1. N

    Q90R QLED service menu please help!

    Can anyone please help me? I am looking for what the ADC/WB results are for the Q90R QLED from the service menu after a mishap and I what to make sure that it's accurate.
  2. S

    Samsung Q90R Atmos & LG C1 OLED

    Hi All, I have read numerous issues with the Q950A and C1 and Atmos not passing through on certain devices such as the Series X and Apple TV etc. I was wanting to see if this issue is still occurring on the older Q90R sound bar or if it's only on the 2020/21 Soundbars. I read the Q950T has...
  3. O

    Q90R soundbar rear speaker distortion

    I’ve noticed my rear left speaker hasn’t been playing sound as loud as the right one and it can get really crackly. However, when I was looking to see what could be wrong, I lay it on it’s side and it worked fine. Then when I stood it upright, how it should be, it started crackling again. Any...
  4. J

    Samsung q90r died, need help for a new tv.

    Hello I am new and am looking for some help. I am looking for a new 55 inch TV and need some advise. I used a Samsung q90r but sadly it died and Samsung can not repair it anymore. Samsung can give me a new q95t as a replacement. If I dont want it I can get 70% of my money back, that I payed...
  5. T

    Samsung Q90r + Pana UB820

    I have a 75" Samsung Q90r and I'm interested in the panasonic ub820 and some of the HDR settings, specifically it's HDR optimiser setting. Firstly does anyone own both Q90r (or similar) and UB820? If so I'd love to hear your experience. Secondly can you apply the HDR optimiser setting with...
  6. J

    MY 2019 Q90R shut off and wont turn back on .Any thoughts ?

    My 2019? Q90R just shut off, and wont turn back on . I unplugged the box and plugged back in but nothing. Its over 1 year old so no warranty.
  7. T

    Samsung Q90r 75" bargain? £1199

    So I bought a 75 inch Samsung Q90r for £1199 yesterday. It was a display unit used hence the discount and of course a 2019 model but as far as I can see I've snapped myself a bargain? Was it the right move?
  8. P

    Samsung QE55Q85R problem soundbar q90r no sound

    Sorry for my bad english bought new Samsung QE55Q85R it wil not work with my q90r atmos soundbar .tv see the soundbar no problem give no sound try different cables .
  9. B

    SAMSUNG upgrade program QLED

    I’ve been on the QLED upgrade program for 2 years now I’ve had no communication on my upgrade so I’ve contacted Samsung and I’ve been given a right run around during the last 2 weeks. Firstly they couldn’t find my details it’s in archive apparently. This was because last year their systems were...
  10. stewjoy

    Samsung Q90r

    could someone give me an idea what price I should ask for Qled Q90r 16 months old bought from J Lewis.
  11. psychotoddler

    Samsung Q90R with AppleTV 4K blinks, disconnects after a while

    I’ve been searching for threads on this but its hard to describe so I never seem to find the right match. I have 14 month old Samsung Q90R 65” connected to a Samsung Q80R soundbar. To enable Dolby Atmos I have an AppleTV 4K connected through the sound bar with a pass through back to the TV...
  12. Ali Raza

    Question From q90r to LG CX 77

    Hey guys thinking of upgrading my Samsung Q90R 75” to LG CX 77. I know oled hwould have better blacks but q90r is no slouch either just wanted to know if it’s worth upgrading? Will I see a big jump is picture quality? Mainly for movies and gaming. Tv is right next to a big window but in the...
  13. T

    Q90r Netflix DV content?

    How does the samsung Q90r/q90t perform on Netflix HDR content? As netflix predominantly uses Dolby Vision and the Q90r doesn't support it, i was wondering how well the Q90r performs? Being that the Q90r has such a high peak brightness and for some content e.g 1000 nits maybe there's no tone...
  14. Halberstadt

    Samsung Q90R Subwoofer and Rear Speakers Disconnect

    There was a known issue with the subwoofer and rear speakers failing to reconnect to the soundbar after they have been dormant for 15 minutes or more. To get them to reconnect, it is necessary to remove power from those three components, then plug power back in. Samsung have acknowledged this...
  15. M

    Samsung Q90R subwoofer not Connecting

    The Q90R subwoofer will not connect. It stays in pairing mode even after power loss for 20h. Flashing blue light rapidly. One would expect it to go in to standby after a while but stays in this mode. Rears connect instantaneous without the need for manual pairing. I’ve only owned it for a short...
  16. S

    Question samsung q90r soundbar ARC connection issue.

    Hi guys i could so with some help please if i explain my tv setup first. i have a samsung Q9 tv with the one connect box. this paired with samsung Q90R soundbar, i have them connected via hdmi cables. the hdmi cable connects the ARC on my soundbar top the ARC on my TVs one connect box. i...
  17. Ali Raza

    Question Keep Q90R 75” or get LG CX 77”

    Hey guys, Last yr I bought the Samsung q90r 75” and I am generally happy with it but I only watch nextflix or prime and Apple TV most of the time and they all have Dolby vision which Samsung doesn’t support. With recent oled Cx prices I was wondering would it be wise to buy that and sell the...
  18. M

    How to install Operator CAM Profile on Samsung Q90R TV

    Does anybody know how to install an Operator CAM Profile on a Samsung Q90R TV? I'm using the built-in TV tuner of my 55" Samsung Q90R TV for regular terrestrial TV. But I'm also using the satellite tuner, in order to receive French TV from an operator called Fransat. I use a CAM CI+ module...
  19. K

    lg cx earc atmos passthough not working to hw q90r

    Hi everyone, hope you are well. I have a hw q90r soundbar, I had an LG c7 55 and replaced it with a LG cx 77 . all cabling is the same , but the cx doesn't seem to pass through atmos to the soundbar. it does pass sound, and i get sound out of all speakers, but it used to say "atmos" on the...
  20. couchpatater

    SOLVED: 75PUS7805 - sound cuts out on Samsung Q90R soundbar when launching or even pausing Netflix titles

    Does anyone technical happen to have an explanation for why my new Philips TV changes the signal to my soundbar when I launch or even pause a Netflix title? I have the following setup: - Philips 75PUS7805.... TV sound is set to Multichannel (bypass).... I've tried it on Stereo and Multichannel...
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