1. dannyb0yuk

    For Sale Samsung Q950T wireless surround speakers and subwoofer (no soundbar)

    Please note: the price stated is simply there to fill a mandatory field! I'm honestly not 100% sure how to price these at this exact moment! The price is open to discussion but silly offers will naturally be rejected. These are for all intents and purposes 'As New'. I purchased a Q950T in April...
  2. M

    Samsung Q950T Connection issue

    I’d be so grateful for any advice. I’ve owned a Q950T for a little over a month and overall I’m quite happy with it. I haven’t watched a blu ray since I purchased the soundbar and upon ruing to watch a film the home menu of the disc menu is displayed before the tv switches to ‘HDMI 3-no source’...
  3. Bastronaut

    Samsung Q950T Dolby atmos issue

    Hi all, I have a problem with my soundsystem regarding the dolby atmos output. I've been using it for about 2 months now everything works fine except for the dolby atmos output. I have it connected to a Samsung the frame 65 inch TV 2020 model in the designated EARC hmdi port (I have a file...
  4. P

    Samsung HW-Q950A - How to clean fabric

    As the title suggests, I recently got this soundbar and was wondering what the proper way to clean the fabric is.
  5. Frank Smith

    Help! Should I get the Samsung Q950T or Samsung Q800A (with SWA-9500S )

    Sorry to create a specific thread on this. I was pretty much sold on the 800A speakers but it was pointed out to me that it does not have side firing speakers and apparently having them make a significant difference. You can currently get the Q950T (with rears) for £1,000 and the Q800A with...
  6. J

    Sony X950H vs Samsung Q90/95 for bright room/sports

    Hi there all! I have a predicament driving me insane choosing between the Sony XH9505 and the Samsung Q95T (coming here from a 7yr old non-4K Sony) My main usage is Sports and Netflix and I have SkyQ (I am getting a PS5 for casual gaming also) The room has floor-to-ceiling windows in front of...
  7. S

    Question: Samsung Q950T vs Q900A with SWA-9500S

    I'm trying to figure out what would be better considering I can get both for the following prices: Samsung Q950T for £1025 Samsung Q900A with a free pair of SWA-9500s for £1099 What are peoples thoughts?
  8. A

    Samsung hw q900a with swa 9500s or hw q950t.

    I currently own the Samsung Hw q900t. I would like to have rear speakers with my soundbar as well. I tried the swa 9100s but not very impressed with their sound. The Samsung hw q900a with free swa 9500s cost about the same price as the hw q950t. Have anyone tried both systems? If not any advice...
  9. H

    Q950T Voice Issues

    I have a Samsung Q90T tv and Q950T sound bar all with updated firmware. I'm using a properly rated eARC HDMI cable from tv eARC HDMI port to soundbar eARC HDMI port. I am running it in Q-Symphony mode using the TV speakers simultaneously with the soundbar speakers. The sound bar is set on...
  10. H

    Q950T Firmware Upgrade to 1019.5, PS5 issues.

    I own a Samsung Q90T with updated firmware. I purchased a Q950T soundbar. I am running my PlayStation 5, TiVo Bolt Vox and Amazon Fire 4K directly into the TV HDMI inputs. I have a properly rated eArc HDMI cable running from the TV to the sound bar. The only thing I have plugged in to the sound...
  11. BayAreaAudiophile

    Samsung HW-Q950T and HW-Q900T Soundbar - Review & Comments

    Starting a new thread for the newly released Samsung 2020 Soundbars.
  12. Karlis

    Help with layout, Q950T

    Hi, I've been planning to set up a large living room setup for music and movies and would like some advice on layout as it will be quite asymmetrical. Originally I was set on the Sonos Arc setup, but after some research it seems Samsung Q950T will sound quite a bit better, have more...
  13. S

    Samsung Q900t

    Hi All, First post on avforums :) I have recently bought a Samsung Q900t system which is coming on Thursday. In the meanwhile I am looking at rear speakers as I'm really wanting surround sound. I was able to buy this set for £400 which is the reason I didn't go for the Q950t which would cost me...
  14. S

    Samsung Q950T fake "kvadrat" for newer bars

    I've noticed that older released bars have that kvadrat soft and dark gray material. The Q950T bars released after October/November 2020 don't have that material anymore. Instead it's a more plastic feel and black color. It's not soft anymore and shines in light. See attached pictures. Did...
  15. S

    Samsung Q950T sound settings issue

    I have an issue with my Q950T-soundbar: when i change settings for bass, treble and subwoofer on the SmartThings App the sound does NOT change audible, even when i set it to highest or lowest value. Also when i change this value on the top of the soundbar directly it does not change the sound...
  16. D

    Atmos problem with Samsung Q950T with Hue Sync Box

    I was really hoping somebody could give me advice on this. My current set up is as follows: Sony x900h, Apple TV 4K, Xbox one X, Samsung q950t soundbar, and a Hue Sync box. Right now I have the Apple TV plugged into hdmi 2 port on the sync box, Xbox plugged into port 4 of the sync box. From the...
  17. tigermad

    Sennheiser Ambio or Samsung Q950t

    I’m thinking about getting rid of my surround system and starting fresh. I would be selling my monitor audio bronzes, denon avrx2200w receiver XTZ 12.7 subwoofer (with edge board) and Cambridge Audi Minx for the heights. I know I will sacrifice the subwoofer big time by going for one of the...
  18. T

    Q950t Sound Bar Quiet Surrounds?

    Hi all, I've noticed the surrounds are a lot quiet compared to the Q90R which sounded like 12ft or more at times in length, as the sides were so powerful and long! The Q950T feels so weak in this area? Ok the Rears are very loud now which is great! But the surrounds, they are there but no...
  19. T

    Q950t Sound Bar Distance To Tv ? Wall Mounted

    Hi all, Just wondering the best distance from a wall mounted Samsung Q950T sound bar to a LG C9 TV? Mine is 3.5inch from Tv, but Tv extends nearly 3 inch's out. So you can see the Atoms channel's will be cut 1/4 to maybe 1/2, because of the Tv. But the manual recommends even less than 3inchs...
  20. Marchyboy

    Question Samsung q950t

    Hi all I hope somebody can give me some advice please I have a Samsung q70r tv with just hdmi arc and have just purchased a Samsung q950t soundbar with hdmi earc, as a complete newbie please forgive my questions 1. Which way do I plug my external sources in to get the best sound I have a sky q...
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