mans and Monza, so could ideally do with some practice on one of those tracks, I don’t mind which? If there’s enough...
  8. D

    Anyone into racing sims with motion/actuators in the chair?

    Hi, Looking at the various companies that do racing sim cockpits with motion in the chair. Anyone got any experience of these? They're a fair amount of money but wondering how realistic they are? Thanks
  9. D

    A.I.M. Racing galaFreebies
  10. smithersmk

    Sim Racing Chat

    A place to discuss all things Sim Racing, rigs, wheels and whats the best Sim Racing game.....
  11. ymo65

    Crash Racing on Series x?

    HI Guys & Gals, I have been waiting aaaages for Crash Racing to appear on PC ......for too long. Now I'm getting the Series X and cannot seem to find a decent list of tested Xbox One games that run on the Series X. Does anyone know perhaps if Crash Racing (Nitro Fueled) on Xbox one might run...
  12. dkshfiuhadi

    ps3 racing with thrustmaster t150

    hi there are a couple of games I cant adjust the steering force control on can anyone help? this for GT 5 and Racedriver grid
  13. dkshfiuhadi

    PS3 arcade style racing games with thrustmaster T150

    Hi, I have a few racing games for this but looking for something more arcade style - -like need for speed hot pursuit but must be compatible and ideally able to change the force on wheel as some games I can't. I have the following Gran turismo 5 Formula 1 2014 Dirt 3 etc
  14. M

    Hp Reverb - Sim Racing - image foggy ???

    hi, with my Hp reverb 2k resolution per eye the quality is so high, so cool, i play at maximum details and is perfect, i just want to ask if some of u feel like after 1-2 minutes the quality of image begin to decrease, i mean like the eye maybe need air or something like need and so need to move...
  15. Jimster71

    Hotshot Racing

    A new retro style racer from Curve Digital and Sumo Digital. I got hold of the game on PC and had a quick try of it last night. It plays really well and is a proper blast from the past with regards to the gameplay.
  16. Del Boy Smiffy

    Hotshot Racing

    Cant wait for this, pre order done yesterday for this, it’s releasing at 2pm today(god knows why then I’ve been up all day waiting for this 😂) Who else is in? Reviews seem very favourable, love the retro look too, up to 8 players online 4 offline, getting free updates with content too
  17. Schumi 01

    Question Sim Racing Wheel

    Afternoon all, I am thinking of diving into a bit of sim racing, nothing extravagant like some folks have on here, just a plain set up for now, just need a recommendation on a wheel , price range is around the £250 mark, I really dont want to spend a great amount, So i have been looking at the...
  18. K

    What fpv racing drone should I get

    Firstly my budget is £150 and maybe just a little above I have been really thinking between the Hubsan H122D X4 Storm but is has some bad reviews Wich is making me sceptical Or the Eachine e013 mini Wich I really like but I don't know if it good for starting fpv And I have no idea what to...
  19. petrolhead

    Question New Sim Racing PC

    My PC is now 5+ years old and fancy a rebuild with some new spangly components Areas I would love to improve are: 1) Better game loadup times 2) Be able to run higher FPS (bump up the video settings) on 3 x 32" 1440p 144hz monitors Current spec is: i7-5820 AOI water cooled GTX 1080Ti AOI water...
  20. Thug

    Sim racing rain effects (AC)

    Wow, just.... WOW!!
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