q acoustic 3010

  1. emptycup

    Question Pair Q Acoustic 3010 with a 3090i?

    Hi all, I have limited space for speakers along the front unfortunately due to wife related requirements. The Q Acoustic 3010 speakers are just small enough for her tastes (the 3010i are slightly bigger - don't ask!). However, for the centre would it be worth sticking with the 3090 or spend a...
  2. D

    Question 5.1 System - Rear Advice

    Hello, I have my heart set on getting the 3050i 5.1 package however I would like some advice. I originally wanted to upgrade the rears to the 3020i' however my back wall (where my sofa is) is quite narrow, by home cinema standards, at 3 metres; so since the 3020i have around 11 inches depth...
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