1. P

    Samsung Q70R and DTS

    Hi everyone, first of all, I do apologize if this question's been already answered. The Q70R series do not support DTS. Unfortunately I have several movies with DTS codec, so my TV play the picture but not the sound. Will soundbar overcome this problem? If yes, what soundbar sould I buy? Any...
  2. L

    Q70R- secret menu

    Hello guise, Recently I wanted to change few options in my QE49Q70R QLED TV. This is only 60Hz panel. In my opinion the colours of this TV are .....inaccurate. The faces looks kinda reddish and grass look like a green field.... I lower te colour and disable contrast enhancements but the picture...
  3. S

    Q70R Soundbar rear speakers

    I have the Q70R soundbar and want to add rear speakers, does the SWA-9100s work with the soundbar. TY.
  4. A

    Q70R vs Q90T/SONY X950H (EU)

    I have previously made a thread comparing low end TVs and decided to raise my budget and get a proper TV. So I live in Israel and we have a very limited selection compared to US (basically the same as EU) I have narrowed my options down to either the Q70R for 1180$ or the Q90T for 1340$. There...
  5. K

    Samsung Q70R 49" - Backlight failure? What to expect w/Richer sounds?

    TV: Samsung QE49Q70R Retailer: Richer sounds Potential fault: Backlight failure? Black/blank screen with audio only. Realistically how long have others awaited from the moment of the fault being reported to a repair/replacement with Richer Sounds? I use this as a PC screen via a dock when...
  6. Gnomeo

    eARC on Samsung Q70R with 1387.1 beta

    I just updated my Q70R's firmware to the 1387.1 beta, which is supposed to bring eARC to Samsung's 2019 TVs. Many folks with a Q90R confirm that the update does indeed add an eARC option in the Expert Settings menu. I however do not see such an option :( The update went smoothly and everything...
  7. Gnomeo

    Audio passthrough on Samsung Q70R (2019)

    Hi there, The Rtings review says that the Q70R supports audio passthrough. However, I can’t seem to find such an option anywhere in the menu. Older and newer Samsung models have either a separate menu item “HDMI Input Audio Format” with PCM and Bitstream options, OR a Pass-through option in...
  8. tupan

    Q70R undo factory reset?

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Samsung Q70R and would appreciate if someone could help me. I was watching tv and then suddenly some menu opened up. There were options like hospitality mode, cloning, eco solution. Unfortunately, while I was trying to close it, I turned on hospitality mode...
  9. A

    Q70r eco sensor stopped working?

    Hello everybody, as topic, it seems that my q70r eco settings are not working any more... I used to set backlight to 50 (max), set a min brightness level (around 20), turn on eco sensor and it was just working fine. Now even if my room is completely dark nothing happens to the settings, the...
  10. F

    Q70R boot loop - fading to black

    Hello all. I have had my 55” Q70R for just over a year with no issues until a few days ago, when the screen faded to black, as if the panel had been broken. Since then, the TV has been stuck in a boot loop, with the screen ‘burning out’ as soon as the UI appears. I am led to believe that the...
  11. R

    Film mode greyed out on q70r?

    Hello, I have a samsung q70r, ive noticed that the film mode option is greyed out. I have virgin media connected by hdmi cable in a valid resolution so why is this greyed out? Thanks
  12. dougan

    Samsung 55" Q70R updates?

    I have this TV and noticed there is a new update for it, which is 1381.2. I checked mine and it is on 1374, seven updates behind, any idea of what I might be missing? I do press the check for updates and it always says it is the latest version, which obviously it is not!
  13. L

    I get no Dolby Atmos from the Netflix movies with the DA logo on my 65Q70R using a Sonos Arc

    Hello. I am currently facing an issue that I hope you can help me resolve. You see, I have a 65Q70R Samsung TV and recently purchased a Sonos Arc to watch Netflix Movies that support Dolby Atmos. On the Netflix App on my Samsung TV I get no Dolby Atmos from the movies that display the Dolby...
  14. Damian83

    Q70R VRR

    Hi, i own this tv, and dont found an "owners" thread. I have a question about VRR: the tv isnt hdmi 2.1 and 4k VRR is only up to 60hz. So how it behave with a PS5 and a game that runs at 120fps??? Which will be the best video settings?
  15. C

    Can the Samsung Q70R TV do gsync?

    I have seen many contradicting posts on this point on many sites a while back, so I'm asking now to update and see if anyone knows. I have a Q70R 55" TV and might get a 30series nvidia card in the future and I want to see if the TV will do gsync with those cards. Thanks!
  16. Te23

    Q70R firmware 1374 earc support ?

    I have read on the us forum that firmware 1374.0 is enabling earc on other models, (not sure of q70r), its available for download from 29/12/20 onto usb for samsung uk models but i havent had an ota update pushed to my set (uk). Has anyone got a change log? Anyone got it 1374.0 installed ?
  17. J

    Question Q70R 65in "Information" displays wrong resolution

    I have Q70R 65 inch, with all my inputs going through a 4k capable HDMI switcher, and into HDMI on television. I would like to use the "information" button to see what signal the TV is getting from my sources (use for troubleshooting and setup of sources). However, whenever I hit "information"...
  18. K


    Hello all, I currently have an LG UB850V (UB8500 in the US?) I'm looking to upgrade for less than £700. I can get hold of a Samsung Q70R for £650. Are there any better options for this price range? Will mostly be used for Sky Q UHD, Netflix etc. We live in a flat with a close viewing...
  19. M

    Question Q70R defaults to A.D.Premix(MPEG)

    Any way to stop this TV defaulting to A.D.Premix everytime I change the channel, it's getting pretty tiring changing the audio option. I want it to always use ENGLISH(MPEG).
  20. tonycommander

    Question Q70R issues..

    just had our 65 inch Q70R delivered and am very unhappy with the screen... bottom right hand corner has a large block that is a VERY different colour/contrast to the rest of the screen Surely this is not normal. Will speak to Richer Sounds Monday, but right now looks very much like this is...
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