1. H

    Sony AG9 77" OLED or Samsung 75" Q800T 8k QLED?

    Hi, I have just purchased the Samsung Q800T 8k 75" TV, however I was looking at the Sony AG9 OLED 77" model and really liked this however was put off by stories of screen burn on the OLED TV's. I will not be using the TV for extensive gaming purposes, maybe a few games of FIFA for at most...
  2. Stein67

    Q800T or Q80R?

    I'm confused with what exactly is going on, probably deliberate with Samsung's naming policy!! Am I right in saying the Q800T is a replacement for the Q70R? If so is the Q80R a better performer than the Q800T? Look forward to hearing your opinions.
  3. T

    Torn between Q90T 85" and Q800T 82" - please help

    I've been back and forth between the two a few dozen times today alone. Can't decide. Currently have a Q9FN 65" which I love, especially how it handles the blacks (yes I know OLED does this better). I'm concerned that the Q800T has much lower contrast than the 90T. This will sit in a room...
  4. walters123

    Question Is the Samsung Q800T

    Is this a direct replacement of the q80n soundbar?
  5. N

    Question What's happened to the Q900T and Q950T Samsung soundbars?

    Has anyone heard what's happened to the Q900T and Q950T Samsung soundbars which were originally talked about? I see in the latest Samsung release they mention the Q800T which is on sale but seems the talk on the Q900T and Q950T seems to have gone silent. Anyone got any news on these? I'd like to...
  6. Steve Withers

    CES 2020 News: Samsung launches Q950TS and Q800T QLED 8K TVs

    Samsung expands its ever-growing line-up of QLED 8K TVs with the flagship Q950TS and the more affordable Q800T. Read the news.
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