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  1. dawson001

    Error nw-5603-4 help

    Hi guys Turned my Vita on for the first time in ages and no matter what I do I keep getting error nw-5603-4. I've tried changing DNS settings, formatting etc but nothing works.
  2. Montefor

    Wanted Ps vita minecraft

    Looking for 2 copies of minecraft for the ps vita or even a digital code. Also looking for other vita games like Tearaway and Rayman Legends Many thanks
  3. Gunbuster

    Wanted Vita for homebrew - coloured version preferred!

    I’m looking to pick up another Vita for homebrew purposes. I don’t care which model, but I would like a colour other than black as I already have 3 black OLED models and 1 black Slim, so something different would be nice. It does need to be a excellent condition though, I’m not interested in...
  4. B

    Candy Vita GV169TWC3B/1-80

    Hi, I have the washing machine model above and its stopped working today. The display has gone but still beeps when moving between programmes. Unfortunately it won't start. Wondered if anyone had any advice before we maybe tip it and get a new one. TIA Andy
  5. C

    A few questions about the Vita TV and PSP games

    Hi From what I understand, the PlayStation store has recently stopped selling PSP games, apart from if you buy them on the console you want to play them on. Is this correct? So does that mean you can still buy and download PSP games on the Vita TV? Another question about the console - does it...
  6. S

    PS Store to no longer show Vita (and PSP, PS3) games from 19th Oct

    The end is nigh! " While you’ll no longer be able to purchase PS3 and PS Vita content from the PS Store on web and mobile, the platform holder is not shutting the storefronts down; you’ll still be...
  7. Bruvinski

    Question Buying Used PS Vita Games on eBay

    Hey, I have the OLED PS Vita model, now I want to buy some games for it on eBay, now I was wondering if some games are locked by region? If so how do I know what region my Vita is and what games to buy? Really need some help, thanks.
  8. Darkshroomi

    Bioshock vita

    I think they should make bioshock for vita still. The vita is an awesome device that disserves attention. The proved that the vita can handle FPS's and that they can work perfectly fine. so I'm taking a poll.
  9. EricaR

    Question PS Vita purchasing

    Currently, I'm playing on PS4 and perhaps this could be a stupid question ever.. Is it worth buying PS vita at the moment? I haven;t ever played on PS vita.. I recently, started to play video games as I wasn't interested in it before. I would like to know current status of PS vita and its...
  10. RMCF

    Question Are Vita Audio units exactly the same as their Ruark eqivalents?

    I've seen quite a few Vita Audio units listed much cheaper than the same Ruark one, yet claiming they are the same. Is this true?
  11. B

    Vita download issue

    Hey all, I'm having trouble downloading numerous vita games onto my vita. When I log onto my Playstation Account through a web browser I can see everything I've ever purchased but when I go through the PSstore on my Vita I only see some of my Vita games. For example, I have Uncharted Golden...
  12. lee1980

    Found mine in drawer! PCH-1103

    I know I hardly used it, and probably wouldn't now much at all, any interest here, got 16gb card and Lord of the Rings lego game. I need to find charger but sure it will work, unless firmware is out of date etc Im not sure. Any idea on a good price to sell? I got a switch on launch to and...
  13. jouster

    PS Vita - a new lease of life

    So recently there have been a spate of mentions of the PS Vita on the “show us your purchases” thread and this alone got me to get mine out of a drawer where it has been for at least 6-7 years. Like many, I picked mine up at launch at the promise of its amazing functionality and at the start I...
  14. J

    Downloaded games don't work.

    Hi I am new to playstation. I thought I could just download a game from the Vita games section and expect it to work on my Vita pch2016. Games off carts work with no problem but stuff I download don't. For example there is one called 5-in-1 Arcade Hits. It says "press start button" but nothing...
  15. J

    MLB the show 14

    Does anyone know if this game has automatic instant replays and or cut scenes between pitchers? If so I would really like to know how to turn them
  16. Dazza Cole

    Are the Vita servers still live?

    Was thinking of picking one up in order to play through Persona 3 Portable again, but no point if I can’t download it from the store. Are the servers still active ?
  17. M

    Why Vita failed

    I'm pretty sure Vita failed because the games were too hard.
  18. matamorrison

    Question Hard Case Recommendations

    Hi guys, just got myself a nice Vita 1003... looking for a good hard case to keep it in. I'm seeing a few different "cheap" eBay ones around but they are rather generic or aimed at the slim. Anyone got any links to a good original case?
  19. MrMister111

    Question Use any Watt charger?

    Is it ok to use any Watt charger for Vita 2000? It's just I'm streamlining when away my chargers. I now have an Anker Atom PD1 which is 30W USB-C. I have a USB-C to MicroUSB cable. Is it ok to use this to charge the Vita?
  20. quidditys_shore

    Question What USA exclusive vita & switch games to buy?

    I'm off to florida on Sunday & I just have to get a game or two! Can anyone recommend games for the vita or switch that aren't available in the UK? I do have a ps3 & ps4 also but it's haldheld I play mainly. Even thinking of picking up a vita slim as backup :clap:
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