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  1. Andrew1472

    For Sale Q Acoustics 7060s subwoofer

    Before it goes to the local recycling centre, this is free for anyone to repair or live with its issues which are a failure of the auto power on facility resulting in a loud rumbling as it powers on. Its been sat in its box in the spare room for at least 12 months, so I can only assume it’s...
  2. Rhinonine

    Q acoustics 3030i or concept 20 plus sub

    I'm looking for advice from knowledgeable people which would be the better combination. They be used in a 5m by 4.5m living room with lots of soft furnishings. They will be partnered with Audiolab pre/power.
  3. Crownshi

    For Sale Bargain. REDUCED! Complete Surround Sound system. Denon AVR-X2400H plus full set Q Acoustics 1000 series Speakers. Just add cables

    A complete surround sound set up for anyone looking to start out. Just add cables. All a few years old now but still great sounding set up. 1 x Denon AVR-X2400H 7 channel amp can be reconfigured into a 5.2.2 arrangement by adding two additional Atmos speakers. Q Acoustics 1000 series Speakers...
  4. fearce

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3020i - Grey Speaker pair

    Like new, including all boxes, books and packaging. Only selling as changed colour theme so using a black pair instead. Viewing, testing and inspection welcome. Collection only. £150
  5. RetroDaz

    Dali or Q Acoustics with Denon AVC-X3700H

    I'm finally upgrading my home theatre system and have a budget of £3K. I'm having a lot of lip synch issues with my old Pioneer amp and arc no longer appears to work on it so I'm upgrading to a Denon AVC-X3700H as I'm hoping running my Panasonic DWB through it should alleviate the lip synch...
  6. keenor

    For Sale REDUCED - REL HT1003 Subwoofer (£325 delivered, £300 collected from Cardiff)

    REL HT1003 Subwoofer - black - 9 months old - £325 delivered or £300 collected Q Acoustics 3030i bookshelf speakers - carbon black - 11 months old - £175 delivered or £150 collected (Cardiff) 26/06/22 - 3030i now sold Speakers are shown below on matching Q Acoustics 3030FSi Floor Stands in...
  7. Johnboy 130

    Oberon vs 3000i 5.1

    Looking for some advice. The current setup is str dn1080 and mordant short genie speakers, and a dali e12. The size of the room 3m by 3m Looking to upgrade the speakers and are looking at 2 options Dali Oberon thinking 5s for front and 1 for rear coupled with the vokal. Or Q acoustic 3000i...
  8. Baseley09

    For Sale Q Acoustics 2010i 5.1 surround sound speaker set with stands and brackets £250

    Q Acoustics 5.1 surround sound speaker set in graphite black. With official gloss black stands and Atacama stands for the rears (if you dont want the Atacamas i'll take £20 off the price). Included are the official speaker brackets and plates that have never come out of the box! Everything in...
  9. A

    Yamaha NS777 vs Q Acoustics 3050i

    My current setup has the Yamaha NS777 for the fronts, NS444 Center and NS333 surrounds. Would changing my speakers to the Qacoustics 3050i for the fronts, Q 3090i for the Centre and Q 3010i for the surrounds be an upgrade? I recently had to upgrade my subwoofer from the JBL ES250p (it died) to...
  10. M

    Q Acoustics 3050i package or Focal Domes

    Hi, I have at present the Focal Domes & was wondering if the Q Acoustics 3050i would be an upgrade. We have changed the decor & the Q Acoustics 3050i would look better but not sure if there would be a difference in performance. I would be grateful for any advice please.
  11. M

    Tangent Ampster + Q Acoustics

    Hi, I’m needing a 6 speaker system. This has been recommended. I can currently hardwire as the ceilings are down. Room 1: 8 x 9m Room 2: 3 x 3m Want to be able to play both rooms together but also separately Just looking for thoughts/opinions please Thanks Tangent Ampster BT II Q...
  12. P

    For Sale 1 Pair of Q Acoustics Qi65CB ceiling/Atmos speakers

    1 pair of Q Acoustics Qi65CB ceiling/Atmos speakers Owned from new by me since September 2019 In excellent condition and in the original Q Acoustics packaging. There is some dust/plaster residue where they have been removed from the ceiling but this doesn't affect performance and could probably...
  13. Furtle83

    Q Acoustics 3030i or Dali Oberon 1?

    I'm looking for a bit of input on deciding between the Q Acoustics 3030i and the Dali Oberon 1 being run through the Marantz NR1200. Does anyone have experience with either speaker? What's the lower range depth like on the Dalis over the Q Acoustics? Are there any other speakers in the same...
  14. IanOfEssex

    For Sale Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 gloss black speakers for sale

    A set of the award winning Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 surround sound speakers in gloss black for sale. In excellent condition (sub has small mark on bottom and centre has tiny mark on the top neither of which are visible unless close up). Includes the sub woofer, centre channel and 4 wall mounted...
  15. anlygi

    Which sub-£500 stereo amp for Q Acoustics 3050?

    After moving my surround system to another room and wanting to free up some space, I am going to replace my QA 3050 front LR with 3020's. I have always felt the 3050 were a bit wasted in a home cinema setup and my Denon AVR-X2400 has always been lacking in the stereo department. SO, I am going...
  16. G

    Audioengine A5+ vs Q Acoustics M20?

    Hi all! I was hoping to seek your advice. I’m looking to purchase a pair of powered / active bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth / Wireless connectivity that I can primarily connect to my turntable, for around £400. I’m going to place them on my fireplace in the living room. My research...
  17. C

    For Sale Q Acoustics (3050, 3010i, 3090C) & Tannoy TS2.8

    Due to impending baby arrival, I'm having to switch to a soundbar and sub setup and selling up my 5.1 setup. Q Acoustics 3050 (graphite) Good condition, comes with baffles and rubber feet. No boxes. £SOLD Q Acoustics 3010i (graphite) Good condition, comes with box and baffles. £SOLD Q...
  18. S

    Advice on upgrading receiver for Q-Acoustics surround system

    I'm interested in upgrading my 5.1 system to a 5.1.2 system. Can anyone advice me on these 3 questions: 1) which extra speakers I should buy? (I can't use in-wall speakers btw) 2) Receiver I should buy? I have a 5.1 surround system with Q Acoustics 2010i speakers. 4 bookshelf speakers...
  19. S

    Q Acoustics 3090c vs 3090ci

    Hi all, the Q acoustics 3090c centre speaker is keenly priced now at £79 vs £149 for the newer 3090ci. Has anybody upgraded from one to the other? If so, is it worth the additional outlay?
  20. Soundwave

    Stands for Q Acoustics M20 HD (Wireless Speakers)

    Hi all, Just a quick question as I'm currently looking at a pair of the Q Acoustics M20 speakers & just wanted to check these would be the correct stands to go with them - https://petertyson.co.uk/q-acoustics-3000i-stands I can't seem to find anything definitive in the description on any...
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