1. Costello

    Wanted KEF R100

    Trying to source for a friend. Ideally piano gloss black. Must be in great condition, preferably with original packaging. Posted to Suffolk. Thank you.
  2. V

    Question KEF R700 vs KEF Q950 / Home Theater Upgrade

    Hi Guys, I am quite new here, also just starting my audio journey. I am planning on upgrading my current 5.1.2 system. I have a Home Theater in a Box 5.1 Setup, to which I added ceiling speakers for atmos and I am not quite happy with it . I bought it as I was on a tight Budget back then...
  3. N

    Question Upgrade from KEF R100

    Hi Everyone I currently have KEF R100 working with a Rega Brio and Rega Planar 3 I bought my R100’s second hand and the sound is very good except they are a bit bright and I do find listening to more than one album a bit much, also not very forward at low volumes So I am thinking of...
  4. J

    Kef Home Theatre

    I am hoping that you guys would be able to help my with my home theatre needs. I am building a new living room set up but am having a hard time knowing what to buy and given the current social distancing rules means that I can’t test many options. The living room will be used as our main...
  5. Dave Lobster

    KEF R100 or R300 for rears?

    I currently have a 5.1.2 setup with KEF R700/R600C/R50s at the front and KEF E301s at the rear. I'm aiming to go to 5.1.4 however, R50s aren't going to balance on the egg shaped rears, hence I'm considering either R100s or R300s. As I'll be doing this in stages, I'll probably go to 7.1.2...
  6. Trojan

    Question Kef R100 for Sat/Sub system.

    Just looking for opinions on using the Kef R100s for surrounds and front left and right. Centre will be an R200 with a SVS SB13 Ultra taking care of the base. Thanks
  7. K

    Question Kef LS50 or Dali Menuet or Kef R100 or Another for a small room?

    Has anybody heard each of these: Kef LS50, Kef R100, Dali Menuet? I'm looking for a lively speaker for a small room, 11 ft x 13 ft. Budget is max £1000. I do not want a laid back speaker (I had Harbeth P3ESR and thought that they were too laid back). I really love speakers that provide that...
  8. P

    Question Pioneer lx59 and kef r100 surround set up

    just bought system, kef r100 5.1, pioneer lx59 and 65 inch oled lg. need some tips on set up, how do I set speakers ? Cross over etc and should I be able to switch on all the units connected via the pioneer remote or ap
  9. R

    KEF X300A or (KEF R100 + Denon PMA50 combo)?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good hi-fi setup for my desktop. Since, I do not have space for floor standers, I'm sticking with bookshelf speakers. The two models I've shortlisted are 1. KEF X300A - It is an all in one integrated hi-fi system with a class AB amplifier(50 watt for woofer & 20 watt for...
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