1. C

    Contacting Pure radios

    Hello, Anyone had any contact with Pure recently? I've been trying to contact them for a couple of weeks to arrange a replacement unit using their 'ticket' system but they've not responded.
  2. T

    Question Pure Oasis Flow

    I have a very strange problem with my Pure Oasis Flow radio. When receiving digital radio, the clock time shown on the display is always accurate. If I turn off the radio, the correct time is displayed for about 30 minutes then the clock time loses about 7 or 8 minutes and remains 7 or 8 minutes...
  3. P

    Sensia Pure Radio Clock Problem

    I have 2 Sensia Pure Internet Radios and both have the clock which is set by the internet running 5 minutes slow Most annoying when you use it as your main clock. Having contacted Pure who manufactured this radio the answer that was given is "we are working on it" This has been ongoing for...
  4. R

    Pure Evoke F3 Station query??

    Hi all, newbie here:hiya:. Wonder if anyone can help?? I recently purchased a Pure Evoke F3 to replace my old Roberts, that's now happily playing away in the garage, but my new Pure seems to be playing a different station than my Roberts. I regularly listen to Radio10 60's and 70's Hits, from...
  5. MikesMovies

    Pure Evoke Flow need help

    Hi, I have one of these internet radios/DAB. Black shiny thing that sounds very nice. However I feel Pure have behaved terribly, initially I was able to use my PC to control it and store, find edit internet radio stations. Pure then dropped this, so once I got an iPad i downloaded and used the...
  6. P

    Pure One Flow

    I have a broken Pure Flow One Dab Radio (internet streamer / dab / fm) Has any one got a copy of the circuit diagrams - especially the small board connected directly to the speaker.
  7. J

    Road Angel Pure five year cost is £750 - beware!

    Five year cost is £750 - beware! But did you know that if you dont pay Road Angel £99 per year they disable your Pure device making your £250 purchase useless. Five year cost is purchase price plus £99 per year making a staggering £750.00 !! Absurd.
  8. OlivierK

    Question Pure Evoke 1S Marshall - Hour update

    I all since some weeks, every time the radio had been shutdown, the hour automatically found is 5 minutes late compared to the real hour. So with the menu I set it manually to get the right hour. I have checked the software version and it is up to date. Any idea why the radio does not...
  9. JBMouse

    Pure Reach F10/100XC remote control instructions

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a link to a site where I can download the instruction sheet/manual for the Pure Reach 100XC remote control. The F10 manual will also suffice, as I believe they are basically the same. Pure Tech support tell me they do not have downloadable manuals for this...
  10. M

    Does Anthem mrc 20 really sound better than Yamaha aventage in pure direct mode?

    I have came across repeatedly that Anthem mrx series has a an edge over yamaha aventage. but i havent read anything specific for sound quality difference. Anthem has better room correction compared to Ypao. I have heard only anthem and seemed good neutral sounding. I would imagine for $3000+...
  11. arno65

    Pure Highway 400 no display

    Driving along this morning I changed channels on my highway which went into antenna connecting mode and then the image faded to a few lines but I still had one station playing. Stopped thge car and fiddled about with it until the display went a bit haywire and the battery indicator showed empty...
  12. O

    Pure Highway Aerial question

    Hi Everyone Thinking about buying a Pure Highway 400/600 DAB unit for my car. I've read alot of comments on this site about how the stick on window aerial is OK..but not great, and it got me thinking. Has anyone attempted to solder or connect a better aerial and then fit it into the black...
  13. H

    NEWS: Denon announce AVC-X8500H Pure AV Amplifier

    Denon is back with its first 'pure' AV amplifier in nine years with the AVC-X8500H boasting 13 channels of built-in amplification for up to a 7.2.6 configuration for immersive audio. Read the news.
  14. dergo

    Question Panasonic TX-50CX680B, 4K Pure Direct & SKY Q

    Hi, I got upgraded to SKY Q yesterday, which seems good so far. I have selected 4K as the output on the SKY Q box and it recognized my TV as a 4K one. The problem I am having is, the 4K pure direct option on the TV is greyed out. I found the following advice on the Panasonic website, but the...
  15. K

    HMV Pure - Bridge Over The River Kwai 4K £9.99

    Just picked this up at my local HMV today. Quite a low price for those who have an HMV Pure card.
  16. danez

    Question Pure Tempus-1 Dab radio, same as the Evoke-1radio, a problem.

    Hi I have the above Dab radio, and has been working perfectly as bedside radio. The problem is that after someone keep twisting the Antenna, it has pulled the wire off of the pc board, perfectly simple fix, or so it seems, but nowhere can I find where the wire connects/solders back on. Does...
  17. DevonMike

    4K Pure Direct

    Can anyone please advise how the hell to activate the 4K PURE DIRECT setting on the 700B? My BT Youview box with 4K UHD is fed into hdmi 1 and the option is still greyed out,the first four pics show this and also the hdmi content,hdmi eotf(whatever that means) screen and the hdmi rgb screen, I...
  18. A

    Panasonic TX-50CX680 4K pure Direct

    Panasonic TX-50CX680 Anyone know why enabling 4K Pure Direct cuts the refresh rate down to 30 mhz My PC has a GTX 980Ti GV-N98TG1 which has according to specs a HDMI 2.0 port. The other device is a 4K player. The TV outputs both at 3840 x 2160 60 Mhz. But 4K PD is greyed out. If i enable 4KPD...
  19. A

    Panasonic Viera TX-55CX680B and 4K pure Direct

    I have re posted this in Panasonic TV's forum but cant see a way to delete this thread from this forum
  20. S

    Question HMV pure point

    I no a few of you have an pure point card :D,but having problems with mine,everytime i buy something it show on my receipt how may point i got,and the staff at HMV tell on some purchases i will get double points blu rays/4K UHD discs. But when i sign into my account on HMV website,no points...
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