Quiet may refer to:
Silence, a relative or total lack of sound
  1. C

    Blu-Ray Volume really quiet compared to DVD on same player

    Hi This has probably been discussed before, but anyway here goes. I have a Panasonic Home Theater System which is pretty old (2010 or thereabouts), but has been working perfectly. I have a multi-region Panasonic blu-ray/DVD player, and it is only through this that I play my blu-rays and DVDs...
  2. B

    Wharfedale SW150 being very quiet

    Hi, I’ve had an SW150 sub that’s worked perfectly for a few years now, and after a few months disconnected I’ve set it back up and the sub is much quieter than it used to be. My setup is… Amp: Cambridge Audio Topaz AM1 Speakers: 2x Wharfedale Diamond 220s Sub: Wharfedale SW150 Sub is...
  3. RedDevil85

    All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) Limited Edition 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - HMV - Zavvi Standard Edition: Amazon.co.uk - HMV - Release date: 24/04/2023 (Standard Edition: 26/06/2023) Standard Edition:
  4. digitennisman

    Bose 700 headphones mic so quiet with mobile phone on calls

    I have bought two very expensive headphones Sony MX 400 and Bose 700 headphones but I’m really struggling with the mic quality on calls in anything over than pitch silent environment. Other end of the call perpetually complains over very very low volume and terrible quality. I plugged in a...
  5. Drax1

    Soft And Quiet (November 2022) Blumhouse - Trailer Added

    Beth de Araujo's debut feature Soft And Quiet has impressed Blumhouse so much they have put their name on it, despite having had no part making it. The real time thriller set at an elementary school and stars Stefanie Estes. https://www.joblo.com/soft-and-quiet-november/
  6. RetroDaz

    Why is my amp so quiet for films?

    I have a Denon x3700 amp with a dali oberon 5.1 system and alteco heights. When I listen to games or stereo the sound is fine around -40 to -35 but films typically have to be at -25 to -20. I’ve just started using Apple TV and streamed films seem to be around -20 to -15 for clear speech. Are...
  7. Jupe

    SOLVED: Back channel quiet on Denon X4500H in 6.1.2 setup

    Hi I cannot get the X4500H to upmix 5.1 or any formatted audio content (incl. Atmos or DTS:X) to my 6.2.1 setup. 7.1 PCM works fine but XBOX fires the SurrBack channels from SL and SL. Any idea?
  8. cantanu

    Help with Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Series 2

    Hello, I'm searching for a solution as my headphones will not pair. I have tried all of the steps to reboot and reset them but nothing works. When I slide the button to the right and hold fr 10 seconds it doesn't clear the list it just tries to connect to the ones in the memory. I have...
  9. Recall

    LG C1 - DisneyPlus - Wedding season very quiet?

    Just trying to watch Wedding Season in my LG C1 and it’s super quiet. It’s the same through TV speakers or my AV receiver. Anyone else notice?
  10. dave77

    Manhattan T3-R: Bluetooth audio is quiet

    Hi, I have an lg TV with some earbuds Bluetooth connected, to avoid the kids ove hearing GoT!. For some reason, when watching something on the Manhattan the volume is so much quieter. Has anybody noticed this? When watching on any other source they are fine.
  11. J

    sony ht-g700 quiet

    I've seen people make comments about dialogue being quiet compared to SFX on this but our issue is the thing just seems quiet overall. In a quiet room we routinely turn it up to 45, and I'm sure 6 months ago it was more like 38. If we're eating more like 50. The other day we had to turn it up to...
  12. systemsdead

    All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) Edward Berger

    Netflix Looks pretty decent from the trailer but doubt it will match the 1930 original.
  13. Ooch

    Be Quiet! 9000 Base pc case how does fan control work?

    HW monitor only detects x2 of my many fans same with the BIOS. How does the fan controller on the case regulate the fan speeds?
  14. R

    Quiet and cool mini pc

    I'm using full tower AMD quad core pc that probably uses 80w-100w, and considering replacing it with a mini pc. Ideally have space for internal spinning hard drive as well as nvme Most of the mini pcs I've seen have small loud blower fans. My desktop CPU is passive , gpu is passive, with ultra...
  15. G

    Quiet PVR drive

    hello, Can anybody recommend a quiet 2.5in SATA harddrive, suitable for a PVR, so not an SSD, ideally 1TB, would maybe go for a 500GBif I can't find a 1TB, must be new It's going into a DTR-T4000, but that shouldn't really matter, as any SATA drive will probably work but I need to ID one...
  16. K

    Bargain Quietest current gaming laptop around $1000 or less

    Hi there, In the market for an affordable gaming laptop that isn't loud. My current ones are an Alienware Alpha (which is like Dell MFF) and an Acer Aspire E 15. The Alienware is too loud, but the Aspire is quiet as a mouse and I've loved it save for the dated GeForce 940MX now. I'm a little...
  17. Derek S-H

    Quiet quitting.

    A very interesting video: And I know we have a dedicated YouTube videos Thread, but I thought this was worthy of actual discussion. My background: I've been working part time since 1997 in the same job, and I am completely burnt out and disillusioned with working and have been for some time...
  18. Casimir Harlow

    Win a copy of The Quiet American on Blu-ray

    THE QUIET AMERICAN We are giving YOU a chance to win a copy on Blu-ray™! THE QUIET AMERICAN Phillip Noyce's adaptation of the novel by Graham Greene (also adapted in 1958 by Joseph L. Mankiewicz) was initially due for release in 2001 but held back after the events of 9/11, due to its...
  19. raigraphixs

    A Quiet Place 3 (2025)

    Third movie confirmed for 2025 debut
  20. D

    Cheap and quiet blu ray player

    Hiya-- I'm getting rid of my PS4 and looking for a blu ray player to replace it. I noticed it could get quiet loud when reading the disc, especially for the first 10 mins of the film. Does anyone have any recommendations for something quieter? £100-150. Just need something basic really. Don't...
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