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  1. acgingersnaps

    Bargain Great value Q Acoustics

    Ridiculous price for some fine, value speakers (QA 3020 for £119!). The also have B&W 607's at £229. https://www.richersounds.com/promotions/flash-av-deals/q-acoustics-q3020-matte-graphite.html
  2. N1ghtcrawl3r

    Upgrade from Q Acoustics 3050

    I currently have Q Acoustics 3050 fronts, QA 3020 Surrounds and Centre and using a SVS SB3000 for bass duties, driven by a Denon x3400H. I'm quite happy with my setup and the sound, but have gotten a bit of an upgrade bug. What speakers should I consider as the next logical step up in the CAD...
  3. M

    Q Acoustics Q7000Ci base dimensions

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has the Q Acoustics Q7000Ci speaker and if they could tell me the dimensions of the base/stand. Thanks.
  4. T

    Q Acoustics 3050, bargain for 450€ ?

    Those popular Q3050s go for 450€ with warranty? List price 800€ right now. Also would it be a big improvement to my MA Bronze 2s ?
  5. D

    Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 package Or wharfedale dx2

    Hi am planning to put together a home cinema system for my living room and have a budget of £1200 I am still undecided on what receiver to get but need some advice on speakers, I want to build up to a 7.1 system but can’t decide on the wharedale dx2 with extra speakers or the q acoustics 3010i...
  6. mcamenzuli

    Polk S15e vs Q Acoustics 3020i

    What is the best purchase between Polk S15e and the Q Acoustics 3020i? Planning on using the speakers as a surround for the TV and also connected to an LP Player. Thanks!!
  7. F

    Denon CEOL N10 & SCN10 speakers vs Yam RN602 & Q Acoustics 3020 or other

    Hi All, Quick question on comparison of the two by way of value for money / quality. I'm aware of the key differences and note the Denon would come with a CD player which for me is not a must have. I ask because the Denon is £430, or I can potentially get the RN602 and QA 3020 speakers for...
  8. P

    Kef q550 vs Q Acoustics 3050i help please

    Hi all, There are some threads with similar comparisons but I’m still undecided. My current set up is an Audiolab 6000a using HT bypass via Denon x3300 for movie duties. Currently running 5.1 with a kef htb2 sub, Q Acoustics 2050 fronts and Q Acoustic 2010 rears, 2000 ci centre and Rega P1...
  9. Davekale86

    Question Wharfedale SW150 or Q Acoustics 3070s

    So my brother in law has some wharfedale dx2 5.1 speakers and he says that he’s finding the sub lacking I’ve had a look at the settings in the back of the sub and adjusted them accordingly he was thinking of getting a new sub but only has £200 at the moment he was wondering out of the two which...
  10. groucho marx

    For Sale q acoustics 1010i in graphite,

    as stated in very nice condition,boxed with their grilles,only lightly used for surround duties
  11. M

    Q acoustics 3050 Richer Sounds

    Any one ordered Q acoustics 3050 from Richer Sounds and got delivery date? Waiting from 2 weeks and no news
  12. gurutugonmypuda

    For Sale Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar

    Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar with built in subwoofer & Bluetooth, excellent Soundbar only need to look up for the reviews. The unit is in excellent condition, the only thing of note is I got a couple of paint flicks on the grill when decorating and rather than trying to scrub and mark the grill I...
  13. hazetom

    Q Acoustics Concept 20 replacement (better match for interior)

    Hi all, When I saw a great deal on the Q Acoustics Concept 20, I didn't hesitate to jump on it. For under $270 I managed to get a pair of Concept 20 speakers + the original stands. Both the speaker and the stands are in white. I love the sound of the speakers, but... the design doesn't match...
  14. Onlythesound

    Question Where next with Q Acoustics Concept(s)

    Not sure if this is a true question but here goes: As a great fan of the Q Acoustics Concept 20s (I’ve owned 2 pairs, so they must be doing something right) I can’t help wondering where QA will go next with their more affordable adventures into creative solutions for better sound. The Concept...
  15. Bantam81

    Q Acoustics 7000

    Hi, looking for someone advice please. I've just purchased the q acoustic 7000 system. The problem I have is the sub is not switching on after it has gone to sleep. I have a Denon x2600h avr and have set the cross over on the amp to 120hz. The volume on the sub is set to the 10 o clock position...
  16. P

    Sub to partner Q Acoustics q7070Si.

    Hi - I have a Q7070Si in a 5.1 setup. I’m looking to go to 5.2 plus atmos (amp to be upgraded too). What would be a suitable sub to pair with the 7070? Is the 3060s suitable? Thanks
  17. B

    Question Q acoustics 3010 damaged

    Wonder if anyone can advise if the speaker connections will still work based on the photo below of a speaker I was planning on purchasing from eBay this weekend , has knocked £20 off total price as compensation but will give it a miss if it won’t work thanks
  18. harsha1101

    Question Trying to setup HT for first time

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to setup a HT for the first time. It is for a living space (190 sq.ft area, with one side open) and not an exclusive room. Also i am constrained with space for placement of front-left and front-right speakers. Cannot do a tower or bookshelf and have to settle with...
  19. junpit

    Q Acoustics 3060s - faulty?

    Hi I'm having trouble with my 3060s. I noticed an awful distortion a few weeks ago which I've now investigated. I don't believe its ever really worked well as I've only had it for a year and haven't used it much. The crossover is set to AV and the level halfway. Here is a youtube video I...
  20. TerryHarrison

    Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanders with Concept centre?

    Hi all, Just getting started with home cinema and have purchased a pair of Q Acoustics 3050i's. I've had on order for a few weeks a 3090ci centre but the shop were awaiting stock. They have said today that they can upgrade me free of charge to the new Q Acoustics concept centre. I was wondering...
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