1. D

    For Sale 2 x Road Angel Pure - speed cameras

    Will post pics later - 2 x main units \ power cables \ mounts and anything else I find, I will post and add No longer used due to changes in the cars Out of subscription, so will need a subscription with road angel, just select the features you need, there is always an offer \ deal to be had...
  2. ldx00

    2.1 setup with music in pure direct mode AND for movies wiring issue

    Hi All, I've read a few posts relating to my question, but couldn't find one that addressed it directly so posting new. I have 2 bookshelf speakers, a centre and a sub (Elac 2030, it has only left/right inputs and can accept LFE to just one or the other inputs) and a receiver RX-A810 (has...
  3. dante01

    Yamaha 7.1 AVRs Upmix 5.1 to 7.1 Even in PURE DIRECT and No Longer Support Single Back Surround Speaker

    I've recently encountered a member on this forum that catagorically disputes that modern day Yamaha 7.1 AV receivers forcefully upmix to 7.1 even if set to STRAIGHT or PURE DIRECT modes. This will happen if the setup includes back surrounds and has been the case since at least the RX-Axx50...
  4. jakewalsh

    Pure planet gone bump

    Just been confirmed Annoyed as was tied in till april next yr
  5. caz2005

    Any Dyson Pure Hot + Cool owners want to share their thoughts?

    Hi there, I'm wanting to buy an air purifier and I've always found the Dyson purifiers appealing (especially the recent formaldehyde edition) now that I'm ready to put down some cash I started reading reviews and was quite surprised at how polarised reviews on the Dyson purifiers are. There's...
  6. M

    NR1607 - Sub with Pure Direct

    I'm sure I posted this a few years ago and someone assisted me here, but for the life of me I can't find the answer or original post. I have a Marantz NR1706, and the sub is not used when I listen to anything when "Pure Direct" mode is enabled. Someone told me how to enable it, but since I've...
  7. Pure Ltd

    Pure - Keep on discovering News, Offers and Radio Recommendations

    Hi, dear AVForums Community! We are Pure - a UK brand, building radios for the modern day to connect you with your favourite broadcasts and podcasts. Welcome to this thread! We are super excited to create a space for you within this forum to discover news, offers and recommendations for all...
  8. fallinlight

    (SOLVED/ FOUND) Help choosing paint for home cinema - how much does a pure a shade/ grey matter? Trying to fine a pure dark grey

    UPDAE: 18/06/21: I have settled on some shades of grey I am very happy with, so will be testing them soon. And I have decided upon the blacks I will be using, too. Flints Theatre Black for the ceiling is in hand. UPDATE: 14/06/21: I found a way to enter LAB values manually and then find as...
  9. VHS Gamer

    Why is my Samsung's brightness control not not ever lifting pure black?

    Slight issue with setting the brightness control on my Samsung Q60R. Using a PLUGE pattern, I do not see the pure black around the pattern ever lift or turn to gray at max brightness, it just remains constant black, with only the shades of grey themselves getting brighter and brighter. Granted I...
  10. P

    Pure Evoke Flow - they can't (or won't) reinstate a station

    Hi. I have a Pure Evoke Flow and have asked Pure to reinstate a station that I had as a 'Favourite' but is now 'Station Unavailable'. This is the reply from Pure: “Unfortunately, it is not possible to add new radio stations because your product belongs to an older generation of technology and...
  11. A

    Pure DAB DRX 702ES connector type

    Hello, Hoping someone can confirm, I just got given this tuner, and have an external radio aerial , Can someone please confirm is it an F Type connector I need to put on the aerial cable in order to connect it to the tuner ? Thank you
  12. R

    DENON AVR-X3200W - Pure not working properly?

    I have a DENON AVR-X3200W connected to PS3 via HDMI, used for games and Blu-ray movies. While watching movies producing DTS digital 5.1 (per the PS3 display on TV) I press the yellow "pure" button 3 times to select Auto. The receiver always selects "multi-in". What gives?
  13. Ightenhill

    Question Specific ? re the Yamaha Direct Mode (not Pure direct)

    The Direct Mode description in the manual is rather vague - all it mentions is it curs out unwanted circuitry.. I used to assume that it cut everything out including bass management (like pure) but I now see this isnt the case as if you turn the volume up the display indicates the sub is still...
  14. N

    Yamaha Rx-v750 pure direct problem

    Hey guys, I got yamaha rx v750 recently, oldie but goodie. It has one issue - "pure direct" button puts receiver into standby mode, or in other words - shuts off and there's no sound in speakers and blue pure direct button is dark also. Anyone experienced this? Any ideas? Already tried...
  15. pistolpete1

    Pure Direct on Pioneer Receivers

    Evening all, Can anyone answer whether or not a subwoofer should be active whilst using the Pure Direct mode on a Pioneer receiver? For 6 years mine hasn't, but the other day I increased the sub level on the receiver from - 11db's to 8 (due to re-positioning the sub, and adding a new, longer...
  16. marcd5123

    Question Yamaha RX-V3067 Pure Direct Audio Quality

    Hi Guys, I'm very close to buying a 2nd hand Yamaha RX-V3067 . Unit is in great condition and comes with all accessories. I understand that this was Yamahas flagship around 10 years ago so it will match or just exceed X4100W. I have a faulty Denon 2015 X4100W which unfortunately has a fault...
  17. L

    No sound PURE DIRECT YAMAHA RX-750

    hello, I have a Yamaha RX-750 Stereo, my equipment sounds good unless I activate PURÉ DIRECT, if I deactivate the button nothing sounds, therefore I have no balance, I have no bass, I do not have highs, which may be, help me
  18. starfire

    Denon AVR-X2200W Pure Direct with BK XLS 200-DF Sub

    Hi, I have a Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 surround system so all my speakers are bookshelf size mounted on stands. I'm happy with the 5.1 setup but when playing Music if I put the AVR into Pure Direct then it only outputs Stereo with no sub output so the sound is pretty thin. I have connected the...
  19. S

    Pure direct?

    On my Yamaha 675 all the speakers are set to small, if I use pure direct will that then make stereo sound speakers L/R automatically go to large or will they remain small as per preset?
  20. C

    Contacting Pure radios

    Hello, Anyone had any contact with Pure recently? I've been trying to contact them for a couple of weeks to arrange a replacement unit using their 'ticket' system but they've not responded.
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