1. D

    Perception Battery Electric Vehicles in UK

    Hey everybody, I am studying for my master's degree and writing a research project on "Perception of Battery Electric Vehicles in the UK". I am currently conducting a questionnaire/survey on this subject and would kindly ask to fill it out. By having a higher number of participants, my...
  2. jonny1245

    (ACADEMIC) Need help for my Research into the impact of brain functionality when gaming *Short Questionnaire*

    Hi guys, I'm doing some research for my master’s degree that looks at the impact of brain functionality when playing games. I was wondering if you would take 3-4 minutes to fill out my questionnaire. It is completely anonymous so no need to fill out any details. It would really help also...
  3. B

    Peak Design - Mobile - Questionnaire

    I am doing a questionnaire for my Masters degree and would appreciate any willing participants. The questionnaire is regarding the product called Mobile by Peak design. This is a Mobile phone case that has a new innovative SlimLink Mounting system which allows for attachment to things such as a...
  4. nikola1987

    MBA student seeking responses for his research (2-minute questionnaire)

    Have you ever driven an electric car? Even if you haven’t, what is your attitude towards them? Do you plan to own one in 3 years from now? I would like to hear your opinion, no matter your expertise regarding electric cars. Please respond to this short questionnaire and help me in gathering...
  5. C

    A quick questionnaire on British Films and American Movies

    ‘How effective are the promotion strategies of the BFI in promoting British films?’
  6. DarenD

    Online Motivation Questionnaire for Internal Vacancy

    Anybody ever had to do one of these before? Job is for an internal vacancy for a role I created and HR have decided that they would like to push this out across the company. Background is I'm a pipeline technician in the Northern Division so basically anything from the M62 all the way upto the...
  7. K

    Question EV questionnaire

    Hello I am a university student working on a report based on EV's and would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this questionnaire for me as it would be great to get the opinions of EV owners. QUESTIONNAIRE TEMPORARILY REMOVED
  8. Coalts97

    Question Questionnaire on Survival Games!!!

    Hi everyone, I am conducting some research for my college course on survival games and was wondering if you could please complete a short questionnaire as it would benefit me greatly! Thank you. Questionnaire on Survival Games Survey
  9. HCIstudent

    Question Help with my PhD research? Complete a 5min questionnaire about the last TV episode/movie you saw

    Mods, please delete if not allowed. Hi everyone, I am a doctoral student studying Human Computer Interaction at University College London. My research is looking at how mobile devices affect the viewer experience of watching movies and TV, and as part of this I am looking at ways to measure how...
  10. thedopeunicorn

    Question Gaming Questionnaire

    Hello. For part of a game design module incorporated inside the BTEC course i'm completing at college, I am required to produce a questionnaire as an example of first-hand research. If people could spare a moment to complete it using the link beneath I'd be most grateful. Thanks!
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