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  1. allanb1985

    For Sale PS Vita Slim

    I have for sale my Vita Slim. I have been pondering over selling this for some time now. I genuinely don’t think you will find a better example out there. Unfortunately there is no box but the condition and accompanying bits more than make up for that. The Vita has had a screen protector front...
  2. robloxian

    For Sale PS Vita 8GB Memory Cards

    2 X 8GB official Vita cards - £10 each delivered or both for £18.50 delivered.
  3. M

    For Sale PS Vita games

    Looking to shift the following. Demon Gaze PEGI £35 Mary Skelter PEGI £80 Dungeon Travelers 2 PEGI £50 Postage cost depends on how you want them sent.
  4. A

    psp games wanted

    Hey guys, Looking for psp titles of Platypus and Soreyuke! Burunyanman thanks dave
  5. W

    For Sale PS VITA

    For sale is my vita original. It Doesn’t come with the box at all just the carry case and charger and as you can see it’s the original charger and a bit frayed but works fully. There’s a little nick on the casing of the vita which you can see on the front. Light scratches on the back which are...
  6. C

    For Sale PS Vita boxed with 3 games, 3 memory cards + PSP Street black with games.

    PS Vita 1000 black. Screen with screen protector on, very good condition, photos of both side of console included. Comes with Killzone mercenary, super monkey ball, little big planet. Comes with box, and official 32gb, 8gb, and 4gb memory card. No swaps thank you - £120 PSP street, comes with...
  7. S

    PSVita power problem

    I’m currently using my usb cord for my used JP limited edition Dragon Quest PSVita, that I recently bought and it seems that the battery was drained. The charge indicator is lit(on top unlike the other vita’s I’ve seen on YouTube. Will flash orange when trying to turn on, like it doesn’t have...
  8. LKEK1985

    Wanted PS Vita Games

    Morning all and merry Xmas, I stupidly sold my vita collection a few years back to which I regret. So I’m looking to start collecting again. I’m looking for all sorts of vita games. Please post what you have and price delivered. No stupid prices please, I'm only interested in boxed games. I...
  9. paul1979

    Question about vita

    I know Sony was stopping the use of debit card etc. can you still purchase games from psn? Also can you go online still and sign in?
  10. Gunbuster

    For Sale Gigantic PS Vita games collection - almost any game you can think of is here!

    I've finally managed to catalogue my Vita collection! All the good stuff is here! A.W. Phoenix Festa! Ar NeoSurge! Breach & Clear! I'm planning on taking it to a local retro store towards the end of this week and take a hit on the value to save me a lot of time and effort, but thought I'd offer...
  11. LooMac

    Ps vita dpad drift

    Hi everybody I just bought a ps vita recently of eBay used and in the description of the listing it said there were drift problems. I bought I knowing there would be problems and when it came it was obvious that there were drift problems. What I don’t understand is that when you boot the system...
  12. King Mustard

    A piece of something (plastic?) rattling around inside

    I bought a used Vita (UK OLED 3G model) two weeks ago. I've used it every day and it all appears to work fine. However, there's a small piece of plastic or something that rattles around inside. It's not the buttons etc. rattling, it's an actual loose piece. I think the left shoulder button...
  13. G

  14. shoemaker666

    PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Online Stores to Close This Summer

    Apparently the store will close and you wont be able to buy games from the store on these consoles and handhelds later on this year. Also the ability to purchace games for these systems is also not available on the web store any more. will you be able to download previous purchases? PS3, PS...
  15. B

    Resistance multiplayer trophy attempt

    Currently in small deathmatch for the next hour or so for any who want to get a game going.
  16. dawson001

    Error nw-5603-4 help

    Hi guys Turned my Vita on for the first time in ages and no matter what I do I keep getting error nw-5603-4. I've tried changing DNS settings, formatting etc but nothing works.
  17. B

    Candy Vita GV169TWC3B/1-80

    Hi, I have the washing machine model above and its stopped working today. The display has gone but still beeps when moving between programmes. Unfortunately it won't start. Wondered if anyone had any advice before we maybe tip it and get a new one. TIA Andy
  18. C

    A few questions about the Vita TV and PSP games

    Hi From what I understand, the PlayStation store has recently stopped selling PSP games, apart from if you buy them on the console you want to play them on. Is this correct? So does that mean you can still buy and download PSP games on the Vita TV? Another question about the console - does it...
  19. S

    PS Store to no longer show Vita (and PSP, PS3) games from 19th Oct

    The end is nigh! " While you’ll no longer be able to purchase PS3 and PS Vita content from the PS Store on web and mobile, the platform holder is not shutting the storefronts down; you’ll still be...
  20. Bruvinski

    Question Buying Used PS Vita Games on eBay

    Hey, I have the OLED PS Vita model, now I want to buy some games for it on eBay, now I was wondering if some games are locked by region? If so how do I know what region my Vita is and what games to buy? Really need some help, thanks.
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