1. B

    4k cable requirements for PS5 PSVR

    I currently own a PS4 with a PSVR headset. I am currently awaiting a new PS5 console which I have been informed does support the PSVR. I have, as advised, bought a new HDMI cable which should be better for my PS5 to send the 4K signal to my 4KTV. But then I suddenly realised that, with the...
  2. carlpcross

    Quest 2 or Psvr for family gaming

    Looking at investing in the above. Priority will be family fun for kids aged 12 and 9. Just want to stream to the tv and watch the fun.
  3. winka45

    PSVR PS5 vs PSVR PS Pro

    Just had my first experience of PSVR on my PS5 and I'm very impressed. Its loads clearer than it was on my launch day PS4. For anyone that's experienced PSVR on the Pro then PS5 is there a large jump in resolution or is the Pro basically the same as the PS5? I can really see my PSVR usage...
  4. K

    Question PSVR 'corruption'on TV

    Hi, Does anyone get the below sort of corruption on the TV when using PSVR? It doesn't affect the view from the headset so it's an annoyance rather than a real problem. Removing and replacing the HDMI cable seems to clear it so maybe it's a cable issue? Wanted to see if anyone thought the...
  5. T

    PSVR Bundle release date

    Hi, I am looking to get a PSVR bundle. Amazon have PSVR starter pack for £259.99, but state it hasnt been released yet, but dont say when it will be available. Do any of you learned people know anything ? I am new to this. Also looking to get a PS4 pro to go with it, but they are also elusive...
  6. Steca

    Free PSVR Adapter available Now to Order

    As above.
  7. Ibsen3

    PSVR headset shows only a static screen

    Hello, This is my first post here. I've been using my PS4 for a long time now and there is nothing wrong with my display for the PS4 itself on an ex-PC monitor. However, after happily using my PSVR for over a year, I turned on the headset to find that all that was showing was a static screen...
  8. vmagix

    PSVR and Ambilight

    Just a PSA really... PSVR was sporadically completely losing tracking, with my view (and the controllers) freezing in place. Strangely enough it was only during Beat Saber - other games seemed to be fine. Anyway, after trying everything to rectify it, including unplugging a nearby harmony hub...
  9. Jreg

    Track Lab - share your beats :)

    Anyone else pick this up? I've had it on for a bit over the last week and really enjoyed it. I fell in love with SoundShapes when it came out and this is the only decent music creation game out since. I cant remember if there has been any other ones. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this. You'll...
  10. VicinityVR

    Peer2Peer VR Marketplace Startup - Thoughts? Hi, we are a brand new startup called Vicinity Virtual Reality. We’re a peer to peer marketplace (similar in style to AirBnB) through which owners of VR set-ups can offer up their play space for a pre-set period and price, to guests wanting to experience VR but unable...
  11. TheyCallMeTJ

    Complete PSVR Games DataBase (released/upcoming/controller/etc) - maintained

    I've mentioned this database some time ago on the PSVR general thread but thought I make a dedicated thread for it to get more exposure to all you PSVR users as I think its extremely useful in many ways and is continuously upto date. For example I have used it to purchase almost every game that...
  12. F

    PSVR games sale - recommendations ?

    Hi, I have just got a PSVR in the amazon easter sale and have no games other than PSVR Worlds. I notice there is a sale on PSN at the moment and like the look of Eve: Valkyrie (£10) and Archangel for £12, I quite fancy I expect you to die for £8. What do you think of these and are there...
  13. Droogie 2001

    My first weekend with the PSVR!

    Having recently purchased a PS4 Pro at Xmas I decided that the PSVR option was too much of an exciting opportunity to miss out on. My only previous experience with VR was last year at the PC Gamer show in London. These were running on HTC Vive’s with what I would imagine were powerful gaming...
  14. J

    New PSVR owners and glasses wearers.. Get some protection

    Since we have countless new PSVR owners since Christmas, I thought it would be prudent to give a warning about the risks of scratching your lenses with glasses. There are many DIY solutions to mitigate the risk.. Or I make/sell a 3D printed product that will help. Problem is the mods wern't...
  15. TheyCallMeTJ

    Your favourite PSVR game and moments compiled

    This is a list of everyone's favrourite games and favourite moments as mentioned on this thread (last updated 14th January 2019). Followed by my own descriptive favourite moments and games AVFer's list of PSVR Games enjoyed so far (in order of number of AVFer's who enjoyed each game)...
  16. F

    Question PS4 Pro needed for PSVR?

    Hi All, Is it worth upgrading very old PS4 to a PS4 Pro to run the VR or is the speed / difference minimal? I do have a 4k TV but don't the PS4 for anything but playing games.
  17. S

    Sport's Bar psvr

    I have sport's bar for the psvr, does anyone know if we in Britain get it updated to sports bar 2.0?
  18. LemonSuprise

    Question Fixing a PSVR Headset

    Asking on behalf of a friend. Her guinea pig has chewed through the left wire connected to the PSVR headset (#5) near where the volume controls are. The annoying thing is it is the only wire that can't be removed or replaced so it looks like buying a new PSVR headset is the only option at the...
  19. H

    Any other "hidden" psvr games?

    Just noticed when looking at the solus project store page, at the bottom, on the "other people bought" section.... A game called "soul dimension" for £3.69. Never even seen this in the main psvr section of the store, or in the PS4 section. But it's there to buy if you click on that link and at...
  20. H

    Psvr sickness tips

    Hi. Just thought I'd post a couple of tips I've found recently that can be really helped with vr sickness. 1 - try all things you can find to give you the least amount of "world wobble". For me, that's meant totally blocking all natural light in my room, blanking out the 3 walls of the play...
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