In general, a query is a form of questioning, in a line of inquiry. A query may also refer to:
The Queries, a set of 31 questions outlined by Isaac Newton beginning in 1704
Query (Quaker), a question used for reflection and spiritual exercises among members of the Society of Friends
Query (complexity), a mapping from structures of one vocabulary to structures of another vocabulary
In computing:
A precise request for information retrieval with database and information systems
Query language, a computer language used to make queries into databases and information systems
Query string, in the World Wide Web, is an optional part of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that follows the first question mark (?)
Web search query, a query entered by users into web search engines

Command-query separation (CQS), a concept in object-oriented programming, especially in the Eiffel programming language
jQuery, a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML
Persons with the surname Query:
Jeff Query, an American football player
Nate Query, a musician

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  1. snerkler

    COD MW3 Maps query

    When MW3 first launched it just had the original MW2 maps, which I personally loved from a nostalgia point of view. Since then maps from the newer MW2 and other reworked ones with new names have appeared but some of the original maps don't seem to appear very often (Afghan, Favella, Skidrow) and...
  2. DrussTheLegend

    Another Atmos positioning query :)

    Hi All, Looking for some advice please. I know this subject is covered often but as is usual, there are many varying opinions out there, often contradicty and everyones setup is a little different. I will be doing some work in the living room which would give me a one off opportunity to install...
  3. mwelbourne

    Query re set up of Denon X3800H

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to help me set up my speakers as I was hoping. I've just got a Denon X3800H. My previous Denon amp from about 24 years ago was a 5.1 amp with A and B front speakers and I used some music speakers in B and then went I switched from surround sound for TV I...
  4. Varoshiotis

    LG 42LB650V TV Compatibility Query!

    Hi All, I hope someone can point me in the right direction! I offered to help a friend repair his LG 42LB650V 3D TV; it powers ON, the red light at the bottom of the screen comes ON, then it flashes a few times on pressing any channel on the remote and that's it. (I think the TV then switches...
  5. V

    Ceiling speaker boxes - should I line them with any material?

    I have Qi65C ceiling speakers. I previously made MDF speaker boxes and affixed them in the ceiling during construction of my house as below. These are lined with plasterboard. Now my query is if I should line the backer box with any material? What effect is this likely to have on the...
  6. Rocketrazor

    Question Pre Out Amp Query - Pop and Noise from Speakers on Pre Amp is on

    Evening All, I have a Marantz SR7015 and audizio AD200A (link below if it works) Audizio AD200A 2-Channel HiFi Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth Streaming and Subwoofer Output - 200W Aluminium I'm using the AD200A to power the rear atmos ceiling speakers. When I first cabled it all up I had a...
  7. webheadjunky

    Panasonic DMREZ49 recording query from a newbie

    Afternoon all and thanks for letting me join This is my first post and not sure I selected the right category so apologies in advance! I am trying to record old VHS to DVD via a Panasonic DMREZ49 but although I can get it running, the recording stops after around 50mins, even on a high...
  8. A

    Query about Bowlers & Wilkins speakers.

    Good afternoon, I am planning between Q1)...a Bookshelf vs Floorstanding speakers so could you kindly which audience are these type of speakers targets towards to? I mean who should select Bookshelf & who should Floorstanding speakers? Q2. I am going to audition Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2, 606 S2...
  9. V

    Subwoofer power consumption query

    I see various subs with different RMS ranging from 300 to 500+ to a whopping 2000W RMS. Assuming equal volume, I presume all of these subs would have the same (or similar) power consumption, correct? I gather the higher RMS just means you can crank the sub to a louder volume without distortion?
  10. Q

    Audiolab CD query

    To anyone that owns an Audiolab 9000CDT, I would like to know if the sound quality is noticeably better than any of the 8000 series spinners. I am looking for a suitable partner for my newly acquired Rega Elicit. At the moment I have an Audiolab 8200CD and Q Acoustic 3050 floorstanders, and I...
  11. L

    Dragonfly Cobalt Query

    Hi all Pls bear with as I'm new to DAC and everything it entails :) So, I've bought the Cobalt DAC from Audioquest and have plugged it in to my laptop using the tail that was supplied with it. I'm getting sound from Tidal Web Player, YouTube and VLC but it's not loud. I am using a pair of ear...
  12. welsh-andy

    Rel Earthquake query

    hey. im new at this, so started the easy route,so i thought, before getting a system for living room i have a denon soundbar in bedroom and fancy adding a cheap small sub to give the soundbar a little help, give the movies something extra, but something werid going on, when selecting 2 for LFE...
  13. T

    Projector query

    A couple of years back I won £250 in Amazon vouchers, £150 of that went to a new mattress. Now I spent £80 of the vouchers on an Apeman LC350 Mini projector. Now I know it's not the best projector in the world, but it does me just for a little bit of fun. Now to my question, when I use my...
  14. Rocketrazor

    Question Chest Thump Query

    Hi All, In the process of deciding a new sub for my garage conversion. Room is approx 5x2.5 mtrs, raised floor with boarding. I have a DF BK P12-300SB PR (Platinum Range not Passive Radiator) in my lounge which is great, does the job well. But I don't get the chest thump that people talk...
  15. J

    Concrete kitchen floor insulation query

    Hi guys I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. We have a concrete floor with laminate for the kitchen . We are replacing the laminate and I have a seen a multi foil insulation which is 6mm deep (thin) which can sit on the concrete and the laminate on top. The foil has a r...
  16. DrPhil

    Any tilers, stone masons etc? Adhesive query

    Preparing to get limestone cladding on an external wall. Had initially been planning to use Ardex X7G Plus, but someone recommended a gel adhesive, Kerakoll H40 gel S2. Anyone have experience of one, tother or both?
  17. D

    Marantz NR1510 HDMI Passthrough Query

    Hi, Had a look for the answer to this but can't find anything. I have an LG C2 connected to the Marantz. Connected to the Marantz is a Manhattan T2-R and a Nvidia Shield. What I want to achieve is the following:- 1st thing in the morning, my better half will switch the whole lot on from 1...
  18. R

    Tannoy Revolution DC6 query

    Hi I have a pair of Tannoy Revolution DC6. I matched them with an Onkyo network receiver and was very happy with the sound. Sadly, the Onkyo was damaged beyond repair in a house move. I do have a Denon Ceol N9 available to buy very cheaply and it has the connectivity i need. Will this be a...
  19. p147

    PSVR 2 Hand controller query.

    Can someone tell me will it allow a bigger hand to pass through than the Meta quest 2, which my hand will not go through.
  20. snerkler

    HDMI cable query

    I've been having issues with my current setup such as my TV not communicating with SKy Q from time to time, and also sound drop outs from my soundbar and I'm wondering if it's due to bugs with the hardware, or whether it can simply be my HDMI cables. I buy my cables from Amazon, choosing the...
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