1. U

    Samsung Q60R low sound

    I have recently update my soundbar from a Samsung Q60R to a Q950 and have given the Q60R to my dad. It is conected to a Hisense tv via HDMI arc and all the setting on the tv appear to be correct but when using the Q60r the volume is very low and has to be increased to over 70 to get to a...
  2. T

    Samsung Q60R Having trouble maintaining a connection with the Disney Plus App

    Having Trouble maintaining connectivity with the Disney Plus App. It seems to load up, and run but the sends a no connectivity message shortly after starting a show Anyone having issues with this?
  3. ryushvah

    2019 Q60R 82 inch

    Hello there, I am a total noob here and this is my first post. Please forgive me if I sound dumb. I have recently purchased 2019 Q60R as it was much better buy vs Q60T from 2020. Plus I heard that Q60R is equivalent in some way to the Q70T of this year. Q60R has 4 HDMI ports and also in specs...
  4. paultman

    Question older Q60R display model, discounted... worth it?

    Hello Friends, I missed a great black friday deal for the 55Q60T. Today I noticed the Q60R version on clearance for nearly the same price and i'm quite tempted. To be honest, i think for me the q60t would have been better as i don't game (lacks 120hz & VRR) and the q60T is newer, slightly...
  5. alonisrael123

    q60r 120hz disappeared

    Hey guys. I was using the q60r tv on pc 2560x1440 120hz without a problem. Yesterday I replaced my CPU (to i7 10700) and Motherboard (z490-e) and I can only use 2560x1440 60hz or 1920x1080 120hz. All drivers are updated including BIOS. Does anyone know a solution?
  6. U

    Did I screw myself with my set up? (Samsung TV, Soundbar, Xbox Series X)

    Hello, I'm excited for the next gen consoles coming out, specifically the Series X. I know they are promising 4k 120fps for future games and I'm stuck on a few things with my set up and I would love to hear from you guys. The current TV I have is a Samsung 2019 q60r 55" paired with a q70r...
  7. K

    Q60R vs Q60T

    I’m looking at the 43inch versions and wondering if anybody could tell me which is the better TV? I’ve read a few comparisons online, but would like to know your opinions and experiences with both, if any? Is there any benefit to buying the newer Q60T? Thanks in advance
  8. K

    Question Recommended picture settings for 55inch Samsung Q60T 2020

    Just got mine. Any advice or templates would be very appreciated! :) Thanks!
  9. T


    Hi, a few weeks ago we bought the Samsung 60r qled TV. We are having a few issues the TV blips on and off when playing the ps4. Also, we keep getting hdim cable not found. when playing ps4 vr after 20mins of play picture has interference on TV but, fine on vr screen Can anyone shed any...
  10. S

    Samsung Q60r help needed

    hi everyone, yesterday I got a new Samsung Q60r and i don't if i'm doing something wrong but its literally give me a headache. when i using PS4 pro or PC it is far worst. i have tried different settings and different Hdmi cables both new and old. Also the HDR is very faded. i have put Input...
  11. Batu22

    Question Need Help Deciding

    First of all, Hello I'm looking for a TV for my room. Usage: TV will be mainly used for gaming (Not competitive so as long as Input Lag is acceptable it's fine) UHD Netflix, Youtube. I will be directly looking at the TV so I guess viewing angles shouldn't be a problem. I usually sit in a...
  12. M

    Question Samsung Q60R TV and Onkyo HT-3505S compatibility question.

    Hi All. I have an onkyo HT-3505s home cinema system, about 7 years old, and I recently upgraded my TV to a Q60R 4K model. My PS4 and TIVO box are both connected to my TV through the home cinema system. Can I get the best out of my new tv this way or am I better to connect the PS4 directly to...
  13. P

    Pink colour cast on home screen when connecting Maxesla Max-S11 to Samsung Q60R TV

    Hi. Has anyone else had the above problem with the Stream box. It works perfectly fine on an older 1080p TV. Also seems to have a poorer quality in the picture which is strange.
  14. I

    Question I am going in circles please help (Q60R, Q70R or OLED)

    Hey... I got lot of good advice last week about which TV to buy, but I am still unsure and need a little more help. My viewing habits: I don't watch a lot of TV. I currently have a 10+ year old LCD phillips, which I still think is pretty good. I want something bigger and something smart...
  15. andremarinho1

    Samsung Q60R bluray movie

    Hello guys, im new to this kinda stuff and I was wondering if you can help me. I’ve downloaded a remux and if I stream to my tv with plex works fine with HDR and smooth but if I reproduce the same movie from my external hard drive there’s no HDR and freezes. Can someone help me?
  16. Anvoyager1

    RU8000 or Q60R ?

    Hi Guys, Am trying to decided which of these 2 Samsung tv`s to go for I have read a few reviews I know the Q60R is a qled but most reviews are saying there`s no much difference in picture quality, another problems is the RU8000 doesn't come in 75" but instead 82" and the prices are almost...
  17. G

    SAMSUNG - Q60R - 49 inch - GAME SETTINGS

    Hi, I'm looking for you guys to share your game settings on this tv + ps4 pro(Image result of possible) The view/display is to bright for my eyes...looking for comfortable gaming experienced. Please advice....thanks yo...
  18. S

    what to buy for my mum? RU8000 or Q60R?

    hi guys , i want to buy my mum a new TV and i'm stuck between the Samsung RU8000 and Q60R. Going by rtings.com they are very similar in review scores but i feel there may be more information or clear reason/s not to get one or the other models i mentioned. any info and help is appreciated ...
  19. adamc23

    Blacklight Issue with Q60r

    I have quite a bit of back backlight bleed on my tv, the tv is a q60r 43inch, as you can see from the pictures the bleed is back in the top two corners and a bit in the middle. I been in contact with Samsung and they said they can't see a fault with the TV, has anybody else have similar issue...
  20. J

    Question Is the such a thing as a quality 43” TV?

    I can’t believe how difficult it is to find a decent 43” TV. I’m limited by space but this doesn’t mean that I want to compromise on quality. After doing as much research as possible (not easy given general lack of reviews for sets this size) I opted for what seemed to be the best of a bad bunch...
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