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Personal Video Recorder
  1. W

    Amp to pvr

    Hi bought a Manhattan pvr t3 and have connected it to the tv via HDMI with aerial plugged into pvr. The av receiver (denon x2500) is also connected to the tv oled LG via HDMIARC. Question is this the correct method, sound is through all speakers when this setting ( multi stereo)? ) is...
  2. chemsul

    Why does PVR no work on the PUS8505 tv

    I have a 50pus8505/62 tv. PVR doesn't work. But PVR works on 2017,2018,2019 models. I don't understand why. Anyone have any idea.
  3. H

    F7000 PVR timeshift function disappointment

    Hi, I was hoping to have paused and time shifted Strictly last night by connecting an external HDD. I got the SSD disk connected, formatted and working OK. However, when I time shifted the program by pressing the pause/play buttons on the remote, the delayed playback came to an abrupt halt at...
  4. O

    Make my new LGTV PVR? Pause, record rewind?

    Hi all, I recently purchased an LGTV 43UN73006LC (2020) and a 128gb flash drive which I was told in the shop would enable me to pause, rewind and record live TV. After a lot of messing around I managed to reformat the flash drive but it would only allow me to record programmes, not pause them...
  5. L


    I purchased a new Panasonic PVR not too long ago attracted by the 'Watch Anywhere' feature, brilliant it worked well when away from home in the motorhome. The first upgrade I received removed the facility to watch anywhere other than my own Router at home. I appreciate the major broadcasters...
  6. wolfie138

    PVR Wrong Program Recorded

    I'm assuming this is down to the broadcaster, but just checking: a couple weeks ago, i set up my U7A's inbuilt PVR to record AEW Dynamite of ITV4. the next day, it had recorded some football crap. chalked it up to me maybe not paying attention to my cursor position, however unlikely, and all has...
  7. arrow57

    Question Hi all, newbie to this forum here, I want to copy recordings from a PVR to a laptop or USB stick. Is this possible? which PVR would be best to buy?

    Hi all, newbie to this forum here, I want to copy recordings from a PVR to a laptop or USB stick. Is this possible? which PVR would be best to buy?
  8. richwilmm

    Sony KD43XH9196BU wont display Digital Stream PVR on HDMI

    I have just purchased this TV and generally brilliant but for some reason it is a disaster when trying to connect my faithful DS PVR via HDMI. I have tried more than one DS PVR, more than one HDMI cable and all the available ports plus locking the DS output at 1080p. The problem is that if I...
  9. JabbaNut

    Humax unveils AURA 4K Freeview PVR powered by Android TV technology.

  10. P

    Options for two old portable televisions

    I would be grateful for your advice please. My old PVR (a Humax 9300-T) has recently broken (which used to send a TV signal via a Nikkai video sender) to the two portable televisions in my house located in other rooms. The old PVR had a scart option at the back of it as well as a HDMI port so...
  11. Riggie

    Signal problem on my TV and PVR set-up.

    Hi Everyone I have a signal problem on my TV and PVR set-up. For quite a while now I get a random and intermittent “signal lost please check your aerial “ banner across the screen, for only 2 or 3 seconds sometimes just a black screen while watching the TV using the Humax, it can go on for 5...
  12. M

    Sky Arts via Humax Foxsat pvr

    I hear we can get Sky Arts on The Humax Foxsat pvr on 147 but an auto rescan has not added that channel. How can it be added? Please give full transponder info. Thanks
  13. Kenny UK

    Panasonic DMR-PWT550 PVR Archive facility - What is this exactly, Can I copy a Blu-ray to its HD?

    Hi I have a Panasonic DMR-PWT550 PVR and I understand it has a "Archive" function. A google search has not brought up any meaningful explanation so.. Does this "Archive" function allow for a copy of a DVD or Blu-ray to be made to the PVR's HD so it can be played back at any time? I recently...
  14. Steve Withers

    Manhattan T3-R Freeview Play PVR Review & Comments

    The Manhattan T3-R is a well-designed, slick and effective Freeview Play PVR with 4K and HDR; offering a genuine alternative to subscription premium boxes. Read the review. Write your own review for Manhattan TV T3-R
  15. David Goodwin

    TV and PVR have different channels

    This must be a common problem but I can;t really see a previous answer. My TV and PVR (Humax) are daisy-chained on the same aerial but when I auto tune them both they come up with slightly different channel lists. So I am watching something on the TV and decide I want to record it, only to find...
  16. K

    Setup help for full screen picture using STB PVR and Sony TV

    Have Bell 4100 non HD STB with output AV cable feeding Pioneer DVR-460 input and HDMI cable feeding Sony Bravia KDL46EX620. The picture only fills part of the screen. The PVR is supposed to be a upconverting unit so I thought I would get a full screen picture. What should my settings be to...
  17. H

    Question Sichbo PVR problem

    I have a problem with SichboPVR. It gives me a message: "SichboPVR won't work without write permission to folder C:\ProgramData\SichboPVR" I have tried manually fix the problem but the message keeps coming back. What should I do?
  18. P

    Digital stream pvr issue

    My recorder turns on but doesn't allow access to main menu. No information on front of box to show station but one station showing on tv. Tried turning in and off no joy.
  19. wolfie138

    PVR File Type Not Supported

    Has anyone had intermittent issues w/ the built in PVR in a U7A? I've been using it no probs for a few weeks, then a couple weeks ago I recorded a program on Blaze and when I tried to play I got the "file type not supported". this week I recorded AEW Dynamite again, watched half of it, have just...
  20. J

    New PVR with Netflix & Amazon Video

    Currently in the market for a new PVR as my Topfield has lost a tuner. Ideally would like one that has both Netflix and Amazon streaming built in. Most seem to have Netflix but can only find 2 from Panasonic which do Amazon also. Does anyone know of any others that I should be looking at...
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