1. O

    Pre-amp to connect Yamaha R-N602 to Sony PS-HX500 turntable

    I have: Yamaha R-N602 Sony PS-HX500 Cambridge Audio SX-50 I was hoping the Yamaha would get the best volume and punch from the Sony PS-HX500. I tried to connect both by using the phono stage from the Yamaha which was very quiet. I then turned the pre-amp off on the Sony PS-HX500 and connected...
  2. Andiush

    Sony ps-hx500 sound distortion

    Hi all, After reading so may nice reviews just bought this Sony turntable and can't figure out what's wrong. As you can hear in this video sound is absolutely distorted! First thing I did is checked the connections. But it can't be the issue as both TT and amp (HK990) have internal phono...
  3. S

    Question Sony DN1080 paired with Sony PS-HX500 turntable - do I need a better pre-amp?

    I just got back into vinyl purchasing a Sony PS-HX500 turntable. The attraction there being it has high resolution ripping (DSD and 24/192 wav). However, hooking up the PS-HX500 using the line-out setting of the built-in preamp to the DN1080 delivers a result that was a bit... meh. Digital audio...
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