1. zt1903

    Next PlayStation Event, TBC

    Let the speculation commence. I’m going with August 27th as the date- opening night of Gamescom. Full on conference-style event. Price and launch date to be revealed.
  2. M

    Question Will 30fps on PS5 look better on OLED then the PS4 Pro

    Like the topic says, will 30fps on PS5 look better on OLED tv's then the PS4 Pro?. After buying a new LG CX I'm a bit disappointed with how 30fps games look when it comes to juddering. I find that 30fps from the Xbox One X looks a bit better then from the PS4 Pro, but still the juddering is way...
  3. Toasty

    The future of PlayStation Subscription services

    I recall playing Red Dead Redemption, it was amazing, yeah, I was a bit pants at taming horses and the like, but I persisted and was thoroughly blown away by the story telling and that final act. I played courtesy of PS+ back in 2012, I couldn't believe such a massive AAA classic was part of my...
  4. zt1903

    Far Cry 6 (PS5/PS4) (Feb '21)

    Cross-gen, free upgrade to PS5 version, launching in Feb according to leak on PS Store
  5. TheGamer147

    PS5 Pre-Order

    Where everyone pre-ordering from...does Argos open midnight like game etc thinking of getting from there.
  6. zt1903

    Next State of Play - August?

    Heavily rumoured in the gaming media at the moment. Along with a discussion that Sony have held things back for this event. Tbh, I had no doubt that there were more announcements...
  7. zt1903

    Metal Gear Solid movie

    Seemed as good a place as any to discuss this. Kojima is writing the script, Oscar Isaac rumoured to be playing Solid Snake.
  8. B

    Freesync and HDMI 2.1

    Hi all, HDMI 2.1, VRR, G-sync, Freesync LFC, blah blah blah. I'm upgrading my TV this year and I will be buying one or both next gen consoles. So which of the HDMI 2.1 features are the most important? For instance, LG CX now has Freesync premium support, whereas the C9 does not. How much, if...
  9. zt1903

    Recompile (PS5) (2020) Appears to be another launch title.
  10. zt1903

    PlayStation Indies This is one that is coming to PS5 And this:
  11. jjgreenwood


    Another one that presumably is coming to PS5
  12. jjgreenwood

    Crash Bandicoot 4

    I'm guessing this is also PS4/PS5
  13. zt1903

    Gotham Knights (PS5)(TBA)

    Also in development and expected to be teased at DC Fandome in August. Developer is WB Montreal
  14. zt1903

    Suicide Squad (PS5) (TBA)

    Being developed for NextGen consoles by Rocksteady
  15. JTL

    Fifa 21 Dual Entitlement (PS4 to PS5)

    Once you have your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, Dual Entitlement enables you to upgrade your copy of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, at no extra cost. If you purchase FIFA 21 for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to upgrade your copy...
  16. zt1903

    The PS5 Confirmed Games Thread

    Purpose of the thread is to act as a reference point to know which games are confirmed for PS5. I will update the relevant posts below the OP when new information become available. Please reply if you spot something not on the list. I will include, where available: - Release Date - Platform...
  17. SilverSalad

    PS5 games that weren't announced at the PS5 event

    Did anyone know there are a lot of games not announced at the PS5 event? Some don't come as a surprise though... Source: 19 in development PlayStation 5 games not announced at the PS5 event
  18. zt1903

    PS5 UI to be “shown soon”. Complete overhaul. So what are people’s hopes and expectations on this?
  19. golden phoenix


    Hi All, thought id start a thread for deals and bundles ready for when the price and pre orders - (which i'm assuming isn't far off) are revealed, so post them in here when we have proper price reveal, and bundle offers.
  20. zt1903

    In Sound Mind (PS5) (Early 2021)

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