1. A

    PSA: QNAP QTS 4.3.6 and QTS 4.4.1 at risk

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/qnap-asks-nas-users-to-apply-updates-immediately-due-to-deadbolt-ransomware TLDR: Deadbolt ransomware is targetting these two versions of QNAP firmware. If you have them, QNAP is advising updating immediately. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200
  2. kosymodo

    For Sale NAS enclosures - QNAP and TerraMaster - details in ad

    I have some NAS enclosures for sale - I seem to have accumulated a few! 1) QNAP TS-451+ 4-Bay - CPU - Intel Celeron J1900 64-bit Architecture, System Memory - upgraded to 8GB SO-DIMM DDR3L, 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x HDMI port. Looking for £340inc 2)...
  3. devbias

    4K video on QNAP 2.53d

    I’ve had my qnap TS2.53 for approx a year and I have enjoyed storing & watching my ripped blu ray .mkv files without any issue over my network. Recently I got a gopro10 and thought it would just be as easy as the blu ray .mkv files to store on the qnap and stream to my main TV whenever I wanted...
  4. Z

    No access from the DUNE media player to my QNAP NAS

    Hi all, my new DUNE HD Real Vision 4K media player (firmware 210415_1106_r17) is not able to access to my QNAP NAS folders via SMB. But my QNAP is shown in the network browser. When I am entering user ID and password, no access is possible. Fun fact: if I connect my former DUNE HD SmartBox 4K...
  5. D

    QNAP TR-004 DAS RAID5 Nvidia Sheild Pro 2018 Plex bag of poop

    Hi people! I have the above set up. Before I ventured into the world of DAS, I had an external WD elements 2TB usb 3 HDD that used to work fine until I decided to upgrade to the above. The QNAP has a hardware raid controller so opted for the setup of RAID 5 which the Nvidia Sheild picks up no...
  6. B

    Does QNAP have a Plex player going yet ?

    I bought the QNAP NAS with the intent of moving my Plex server to it, and all my media files. The QNAP TS-251D model I got also has HDMI out directly to my TV, ensuring zero lag...it was the perfect way to go I thought. I then find out that there's no longer a Plex player for QNAP, and I'd be...
  7. P

    Migrating Sonarr to Container Station on Qnap NAS

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help a noob out. Recently, I’ve been running into some issues with my Sonarr setup on my NAS. With the unreliability of it really frustrating me I’ve decided I’d like to get my head around Container Station as based on what I’ve read it’s the best way to run the...
  8. R

    QNAP 653-Pro stuck on booting

    I was half asleep in bed this morning, when I heard 2-3 beeps from downstairs. Came down and found the Qnap on the "System Booting >>>" screen. I figured we had just had a minor off/on power cut and went back up to get ready for the day. Came back down 30 mins later and was still stuck on...
  9. canada16uk

    Anyone good at QNAP NAS issues? - Screenshot Inc.

    Hey My TS-251D which is fully updated has starting to throw up 2 errors and I dont know how to fix them or what they mean. When I set my NAS up I did not have any issues and I can still access all my media on Plex which is all I want really. But its saying something about updating my App...
  10. O

    New security fixes for QNAP

    I know there are a few QNAP owners on here so in case you aren't aware there is new update available that has security related fixes. https://www.theregister.com/2021/04/22/qnap_nas_ransomware_qlocker_ech0raix/ I know there is a few people who say if it isn't broken then don't fix it but it...
  11. T

    Qnap TVS 1288x VM hdd resize issue in windows 10 Pro

    Hi, I have a QNAP TVS 1288x. I am using a windows 10 Pro VM which works ok. I resized the VM hdd from 500gb to 1.2gb but in the VM it only says the hdd is 500gb. How can I change it to the right size in the windows vm? thanks
  12. W

    Synology 220+ vs Qnap ts-230

    I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am the only person who will be using the nas. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of my files away from the laptop & onto the NAS. I will backup the...
  13. D

    Best DNLA client for QNAP music NAS?

    I have a QNAP NAS that I use to store my ripped CD collection of 2,500 mostly classical and jazz CD's. I'm looking for a DNLA client for my Windows 10 desktop that would allow me to stream the music from the QNAP NAS to my ONKYO Hi-fi system. Any suggestions for the best software to use?
  14. I

    QNap (and others) bug with Intel processors

    Maybe I am late to the party but how many people here are aware of the bug in Intel processors that causes NAS devices to fail and effectively brick themselves?
  15. canada16uk

    How to auto back up to Ext HDD on new Qnap GUI?

    Hey all. I am not that familiar with the new Qnap GUI so I cannot figure out how to back up my NAS media folders to my external HDD at a certain time. On my old qnap it had a back up station that just allwed you to set up a time to back up, but it seems this function has been removed on the...
  16. canada16uk

    Installing new ram in Qnap problem

    Hey all I bought a single 8gb ram from a good supplier in the UK and have had 2 now and both do not work and had to revert back to the standard Qnap ADATA 2gb ram. The model was: CT8G4SFS824A Crucial 2400mhz DDR4 260pin PC4-19200 https://www.cclonline.com/product/24237 ... -/RAM3639/ This...
  17. canada16uk

    Drag and drop files to QNAP share on PC/Windows problem

    Hey all I used to be able to drag and drop my laptop files to my QNAP share folder on my windows laptop, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to do it. I am sure I just altered something and took 2 seconds before, but for the life of me I cannot remember what I did. Sometimes I will...
  18. devbias

    Question Which new Qnap NAS

    5yrs has passed quickly since my last Qnap purchase. I nearly bought the TS-253d given the excellent reviews. However I don’t feel that’s it would be my best option in my circumstance. I have my NAS not internet facing and access it remotely via OpenVPN. My CCTV is on a dedicated NVR and also...
  19. canada16uk

    Apps wont install on new QNAP ?

    Hey I went from a 10 year old TS-259 to a TS-251D today and I have managed to create a raid 1, but every time I try install a APP from the App centre it says there is no room. It says there is no available volume and to create new volume in snapshots and storage. I did not have to do this...
  20. canada16uk

    Any QNAP experts out there, I just bought a new 1 >>

    Hey As my TS-259 (10 years old) no longer supports Plex as its a 32 bit system I have just bought a new TS-251D and want to transfer the data. Can I just swap over the drives, and if so do I set the NAS up first with no drives and then put the drives in or do I put the drives in first...
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