1. S

    USB Hub Queries

    I currently have several USB external drives. Each drive is a Western Digital MyBook, powered USB 3.0 drive. They're all large size hard drives. At the moment, I have x2 4-port USB hubs they connect to, into my Windows PC. I'm looking at getting a larger USB hub, such as a 10-port hub. My...
  2. A

    32 LM637BPLA Few queries

    Hi, Just purchased this as an additional tv but have a few queries. The Bluetooth is greyed out when I go to the sound settings so been unable to connect bluetooth headphones and the remote that came with it has a disney + button but it is not showing as available in the lg content store...
  3. snerkler

    M1 and general cpu queries

    I'm sure this has been asked already but can someone point me in the direction of some good info regarding how the M1 chip compares to the intel chips, specifically whether you need as many cores and/or same speed M1 chip as you do the intel chips? Also, if sticking with intel how do you know...
  4. safcalibur

    Couple of car related queries

    Hi guys I have a 2011 Vauxhall insignia cdti which I bought second hand in Sept last year. With it being lockdown and schools closed for months at a time the car really hasn’t had much use, it’s done maybe 1500 miles in the past 10 months or so. just had a full service done a week ago and it...
  5. S

    Garden Room queries

    Hey folks - newbie here so go easy!! Ok so with lockdown in progress I can’t go chat to a retailer and thought that some of you kind folk may be able to help me. I am about to invest in a garden room with a few bells and whistles. Overall at this stage I will have two TV points - one inside the...
  6. F

    Question Hitachi L26DP04U E sound out of sync and software updating queries

    Hi all, I have a Hitachi L26DP04U E LCD TV which is probably around 10 years old. For some time it has had an issue where the sound gradually drifts out of sync with the picture. Obviously it is well out of warranty, and Hitachi Customer Services suggested I did a power down and then a first...
  7. Tomnook80

    Question NAS queries, Synology 920+ PLEX and HEVC formats

    Hi all, I have a shiny new Synology 920+ arriving in the near future and having not had a dedicated NAS setup in a long while had a query for those in the know. My current setup is LG OLED48CX and Shield TV Pro 2019, everything is wired via CAT6 through ports I put in when I networked my...
  8. S

    Question Manhattan T3-R - Queries

    Eagerly waiting for delivery of this. Two queries: 1. Can it be connected, by some means, to a PC, to view or copy recorded files from T3-R? 2. What format are recorded programmes stored in?
  9. D

    4K fire stick queries.

    Hi, just a couple of queries with the fire stick 4K. 1. updates were all done but last update said downloading for ages and never looked like it completed. Came off screen and went back and no longer said updating just check for update. I did a factory reset and exactly the same thing happened...
  10. Clem_Dye

    Question LG **NANO866NA TV owners -- a couple of questions, anyone, please?

    To any **NANO866NA owners out there. Could you answer a couple of questions about the TV for me please? 1) If the the TV's HDMI 3 port is set to eARC, will the TV support the routing of PCM 2.0/5.1/6.1/7.1 audio from a device connected to one of the TV's other HDMI ports via the eARC connection...
  11. Cujo101

    Optoma HD20 - Short throw 1080p projector - general queries, prices etc.

    The Optoma HD20 will be out very soon for £900 :thumbsup: - I've checked Optoma's distance calculator and it has a short throw similar to the HD700X. I'm very tempted and it sounds like a great upgrade from the HD700X. I'm just waiting for some reviews.
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