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  1. E

    Playstation controller failing to connect to ps4

    Playstation controller failing to connect to ps4: Hi everyone, I’m having problems with my ps4/controller connecting. My controller was only turning on when connected via cable and even then was struggling to connect and constantly disconnecting. I tried a number of different fixes, resetting...
  2. Matt Wood

    Best adapter for PS4 controller on pc?

    Which is the best adapter to get my PS4 controller to work on pc. I’m currently using USB cable but connector keeps coming out So wanted go the wireless route.
  3. carl6018

    Gold wireless headphones and PS4 controller speaker sound

    Hi there. I was wondering if I connect the PlayStation gold wireless headphones to the PS4 will any sound that comes out of the controller speaker be automatically transferred to the headphones or is there a setting you have to turn off. Thanks.
  4. Joseph Gappy

    Question My PS4 controller acts weird then disconnects after plugging in headset

    Hi, i have just bought a new ps4 controller it works fine but when i plug in the headset the sound is not as efficient as the original ds4 and when its plugged in sometimes the controller acts in its own and i cant control it anymore then stops working and i have to turn it on again i have tried...
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