1. C

    Kef Egg wall mount question

    Do the 2 series wall mounts fit the 3 series eggs ? If not can 3 series egg wall mounts still be sourced?
  2. WeegyAVLover

    Official hdmi cable question

    Hi all, I have the original xbox one i got on release day and i remember the xbox not displaying anything until i plugged in the official cable. I am curious if the newer versions are as temperamental with regards to HDMI cables. the reason for asking this is i was hoping to run a HDMI cable...
  3. D

    Rega Brio...D.A.B. tuner question!

    Good morning all, this is probably a "dopey/easy " question.....Ive no idea though! I am wanting to buy a Rega Brio amp., plus a Rega Planar 2 as well................Can I simply "plug" a D.A.B. tuner into the back of the amp.? Then it will play digital radionstations! ...or do I need to get...
  4. mmatthej1

    Question A Music Question ! "William Tell" episode titled 'Secret Death'

    Talking Pictures aired this episode a few days ago - I wonder if anyone knows what is the title of the music that is used, late in the programme, at the point when WT adopts the uniform of a guard, marches for a while, then fights the other guard? (It's music that I remember, as also being...
  5. T

    Laptop question

    I have been looking for a new laptop for gaming and working from home after popping into my local pc world I came across a sale on display models and need a help deciding on which is the one to go for and if they are good value for money. Thanks for any help
  6. 1

    Marantz SR6014 Question.

    Hi Guys, Just a question about the marntz sr6014. The Specification states , The SR6014 offers 11.2 channel processing and pre-amplification outputs so users can add an external stereo amp to configure the AVR setup as 7.2.4 or 5.2.6 for additional audio immersion. Question, can we assign a...
  7. GaddE

    Question Q85r colour space question

    So I have calibrated my TV based on info from a few sources but I couldn't find anything that relates to what colour space I should be using, out of Auto and Native what is the best choice? The TV is a Samsung QLED 55 Q85R.
  8. tigermad

    Question about fridge freezer temperatures

    Got a new LG American Fridge Freezer a few weeks ago. I also bought a digital thermometer to keep in each compartment. Now and again the freezer appears to get a bit frosty and I notice the temperature which should be in 19 degrees is way off. Sometimes is 27 degrees and sometimes it’s only -5...
  9. Bunman

    X-Arcade tankstick not responding

    As of last night, my X-Arcade tankstick has decided not to respond to any stick or button presses. The red light comes on when I plug it in, but there is no response at all from any input at all. Ive tried opening Notepad to see if anything happened in there when i pressed buttons and...
  10. Peeej

    Any Caravan/Motorhome people out there, power question

    Hi all, Any caravaners or mohomers out there who can help? I recently bought an old motorhome and want to run a raspberry pi in there as a media centre, connecting to it via its local wifi, and running the pi from the vans elctricity, however I have noticed that when the water pump kicks in the...
  11. acgingersnaps

    Turntable Question

    Question for the hi(fi)ve mind. Currently running a Project Debut Carbon, with a 2M Blue attached. Sounds good enough. However, just upgraded to a Rega amp, so my last unupgraded bit of kit is the turntable. Question is, will a Planar 3 be significant upgrade or just a sideways move/small bump...
  12. C

    Projector & screen setup question

    Hi, I'm trying to setup my screen & projector and has some questions. As seen on the below image, horizontal pattern lines are not linear. How could it possible? Projector fault, positioning, lens shift, screen wave? Thanks in advance!
  13. A

    Beginner setup question (Spotify)

    Apologies if you get lots of similar posts but I will at least try to be specific. I am in the process of building a starter hifi setup. I have acquired some Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers and am about to purchase a NAD D 3020 V2 amp. I will primarily be using Spotify through my phone (iPhone...
  14. V

    Question Pioneer Dolby Atmos question

    Hi, I just got a pioneer vsx 933, I only have a centre speaker and a pair of floorstanders connected at the moment however I'm trying to tell if the receiver is picking up Dolby Atmos through my Netflix via arc from my lg oled. The receiver says Dolby surround on it but it doesn't mention...
  15. TGAM

    LCD Shadow

    Evening. Very old LCD has some shadowy type issue going on with it as you can see in the pic, is it there a fix to this or is it just a sign that it's on it's way out?
  16. Our Year

    amazon 4k stick and apple tv question

    sorry if this inst the right place I'm considering getting both as iTunes has some good deals on 4k films but my question is can I hook up my Bluetooth headphones and get Dolby atoms on the films? i do this atm on my Xbox one x and love it
  17. lasereraser

    Question Atmos/DTS-X overheads question

    A variation on the staple question: What scenes are recommended to really show off the overhead aspect of the soundtrack? I'm using a 7.4.1 set up with upfiring speakers. Any recommendations appreciated. About our ads
  18. T1berious

    DAC newbie question

    Hi there, I've been given the green light by SWMBO to get a DAC, my system currently is this: Audiolab 8300A Bluesound Node 2i Arcam CD73 B&W 603's There's also a HTPC in this mix and blu ray player. So a variety of sources but music is the priority. My budget is pretty rigid <£800. Apart...
  19. chris301up

    Wireless Headphone Setup Question

    I have recently purchased a Yamaha RS-202D tuner / amplifier as I want to return to playing good old fashioned vinyl records. My Wife as kindly purchased some Motarola Pulse Escape wireless headphones and although this unit features integral Bluetooth I think I may need of a Bluetooth...
  20. rob99

    Double socket removal question

    I’m looking to get rid of a double socket In a plasterboard partition wall it’s got a single cable to it Is it okay to put a junction box on it and patch the hole or does it need the cable removed from the mains ?? any advice appreciated
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