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  1. Speed

    For Sale PS Plus 12 Month Codes x 2

    Hi Guys, Got a couple of PS Plus 12 Month codes available which were purchased from GAME. This months three games which includes 3 extra bonus PSVR titles (ends end of day 1st December): PlayStation Plus games for November: Knockout City, First Class Trouble, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning...
  2. P

    PS Plus renewal question

    I have taken advantage of ShopTo’s £29.50, 12m PS+ offer. My current subscription doesn’t expire until 24/12/2021, if I apply the code today, I assume that it’ll just extend to 24/12/2022? I’ve only ever renewed after expiry so don’t want to risk redeeming the code and it not making a...
  3. frankie carbone

    ps plus

    hi iam getting a ps5 arriving next week have not gamed in over 20 years so out of touch should i get ps plus is that the best one to get also whats a good price to pay for it,thanks
  4. M

    Selling PS4 Pro with PS Plus games

    Hi everybody, I want to sell my PS4 Pro as I never use it other than to collect my monthly PS Plus games. In theory, if I were to change my current PlayStation email address to something random like [email protected] and change my password too, could I then sell my PS4 with this...
  5. ilovelife

    PS Plus sub, cheap subs legit?

    Hi all, being new to PlayStation having just acquired my PS5 I am wanting a PS Plus sub, I’ve noticed Shopto selling a 12 month for £32.85, are these cheap ones all ok and legit? Are there any differences or is a Ps Plus sub the same across the board for all Playstations? thanks
  6. M

    Ps plus auto renew refund.

    I don’t have a PlayStation anymore and just been auto renewed is there anyway if getting the cash back, I’ve accessed my account and switched it off as I got rid of mine before Xmas and thought I’d turned it off
  7. S

    PS Accounts and PS Plus question

    Hi - long term PS Plus user on PS4 and now the proud owner of a PS5 so thrilled. Now I want to enable my son (we shared an account before) to be able to play the PS4 while I play the PS5 or vice versa. But was trying to avoid having to pay for two PS Plus accounts. Is there a way for us to get...
  8. Sunshinewelly

    is ps plus worth it

    i know its very subjective but i have never had ps plus but took advantage of the £50 15 month deal primarilly so i could have help on demons souls. I am now thinking of cancelling it. if i was to get a 12 month usa sub then would i get access to teh special set of ps4 games that came with the...
  9. markie g

    PS Plus but can't access PS Plus Collection

    I recently came back to the PS scene with a PS5 and bought PS Plus, however on the mobile app i can view the current monthly games and claim. However i can't seem to access the PS Plus section (where i assume the collection games are). When i go to the store > PS Plus and sign in it says i need...
  10. TommyG264

    Question Help with ps plus / user transfer

    hi, I have ps plus and I have transferred all my game saves via cloud from PS4 to ps5. However, my partner has her own user id on the PS4 and game saves from ff7 and others, didn’t know how to bring her profile over with her saves to ps5 so I’ve had to set her up a new account on ps5 and...
  11. onezeon

    PS plus for my son??

    Might be a silly question but I’m giving my son my PS4 Pro for Xmas and I’ll have the PS5 by then (hopefully) ive recently just found out he can’t “share” my PS+ account so he has access to all the old ps+ games over the years I’ve collected but not used. I’m going to make him his own account...
  12. T

    All my purchased games and contents disappeared after game transfer!

    I wanted to get Warzone and didn't want to wait forever for it to download as someone told me I could send it from another ps4 easily, that's what I did and I transferred the game from my friend's ps4 to mine and as a result after the transfer happened, every single thing from my account was...
  13. M

    PS4 Family Management

    Hi All, First time poster on here looking for a little assistance please! I have 1x PS4 with a PS Plus Subscription. Only have 3x Games which are Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Fifa 20 & Crash Bandicoot. Call Of Duty is a online PS Store purchase so this is a download, the other two are disks...
  14. thewhofan

    PS Plus 12 months @ £29.85 have 12 month PS Plus on sale at £29.85 Don't forget that you can stack multiple subs.
  15. killiefan

    Question Best place to buy PS Plus code?

    Looking for 12 or 15 months. Where do people pick up the cheapie ones they sell over on the Classified forum? I want one of them if possible. Best I've seen online is 12 months at £32 or so. Thanks.
  16. TaurusDevil

    PS Plus

    I won't be renewing it after it runs out this month. If im playing games offline such as Mafia 3 and Dishonored 2, i don't need it right?
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