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  1. S

    Q Acoustics B12 or SVS PB 1000

    Hi I have tye QA 3000i range for home cinema 2 x 3020i front 2 x 3010i rear 1 x 3090Ci centre I am now considering the QB12 to match up with the series, but after reading the review on here for it, it wasn't the best for its price. I've been told about the svs pb 1000, which goes deeper...
  2. Ewoody

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3060S Subwoofer

    As per title. Black. Purchased earlier this year, never used. Comes with power cable and feet spikes. https://www.qacoustics.co.uk/q3000i-range-q3060s-subwoofer.html Pics to follow. RRP. £329 (now reduced in shops to £269) Thanks for looking.
  3. Evokazz

    Q Acoustics 3000 Vs 3000i

    Q Acoustics are making a big deal on their relatively new 3000i series, on their marketing shpiel it says imporved over previous models, but doesn't really say how other than cosmetically. Asking on AVS I am told, yes the 3000i series is slightly better than the 3000 series, but again, not...
  4. D

    Question Monitor Audio Bronze 2 vs Q Acoustics Concept 20

    Hello! So this is my first thread. I'm kind of in a dilemma of choosing the MA Bronze 2 and QA Concept 20. In our country, we have extremely limited selection of hifi equipment so I plan to import them from UK. The price difference might be not that much, but my maximum budget is GBP 250. There...
  5. S

    Best Atmos speakers to match Q Acoustics 3000 5.1

    Hi I have the Q Acoustics 3000 5.1 consisting of 2 x 3020i front 2 x 3010i rear 1 x 3090Ci centre Q B12 Sub I can't make room for ceiling speakers, so I am looking for the best upward firing atmos speakers, something that will compliment the 3000 5.1. Thanks
  6. neuty

    Monitor Audio Bronze 1 or 2 vs Q Acoustics 3020i

    Hi All, I’m looking for opinions from the wise and wonderful here at AVF. A little background first and all will be clear. In the past my Home Cinema system was the glorious Yamaha RXV1800 avr paired with Mordaunt Short 902i fronts, 903i centre, 2 x 302 satellites and 309i sub. This combination...
  7. Doodlethepoodle

    Question KEF Q500/Q550/Q700 Vs Q Acoustics 3050i

    Looking at the above speakers, the KEF's seem to get mixed reviews and do cost more new vs the QA3050i. £599 Q550 opened box price and £795 new...(Q500 or Q700 used similar price to new QA 3050i). The QA3050/3050i seem to get amazing reviews universally, and are cheaper new around £469-£549...
  8. D

    For Sale Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1

    Hi Guys, Looking to move my Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 speaker set as I have moved to a soundbar now due to cabling issues when moving the room around. 4 x 7000LRi (Fronts/Rears) 1 x 7000Ci (Centre) 1 x 7070Si (Sub) I have tried to capture all details, as you can see one of the 7000LRi does have a...
  9. O

    Q Acoustics 3010 or 3020?

    Hi all I am looking at a 5.1 speaker package and have found a set that includes 2 pairs of 3010’s which falls with the budget. However I see they also do a 3010i and a 3020i for not much more if buying separate. would it benefit to have my two front speakers 3020i and the rears 3010? if I...
  10. H

    Some ex demos available

    Hi, I have noticed at my local av they have a few clearance items for sale Would it be much of an upgrade to go from Q Acoustics 3020 fronts, 3090c Centre, 3010 surrounds to either 1. MA bronze 5, Bronze Centre and Bronze fx 2. Dali Zensor 5 and DALI Zensor 1 "no centre available" Also odd...
  11. JG Felix

    For Sale Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers and stands

    Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers and dedicated stands in as new condition bought in January this year I have the boxes for the speakers but not the stands, so will need to be collected from my home in Exeter. Selling due to a change in circumstances. RRP £2999.00 About our ads You may also like
  12. O

    KEF Q350 vs Q Acoustics 3030i

    Hi, I choose between this 2 speakers. Q Acoustics 3030i vs KEF Q350 Detailed Comparison Which will have bigger sound feeling? I can get new Q acoustics, or used KEF with stands on same price. Thanks for any advices. Ondrej
  13. thepilot

    Q Acoustics Concept 300

    Hi all I’ve owned some Concept 500’s for about 8 months and continuously smile when they’re running. I’m in the process of building a dedicated HT room in the garden which will include a hifi rack / listening corner which I intend to fill with a set of bookshelf speakers on stands. I’m a fan...
  14. C

    Dali Oberon 7 or Q Acoustics 3050i?

    Hi there, wondering if any of you wise folks had some thoughts about this...I just auditioned the Dali Oberon 5 and the Q Acoustics 3050i, and though I loved the tone and clarity of the Dalis, they just seemed thin, and couldn’t match the room-filling awesomeness of the (admittedly slightly...
  15. A

    Q Acoustics centre speaker shelf

    I have bought the q Acuaoutics centre speaker shelf and I am looking to mount the bronze c150 centre speaker on it. which weights 5kg. I didn't get any wall fixings with the kit as it says to buy them separately, the pic in the instruction manual shows long screws however it is asking for a...
  16. kielson

    For Sale Q Acoustics media 4 soundbar (spare and repair)

    He everybody. Q Acoustic media 4 soundbar for sale with a faulty subwoofer. Had this for a couple of years. Worked flawlessly. I've upgraded to stereo speakers with the amp. The soundbar was shipped to Wales, unfortunately, it came back with a detached magnet from the subwoofer, as a result of...
  17. A

    Wanted 5.1 Surround sound speaker set needed

    Hello all, I am looking for a 5.1 surround sound speaker set Examples of brands that I am interested in Q Acoustics, Monitor, Dali etc ... Not too fussed on the colours as long as they match but must have floorstanders Can collect if delivery is unavailable. Can pay cash or bank transfer...
  18. blacksheep99

    Question Which Sub if I upgrade from my Q Acoustics 7000S?

    Hi, I'm thinking about upgrading my sub from the 7000S and looking what would be a suitable upgrade yet still compliment my system. I have the 7000i's as the main speakers. I really like the 7000S but aware it's got limitations. Budget wise I guess up to £500. Thanks.
  19. S

    Q Acoustics or Jamo?

    Hi I am now deciding on my final 2 speakers for my HCP. (room size 17ft x 13ft). This is between the Jamo s803 or Q Acoustics 3020. These would be my front speakers but I am going for the 5.1. Which front speakers would you recommend? I've seen so many reviews and both are very good.
  20. Waynester

    Best centre speaker out of these two?

    Hi chaps I’ve got a Denon AVRX2200W Receiver Got a pair of MA Bronze 6 as fronts Centre speaker is currently a QA 3090C rear surrounds are QA 3010’s on stands Sub is a QA 3070S I’m thinking of swapping my QA 3090C for a MA Bronze Centre, is the MA a better sounding speaker? Don’t know if...
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