1. G

    JVC Quad Proof Output Query

    Folks Looking some help. I have a JVC Quad Proof camcorder (JVC Full HD Video camera, Everio GZ-RX615BEK • JVC U.K.) that has been excellent. However the spring on the SD card holder has gone and there fore the SD card won't stay in position. Is there ability to connect to an external device...
  2. N

    Replacement lamps - reliability and age query

    When I placed a new (original) lamp in my Infocus IN80 it didn't work, no response at all. The old lamp still lights up, albeit dimly, so the projector is working. The seller says that their lamps are not compatible with my projector, yet the one that came with it obviously was so is it a case...
  3. TUX1977

    Army Of Darkness - Spanish Blu-ray Query

    I’m giving serious consideration to buying the Spanish Blu-ray release of Army Of Darkness, since it claims to be 4K-remastered as well as having both the International and Director’s cuts. Does anyone have any personal experience of the disc, please? Link for reference: El Ejército de las...
  4. H

    Sky Q Hybrid LNB Query

    Hi I have a half price offer which is nearly coming to an end and I’m thinking about switching to sky q, but I wanted to ask if the sky installers still provide a hybrid lnb as we still have sky hd recordings which we want to keep. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  5. J

    A query about Dolby Atmos placement

    Hi all, I currently have a 5.1 system and am looking to get a couple of height speakers to make it Atmos. My question is: do they have to go at the front of the system, or could they be at the sides or rears? With thanks, James
  6. P

    Resetting to factory spec - Humax DTRT2100 Freeview/BT You View box - Query

    Can anyone help me with this question? I have a Humax DTRT2100 combined FreeView and BTYouView box. I've used it in plain Freeview mode with no internet connection for several years. Recently with improved internet at home I decided to connect it up to see what BT You View had to offer...
  7. D

    Netflix audio query

    Hi guys , I’m using Panasonic 4 k Blu-ray player for Netflix with denon 3600 however no audio workin ! When using sky with other apps on arc I have no issues! Do I need reset on amp ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Derek S-H

    SNES query.

    Was rooting around in the loft and came across my old SNES. It has a power cable, but whatever I used to connect it to the TV has disappeared. Don't know if I'll ever use it again, to be honest, but it would be nice if I had some way of connecting it to a TV or AV receiver in future. What do...
  9. ijenk64

    Walkman volume Query

    I have a Sony Walkman, NW40 I think is the model. I have installed a memory card, and copied all my CDs 💿 to it. When I connect to my home stereo via Bluetooth the volume is okay, but when it is physically connected via a phono cable, the volume is at least 50% less. Could anybody explain why...
  10. snerkler

    Blocking/dimming LED lights query

    Numpty question of the day. I've just bought some broadband over power adapters and the little LED lights showing the connection status are really bright, is it safe just to put some electrical tape over the top to block them out, it's not going to cause overheating or anything worse is it?
  11. Q

    Gas cooker query

    Need a replacement for a 10 year old Hotpoint 60cm wide standalone gas cooker, oven thermostat appears to have gone and oven only works on full heat. Oddly a lot of websites say it is discontinued (understandable as we bought it in 2011) but John Lewis still stock it. It has 2 x 2kw and 2 x 3kw...
  12. Ilovewaffles

    Email addresses on android phone query

    I have a Motorola 6 e play. I have a gmail and a yahoo email account, synced. I feel having 2 identical emails isn’t necessary as it takes up space on my phone, but can I remove the gmail without losing yahoo emails too?If I do remove gmail, do I lose the gmail address too, or should I unsync...
  13. dropkick707

    Sony XH9005 Picture Query.... (PC/VLC)

    Hi All, First post. I've been an observer of the avforums for many years and found this to potentially be the place to post my query. Hopefully it will make sense to someone? I have the above Sony tv hooked up to my pc, the pc is running in hdr mode and using the vlc player playing a movie...
  14. yanno

    Netflix query

    Hi, I am in uk and have netflix from my friend's account in cambodia.Recently, the display has changed to the cambodian language & subtitles have appeared in the same...everything else is as normal but i can't seem to change it back to english? is it possible to change it from my end please?
  15. W

    Chromecast Audio Enabling Full Dynamic Range Query

    I only learnt about DAC's and what they do yesterday and I have 2 Chromecast Audios which I understand have DAC's built it. I saw a post that says you have to enable full dynamic range which if in a device on google home is in settings at the top right hand side. My Android tablet where I...
  16. Ascotbilly

    “Original “ Vinyl Sales

    @silversurfer24v Recently posted the photo below which got me thinking about vinyl in stores the first time round. I madly swapped buying vinyl around 87/88 in favour of cassettes...don't ask ! LP's then cost around £4.99 from memory. I'm trying to recall when the large shops eg HMV, Virgin...
  17. B

    Camcorder - Panasonic HC-VXF990EB-K - HDMI QUERY

    Camcorder - Panasonic HC-VXF990-K .-HDMI Query When in video recording mode do you have a full HDMI video display to a remote monitor, such as a Feelworld or does the link go down when recording starts? Information appreciated.
  18. crankyguy

    Freesat box query

    Hello. Our Humax Freesat box had problems on the second tuner. I mucked about with cables etc and finally got an engineer in. He tells me after changing stuff about and using a tester that it's the box. I'm going to buy a new recorder - one of the Freesat branded ones since Humax stopped...
  19. C

    Query to the Perfect Soundbar setup

    So me and my wife have recently bought a house and have a great spacious living room. Now we’ve got a LG NB4530 soundbar with sun. along with a 55” TV and seems quite a decent setup. However I don’t really want an amp setup, but 5.1 setups seem to be the way I want to go. Can’t have any...
  20. WeegyAVLover

    excel fomula query

    All, trying to use VLOOKUP and I am getting an error: Returns an "#N/A" error and yet when I look online for help my command is the same as the example. I am expecting it to return the value in Column 1 / Column A. What stupidly obvious thing am I missing here as I cannot see the wood for...
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