1. M

    Question 65 OLED or QLED recommendations?

    Hi all have been a regular on here for a while but need some help today , with black friday coming up and looking to update my 10 year old top of the range panasonic plasma , am looking at 65 inch tvs my old panny is a 46 inch and these are the sets i am looking at with a budget of £2200 am...
  2. K

    55 OLED or QLED recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend me a 55 inch oled or qled? Budget is £1500 Looking to buy an Oled but wondering if I’d be better suited to a qled? It will mainly be used for watching football, movies and tv series. In 4k when possible. I’d like one without any motion blur when watching football. And...
  3. SteveSolt

    How can I use audio loop with Samsung Q70R TV simultaneously with other audio output

    The MegaLoop Pro ™ Induction Loop System has mutiple switchable inputs including 3.5mm Stereo Jack, phono and SPDIF. Obviously SPDIF gives the best sound quality. The Samsung QE65Q70R (2019) TV has Integrated speakers, Bluetooth, SPDIF and HDMI(ARC) switchable audio outputs. But with the...
  4. J

    Wanted Soundbar and Subwoofer to go with Samsung QLED TV

    Hi, I'm looking for a Soundbar and possibly Subwoofer to go with my Samsung QE75Q85RATXXU QLED TV (2019). Ideally with optical connection which I believe is best to connect it to the TV. I do have Subwoofer but depends if I can connect it to the Soundbar by RCA. Cheers
  5. Lemoo

    Sony 49XG9005 or Samsung 49Q70R?

    Hi, after a long research, I have narrowed down my quest to 2 models: Sony 49XG9005 and Samsung 49Q70R. I am limited to 49'' so going for a bigger set is not an option. I'd like to know which of the 2 sets may be more suited to my intended use. I mostly watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, DVDs and...
  6. A

    Question Cannot set-up Sky Q UHD on my new QLED TV (error UH021/031)

    Help please... Just got a lovely new QLED TV (SAMSUNG QE43Q60RATXXU 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV with Bixby). Watching Sky sports I hit the Red button to view in 4k... Said I needed to set the picture resolution to UHD. I followed the instructions selecting 2160p [UHD]. I then prompted me...
  7. EdgeyChris

    Question Samsung Qled question regarding future purchase

    Hi all, I'm hopefully selling my LG OLED B8 over the next couple of days as I'm wanting to make a move to QLED for various reasons, VRR, 120Hz etc I have a quick question about the various Models I'm looking a Q60 models, as I'm wanting to spend around £850 Are the Q60s newer and better than...
  8. W

    Question Size vs quality Q9FN

    in your opinions, a 65” Q9FN for close to the same price as a NU7100 75”. The real word benefits of size surely outweigh the benefits in paper of the q9fn. obviously I am aware the Q9fn is an insane panel, but realistically compared to the “retail demo video” you won’t get your monies worth...
  9. EdgeyChris

    For Sale For Sale LG OLED55 B8s - Price reduced

    Hi All, I am Selling my LG 55ich OLED B8S due to a few things, 1 Being iv not long bought the TV as i was in to my films ago and loved the deep blacks and PQ of the OLED which i found amazing, but am now spending more and more time gaming and getting back into my Xbox one X and PC Gaming, and...
  10. DoogyDawg

    Samsung 65Q90R QLED 3rd party stand.

    Can anyone tell me if my current stand would fit the Samsung 65Q90R, QLED. It will hold up to 65" but I'm not sure about the fittings. If not, is there an adaptor that could fit onto my stand and then onto the TV. Yes I know..why not just buy a new stand but as things stand at the moment I am...
  11. BiigJiim

    Wanted 75" Q90R QLED or 77" OLED

    Hi, I'm looking for a large tv, either a 75" 2019 Qled or a 77" 2018 Oled (I doubt I can stretch to the 2019 models) Anyone have anything they want to sell? Can travel reasonable distance from Farnham, Surrey. Jim
  12. M

    Is QLED worth it for 55”?

    Dear all, First of all, kudos to the AVforum devs for making the date of birth field in the registration form numerical only on IOS. So few sites do this and I fully appreciate it! I’m looking for a new 55” TV, as my current 40” Samsung LED 1) is too small and 2) has developed horrendous white...
  13. jgilliam1955

    Are TV Calibrations outdated?

    Today's TV's are awesome today. I am old and started with black & white TV's. I have always read about calibrating your TV and have done so sometimes. When you watch TV and are always going WOW! And this is the right out of the box. Why should I calibrate the TV if I already like the picture...
  14. W

    Question WHich Samsung 43 inch, UHD or QLED

    Im trying to decide if the QE43Q60 is worth the extra money over the 43 inch RU7400. I have a 55 inch LG OLED and love it but this is for a different room and cannot fit a 55 inch. Sound is not an issue as I use a Dali sound bar and sub. The QLED is 50% more expensive. All comments much...
  15. M

    Question Which Qled 55

    So a brief description of my situation. I'm replacing a KS8000 49 that was accidentally broken last week, luckily i had accidental damage cover so have a £1300 gift-card with John Lewis. It will go in my bedroom (which i keep very dark mostly) so the largest i can go with is 55in, I'm stuck...
  16. ZicoUK

    Bargain 25% off QLED TVs @ Samsung Store (Discount Portal)

    With credit to SuperNoz over on HotUKDeals. 25% off QLED TVs @ Samsung Store (Discount Portal) - hotukdeals Samsung are doing 25% off via certain discount portals which runs until the 31st October. It's reported in the HUKD thread that this includes Student Beans and definitely includes Kent...
  17. tintin jones

    Question Replacing Samsung F8500 Plasma thinking LG C9

    Hi folks looking for some advice. I am looking to upgrade my brilliant Samsung 64" F8500 plasma after 6 years of service as it has developed a fault and the tv will not turn on consistently (engineer looking at this issue as we speak). I had planned on upgrading the tv next year anyway so...
  18. M

    Do Samsung Qled TVs have 100% color volume?

    Hey there folks, I'm doing a bit of research on TVs at the moment and I have probably a silly question. I was at Costco and they have the Samsung Q6DR and on the front of the box it states that it produces 100% color volume in the DCIp3 color spectrum. I thought that sounded super impressive so...
  19. K

    Answered Which TV - B8/C8/B9/GZ950/Q80R

    Hi all, First Post but been reading a lot of threads. After a lot of looking around I was pretty much fully sold on getting the LG b8 or c8, not really looking to spend more than 1,300. In John Lewis yesterday however they went hard on a sell for the GZ950, and someone else suggested the Q80R...
  20. L

    Which TV should I use

    Hi, I want to buy new TV, I want something in range: 700-800 EUR I am looking for multi-task : games, (future ps5), movies etc. (100/120 HZ) 55 inches What I found: LG 55SK8100PLA Samsung UE55RU8002U Samsung QE55Q64 / QE55Q67 Samsung QE55Q6FN Sony KD-55XF8577 Maybe you have some other...
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