1. C

    65'' q60t for 700 euro?

    Hi there, I live in Norway. Now my TV is LG 49LH510V. Now there an offer for Samsung 65 inch Q60T for ~700 euro. My use cases are as following Netflix 4K or Netflix non 4K Surf on the Internet with a PC/Youtube Game a little bit, 4 hours per week maximum I have two kids (4 & 2 years old), so...
  2. V

    Q60T ghosting?

    I couldn't find a definite answer about that problem called ghosting, purple or reverse ghosting with the Q60T Does it have any kind of ghosting while gaming? I am not talking about motion blur
  3. C

    LG 49NANO866NA or Samsung Q60T?

    I'm looking to buy a new TV for about £500-600 and these are the best i could find. It sounds like the Samsung q60t might have better picture quality but the LG has 120hz and handles motion better. Which do you think is the better purchase?
  4. Mark1979

    Bargain Samsung Q60T 50 inch TV at Argos for £550

    I saw that the Samsung Q60T at 50 inch is available probably for a short time at Argos for £550, does anyone think this is goodish value for the QLED TV before it sells out?
  5. Moondoggy

    65 inch Sony X80J vs. Samsung Q60T or Q6DT questions and concerns

    I'm in the process of purchasing a new TV but the technology is overwhelming and I need some advice. I'm looking at a 65 inch Sony X80J and a Samsung Q60T or Q6DT TV's. Based on my research it appears that these are all Quantum Dot Technology whether you call it Triliuminos (Sony) or QLED...
  6. 8

    Is the Samsung QE43Q60T VA or IPS?

    DisplaySpecifications and rtings say it's VA, but DS has a lot of errors, rtings only reviews American models and some of the few reviews I could find for the 43" say it's IPS / PLS / ADS, like last year's QE43Q60R. Are there any (other) small 40"-50" VA TVs with WCG and support for Plex? LG and...
  7. M

    Question Samsung q60t 43 / PS5 Stutter

    Hi All Recently purchased the Samsung q60t 43. I have had no issue with watching TV so far however when playing on my PS5 I notice an annoying stutter. I am playing in Game mode. It happens when there is a still moment in the game (kick off in Fifa eg) then once movement in the game happens...
  8. A

    Samsung Q60T - Color Artifacts in HDR.

    I recently bought a Q60T and I love it, but I've noticed when streaming 4K HDR content from Netflix and Disney+ that there will be odd color artifacts, specifically in B&W footage. Oftentimes, if there's a shift in density, teal and magenta artifacts will appear. I'm streaming from a 4K Apple TV...
  9. Gondowan

    Bad Samsung Q60T? Strange bootup + bad white flash scenes

    Story: a good friend of mine bought a Samsung Q60T after issues with the Samsung TU8000 series about bleeding and that. No bleeding anymore but then this happens: watching Sabrina saw that issue on the flashing scenes like pixels or like a fog in there. Also when she starts the TV and powers it...
  10. M

    Internet speed slow on Samsung Q60T

    Having recently purchased a 50" Q60T one of the features I was looking forward to was high speed wired Internet connection so I know I'll be getting the best quality possible from all of the native streaming apps. When I do a speed test using the TV's Internet app I'm only getting around 12MB...
  11. drstrangeluv

    Samsung Q60T - garbled text - ghost effect - motion is not fluid

    Hi forum Just wondering if you guys have this issue that's been bothering me since I bought this TV, if it's my perception or not. So I started noticing that subtitle text would turn garbled for half a second( while using the tv's native Netflix app ), same happened to the "control rack" for...
  12. wormvortex

    Samsung q60t + SWA-8500's not 5.1 surround?

    I have the Q60t sound bar and the wireless rear speakers. The sound bar is marketed as 5.1 so adding rear speakers I would expect them to function as rear speakers with 5.1 media however they do not appear to. If I play a 5.1 speaker test then I hear the rear left/rear right coming out of the...
  13. G

    Q60T image quality question

    Hello, on Black Friday I bought a Samsung QE55Q60T for 599€ (726$ at today's exchange rate) but quite cheap considering I've always seen this TV at about 800-900€ (In the same shop they sell if for 945 today, which is an absurd price for this model in my opinion) and that here in Europe we...
  14. D

    Question Samsung Q60T sounbar help

    Hi all Hope someone can help. So I have a samsung ue55ru7400 tv and a very old Samsung sound bar the hw-f550 This soundbar is only 2.1, now on my TV the audio output whilst in YouTube is PCM and when I watch a bluray or netflix the TV switches automatically to dolby digital So judging my...
  15. A

    Question TV Samsung Q60T + SB Sony HT-SD35 = Not turn On/off Together ? (ARC)

    Hi guys, I just purchased a TV Samsung Q60T: Buy Q60T QLED Smart 4K TV, 65" | QE65Q60TAUXXU | Samsung UK and a Soundbar: Sony HT-SD35 https://www.sony.com/electronics/sound-bars/ht-s350#product_details_default I've connected the two via a HDMI cable (eARC port in the TV and same for the...
  16. RunBubbaRun

    Q60T issue with 60fps video

    I record a Hulu video in my Google Chrome browser (cause I can block the ads) with OBS at 60 fps. The output is a 720p/60 file. It plays fine on my Mac but it stutters once a while when I play it on my Q60T. I tried playing it through USB, Plex on tv, Kodi on my Shield TV Pro. All have the same...
  17. W

    samsung ue50tu8500 Or Samsung 2020 50" Q60T QLED Or anything else for around £500?

    Hi, I’m wanting to spend around £500 on a 50 inch tv. On a couple of review sites the samsung ue50tu8500 is coming up as the best for £500. I then was recommended the Samsung 2020 50" Q60T QLED (£650) I’m not totally against spending the extra but wondering if it’s worth it? And does anyone...
  18. A

    Q60T hdmi 2.1

    Does this model have hdmi 2.1 and if so what port is it. Thnaks
  19. wormvortex

    Samsung Q60T sub noise

    Purchased one of these as having a whole dedicated account receiver and speakers was taking too much room. I’m finding however unless I have the sub set to -1 or lower that I can hear a constant noise from it. It’s like a droning/whining/squeaking and it’s trying to play the vocals through. to...
  20. J

    Samsung Q60t or other

    Hello I had a cheap 4k TV just break on me so I am looking for another cheap TV. When black Friday comes I will be purchasing a Q80 or Q90, so I need something until then. I am looking at spending around £550 could go a little higher but not much as this will not be main TV at the end of...
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