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  1. Drongo


    Hi I'm toying with the idea of buying a PS 4 and a PSVR system. I'm rather out of touch with modern gaming; but I'm intrigued by VR and so before I spend any money; I have a few (possibly dumb) questions to ask. 1: Is there much difference in VR quality between using a standard PS4 and a PS...
  2. gixxerman

    Current BT broadband ad, what's the PS VR game?

    Just as the title says, I'm intrigued, does anyone recognise the flying space game shown? Elite Dangerous is my guess but I don't know, can anyone say for sure?
  3. M

    Bargain PS VR starter kit + Skyrim or GT Sport £250

    From Friday PS VR starter kit + Skyrim or GT Sport £250 Buy Now
  4. ozzzy189

    Polybius (VR Compatible) - Jeff minter does it again

    I just found out by reading the comments on metro gamecentral that Jeff and Giles have their latest game out today on the ps4. So I bought it. Its supermegaawesome as you'd expect, a bit dear at £13.99 but absolutely fantastic and anyone who grew up in the 80's will love the classic arcade...
  5. johnnyhungus

    Question PS VR future controllers

    After reading the positive reviews on the Oculus Touch controllers, I just wondered if there are any whispers of different types of controllers for the PSVR system? It seems very quiet on the third party controller side of things, or am I missing something?
  6. jms_uk

    DIY PS VR stuff

    Just found these amusing, ya'll might get some use out of them.. :) VR Cable belt clip Headphone Cable Management My solution to PS VR earbud cable management... • /r/PSVR
  7. MacrosTheBlack

    PSVR processor unit not showing social screen

    Just thought I'd post this up in case others are having the same issue. So my new PSVR all works fine, but noticed that a lot of the time there was nothing getting displayed on the TV screen (social screen) whilst using the PSVR headset. Sometimes a picture will appear at points in a VR game...
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