1. C

    Question Samsung Q60T sounbar help

    Hi all Hope someone can help. So I have a samsung ue55ru7400 tv and a very old Samsung sound bar the hw-f550 This soundbar is only 2.1, now on my TV the audio output whilst in YouTube is PCM and when I watch a bluray or netflix the TV switches automatically to dolby digital So judging my...
  2. A

    Question TV Samsung Q60T + SB Sony HT-SD35 = Not turn On/off Together ? (ARC)

    Hi guys, I just purchased a TV Samsung Q60T: Buy Q60T QLED Smart 4K TV, 65" | QE65Q60TAUXXU | Samsung UK and a Soundbar: Sony HT-SD35 https://www.sony.com/electronics/sound-bars/ht-s350#product_details_default I've connected the two via a HDMI cable (eARC port in the TV and same for the...
  3. RunBubbaRun

    Q60T issue with 60fps video

    I record a Hulu video in my Google Chrome browser (cause I can block the ads) with OBS at 60 fps. The output is a 720p/60 file. It plays fine on my Mac but it stutters once a while when I play it on my Q60T. I tried playing it through USB, Plex on tv, Kodi on my Shield TV Pro. All have the same...
  4. W

    samsung ue50tu8500 Or Samsung 2020 50" Q60T QLED Or anything else for around £500?

    Hi, I’m wanting to spend around £500 on a 50 inch tv. On a couple of review sites the samsung ue50tu8500 is coming up as the best for £500. I then was recommended the Samsung 2020 50" Q60T QLED (£650) I’m not totally against spending the extra but wondering if it’s worth it? And does anyone...
  5. A

    Q60T hdmi 2.1

    Does this model have hdmi 2.1 and if so what port is it. Thnaks
  6. wormvortex

    Samsung Q60T sub noise

    Purchased one of these as having a whole dedicated account receiver and speakers was taking too much room. I’m finding however unless I have the sub set to -1 or lower that I can hear a constant noise from it. It’s like a droning/whining/squeaking and it’s trying to play the vocals through. to...
  7. J

    Samsung Q60t or other

    Hello I had a cheap 4k TV just break on me so I am looking for another cheap TV. When black Friday comes I will be purchasing a Q80 or Q90, so I need something until then. I am looking at spending around £550 could go a little higher but not much as this will not be main TV at the end of...
  8. The Nightfly

    Samsung Q60T, What's Not To Like?

    I'm looking to buy a 43" TV (can't go much bigger than that due to location) and strongly considering the Q60T. However, I'm being put off by online reviews that basically say it's not that good and not to waste money buying it. Typically, it's described as having an image that's a bit dull and...
  9. Elwood Blues

    Question Wall mount for 65" Q60T

    Looking for some suggestions for a wall mount. Does not need to be tilted and ideally one that can be pulled away from the wall for access. Thanks in advance
  10. K

    Q60R vs Q60T

    I’m looking at the 43inch versions and wondering if anybody could tell me which is the better TV? I’ve read a few comparisons online, but would like to know your opinions and experiences with both, if any? Is there any benefit to buying the newer Q60T? Thanks in advance
  11. Kratos88

    Q60T bezel issue....

    Got this tv today, amazing so far but can’t help notice when stood up looking at it you can see light from the top bezel? Sides are fine though, just the top. It’s like the bezel isn’t flush at all, acceptable for a new tv!? Faulty? Or just a lazy build?
  12. A

    Samsung Q60T dropping down to 30fps periodically on 60fps content

    Just bought two of these and both have the same issue to where 720p and 1080i content is dropping down to 30fps content on live tv, typically happening when there’s not a lot of motion in the picture, it feels like the TV is trying to save energy or something by dropping frames during low motion...
  13. S

    Soundbar to go with Samsung Q60T 43" telly....

    Hi Guys I've just bought the Q60T for a modest 15ft square-ish lounge. I don't want a full AV setup because this is a functional living room, not an audition space, or cinema room. What I actually want is an out of the box solution to boost TV sound, and be able to stream music to via...
  14. K

    Question Recommended picture settings for 55inch Samsung Q60T 2020

    Just got mine. Any advice or templates would be very appreciated! :) Thanks!
  15. D

    X900H vs Q60t vs Q70t

    Hi there I’m replacing my Samsung UN55KS8500F in my living room, upgrading to a 65” (and moving the 55 upstairs, it’s a great tv) Originally, I was set to buy the Samsung Q60t- it was a smidge more than I wanted to spend but seemed worth it. I dove into more research and then thought maybe the...
  16. ianfreeman

    Advice on picture settings for Samsung Q60T

    While I understand that everyone is different, I'm looking for advice on which picture settings most people seem to prefer. I've checked a few websites but the advice given - and the procedures to carry out - are far too technical for me. I'd be really grateful if anyone could let me know their...
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