1. sang4021

    Mounting Q900t Soundbar

    Can anyone recommend a good pair of heavy duty brackets for the Samsung Q900t soundbar? The brackets/mount that came with the soundbar feel kinda flimsy and I hate the look of the mounts that are attached to the TV with the soundbar directly below the TV.
  2. N

    Harman Kardon & Samsung, is it over?

    Hey guys, I noticed that 100% of Samsung 2020 soundbars lineup are missing Harman Kardon name and logo for the first time in a while. Does that mean that HK didn’t get involved in developing the 2020 models? Samsung is referring to a team at its California facility to be the one behind the...
  3. N

    Question What's happened to the Q900T and Q950T Samsung soundbars?

    Has anyone heard what's happened to the Q900T and Q950T Samsung soundbars which were originally talked about? I see in the latest Samsung release they mention the Q800T which is on sale but seems the talk on the Q900T and Q950T seems to have gone silent. Anyone got any news on these? I'd like to...
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