1. slim01

    Kef q550 "upgrade" woes

    Hi guys, long story short I think I MAY have downgraded my 20+ year old speakers (despite them having foil tweeters pushed in, a cat scratched mid driver and old/wobbly looking drivers)... How can I reduce brightness without losing clarity? From... Kef q55.2 (with upgraded tweeters from iq...
  2. Phil.LFC

    Kef Q550 with Q650C?

    I’ve been to Richer Sounds this afternoon and I had a chat with the (very knowledgeable) chap there and discussed my requirements. I was torn between the Q550 or Q750 as my LR in my cinema room upgrade. I’m going to have 2 subs so I know I’d be better with standmount speakers at the front but...
  3. C

    KEF Q550 headache...help!

    Hi all, new to this forum. After being away from hifi for many years I decided to set mine up again. But in an expensive hole I think. I have an old school Technics amp A800s MK2 along with a pair of celestion 9 speakers that are mint. Decided on a set of floor standing and opted for KEF Q550...
  4. K

    Kef Q550 improvement over Q500?

    My current set up is Q500 Q200c Q150 BK XXLS400 sub and Denon AVR X4400H. Am pleased with its sound, but like everyone, I want to improve: Was wondering if anyone could comment if the newer Q550’s were worth changing to? Or if it were you, where would you go with an upgrade? Thanks
  5. P

    Kef q550 vs Q Acoustics 3050i help please

    Hi all, There are some threads with similar comparisons but I’m still undecided. My current set up is an Audiolab 6000a using HT bypass via Denon x3300 for movie duties. Currently running 5.1 with a kef htb2 sub, Q Acoustics 2050 fronts and Q Acoustic 2010 rears, 2000 ci centre and Rega P1...
  6. 1

    Kef Q550 or something else?

    I am fairly settled on getting a Marantz NR1200 for my 2.1 living room tv/music set up. I currently have QA 2050i speakers and a Gemini II sub, I’ve been thinking of replacing the 2050i’s as they are a bit cumbersome looking for the living room (bought them when I was a bachelor, so these...
  7. K

    Kef Q550 or Q Acoustics 3050i

    Hey all, I was hoping to get some advice about a speaker upgrade I'm contemplating. This setup is for watching Movies/TV and some Music (70/30 mix) and is in my (modestly sized) living room. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V681 amp that is serving me well, 2 sets of Q-Acoustic 3010's as...
  8. Doodlethepoodle

    Question What AVR for KEF Q550?

    I have just purchased some KEF Q550 for my home cinema. My current AVR, a Denon X1600H will not have enough juice to get the most out of the front speakers and especially when watching 5.1 material it will be even harder on it. What will be good match for the KEF Q550, KEF Q150 surrounds and...
  9. Doodlethepoodle

    Question KEF Q500/Q550/Q700 Vs Q Acoustics 3050i

    Looking at the above speakers, the KEF's seem to get mixed reviews and do cost more new vs the QA3050i. £599 Q550 opened box price and £795 new...(Q500 or Q700 used similar price to new QA 3050i). The QA3050/3050i seem to get amazing reviews universally, and are cheaper new around £469-£549...
  10. Petay

    Question Amp for Q550

    Slipoery slope as always.... Went out and auditioned speakers at the weekend and settled on Kef Q550s. Also decided I can't do without a sub so downsized my current MA bronze w10 to the smaller Rel T5i. Now I did demo the speakers with my Cambridge CXA60 but now I have the speakers home I've...
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