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    KEF PSW2010 and NAD 3225pe interference or faulty?

    Hello All, long time reader first time poster! I'm having an issue in my setup that so far I haven't seen documented elsewhere so i'm hoping someone can shed some light! List of equipment Dual 505-3 Turntable NAD 3225pe amp KEF PSW2010 Sub Monitor Audio BX1 Bookshelf speakers Problem I am...
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    KEF PSW2010 Subwoofer

    I have just been given a KEF PSW 2010 subwoofer which Works great, the only thing I notice is after 1 to 2 hours the subs power stays on but cuts all sound off. (to the sub not the speakers) so I turn it off for 10 mins then back on and it’s ok, does anybody know if this is normal? The back is...
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    KEF PSW2010 Compatible Speakers

    I have inherited a KEF PSW2010 subwoofer. To complete a surround-sound set up, can anybody recommend speakers that will be compatible? I am a real newbie to this and also on a budget, Thanks.
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