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  1. S


    Hi, just bought a DENON X2800 and I'm wondering what to do with AUDIO modes , the PURE AUTO should automatically detect the source signal using the appropriate mode and is the one I'm leaning to , but does it still uses the audissey settings or by passes it ? Thanks
  2. JonnyTester

    Question Where can I buy Bluray "pure Audio" case?

    My 3yo grandson thought it would be a good idea to fling my bluray audio discs around the room (because he can) resulting in my prized John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth and The Who - Quadrophenia clear "Pure Audio" cases cracking. I've looked on ebay, aliexpress, amazon etc, and the closest I can...
  3. P

    4K Pure Direct and Mac Mini..

    I need to get a 40” ish TV for the kids and I was wondering if switching the 4K Pure Direct mode would make the text more readable when using my Mac Mini with it. I tried with a friend’s 4k TV (HiSense) and although the picture was great, the text was hard to read as it seemed to have some light...
  4. J

    NUC8BEH+ Denon AVR..+ DAC ?

    Hello Current.. NUC8BEH, Denon x3600 AVR Infinity Kappa 8, HSU Vt15 sub WD external HD x3, FLAC rips Ashley 3200 amp Newbie with DAC component.. Q. What might be the recommended DAC to have a more pure sound perhaps?
  5. B

    Question Hi Fidelity / Pure Audio Blu-rays: Audio Reproduction

    Hi Forum Members I'm hoping someone may be able to advise me regarding a problem I'm facing. I recently purchased an Audiolab 9000A Integrated Amplifier, an item I'm delighted with. I own some Hi Fidelity / Pure Audio Blu-ray discs which I replay on my Panasonic DP-UB820 Blu-ray player. The...
  6. S

    Cinema 50 and Pure Direct and LFE/Bass Output

    Hi, I've finally ordered my new AV receiver and some new front L/R speakers and a new sub, and now want to address something I haven't bothered to look into before, and that is getting the sub to work while set to pure direct mode. What is the magic ingredient to get LFE/Sub to work when in...
  7. Pure International Ltd

    Promoted Why the world needs another audio brand - Discover the new Pure product range and win some great prizes

    Why the world needs another audio brand - Discover the new Pure product range and win some great prizes Pure has re-launched its brand and positioned itself as a stylish, simple, and joyful audio brand. Research has shown, that next to sound quality, the most important factor for people to...
  8. Bert Coules

    Pure Theatre projector lifts

    A word of praise for Pure Theatre, especially their projector lifts. I've just had to remove one from my loft after six years of virtually daily usage hauling my weighty JVC projector up and down, and with no lubrication or any other attention it's still operating as smoothly as ever. I've had...
  9. T

    Pure direct malarkey...

    i have yamaha as-500 integrated amp and for a couple of years i was listening it with pure direct on...but, since i bought wiim pro streamer something doesn't sound right, i have an impression that sound is a little bit lifeless and sterile...i switch pure direct off and enjoy music again, sound...
  10. Pure International Ltd

    Waterproof Outdoor Speaker - New Pure Woodland

    The Joy of Outdoor Sounds Escape into the wilderness and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our brand new Woodland portable outdoor speaker. Crafted with your adventurous spirit in mind, this rugged and waterproof speaker is the perfect companion for all your outdoor escapades...
  11. Turnbullissimo

    Pure Chromos CD player power point

    I'm a bit confused. I inherited a Pure CD player but don't know how to connect the power. The CD player has a USB style socket but the plug has a round insert pin. If there's something missing, what is it I need?
  12. N

    Pure Highway DAB Aerial DIY

    I've recently started using an original Pure Highway with its stick on windscreen aerial. It works ok but lost the signal under trees and in the same place on a return jorney outside Northampton. I haven't used it much but I'm expecting poor reception when traveling more. I recently bought an...
  13. S

    Pure Connect shutdown

    https://support.pure-audio.com/de/news/posts/internet-radio-service-flow-announcement-of-shutdown Very unhappy with Pure. My Evoke Flow, amongst many other older models, will no longer be able to access internet radio. See the link above for details. Only two weeks notice was given on their...
  14. stevetiler

    Pure Evoke 1S problem

    Hi all , my mum has an Evoke 1S that appears to be dead ! No lights or sound at all , power supply is working and outputting the 6volts . Anyone got any ideas on a fix? Contacted Pure but they said its uneconomical to repair . Thanks
  15. MikeKay1976

    Grid Legends.... Codies 1st pure VR racing title?

    native to quest (hopefully other ports come to, i guess it depends if facebook paid for it to be made) https://www.roadtovr.com/codemasters-first-quest-native-racing-sim-release-quest-2-next-week/amp/
  16. J

    Pure Evoke 1s replacement display question

    Hi, I've found a couple of replacement displays for the Pure Evoke 1s online. I just want to ask what sort of price you'd expect to pay for something like this. So far I've seen from £12 to £40, annoyingly the £12 are sold out and I'm thinking £40 is taking the mick, although postage is free...
  17. Lasi Max

    Yamaha RX-V2600 Pure Direct Mode (No sounds on HDMI)

    Does the pure direct mode in Yamaha RX-V2600 works with HDMI?. When i play using hdmi, everything works but when i hit the pure direct, it displays as “Analog Selected” and there is no sound. Is there any option to config the pure direct mode to work on HDMI ? Looking forward for answers...
  18. T

    anyone know where i can get a Pure Chargepack F1 bATTERY PLEASE

    It has to be a PURE brand one as i bought a compatible one and it keeps disconnecting . THANX
  19. Drdense

    Pioneer vsx-933 Bass extremely low except in pure direct

    I have just found that my bass output is extremely low on both automatic and pure mode, only getting decent output on pure direct mode. I have gone through the settings and as far as I can tell I've turned the bass up to max but still the same issue? I'd prefer to use direct mode as the room...
  20. L

    qd-oled no pure blacks ?

    Hello everyone, i wanna buy a new tv but i just can’t decide which model, actually my favourite is the samsung s95b but i’ve heard on the web that in a bright room the black level is not as good as a woled, like lg ones, because of it has not a polarisation filter or something like that. Is that...
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