1. Matt_C

    Curved/full screen protector for iPhone SE (2020)

    Has anyone used one of the full screen curved screen protectors for the 6/7/8/SE phones? I stuck a normal tempered glass one on the SE I picked up last week, and whilst it's lovely to use compared to the plastic ones I've had in the past, it's pretty ugly as you can see it the whole way round...
  2. K

    Question Dvd size game protectors?

    I’m looking for some plastic protectors to put my dearer games in, but if I can get a good deal also my entire collection! Other than one person on eBay & a website from the Netherlands that no longer ships to the uk. Does anybody have any experience of where to get these from? I’ve searched all...
  3. J

    Question Trying to understand my Panamax Surge/Power Conditioner

    I’ve finally started upgrading to some big boy toys, so naturally I fell down the surge protection/power conditioning rabbit hole. I ended up purchasing a Panamax M5400-PM. I’m on day three, and perhaps I’m confused about the true intent of the voltage regulation properties on this device. This...
  4. JonnyTester

    Question Best (brand, type) screen protector?

    I've gone through 4 glass screen protectors in as many weeks. I wouldn't mind if I had dropped my phone or whatever, but I'm extremely careful with my phones and really only use protectors as a last resort. And I don't buy cheap ones either. I always check out recommendations and go for the...
  5. J


    Hi Guys Has anyone got this particular model and is able to use the TV remote esp LG TV remote to control the volume of this soundbar? On the manual is says its possible but i can not get it to work. My TV is 60UF850V which has HDMI CEC if i am not mistaken Any ideas??
  6. mmurdoch

    Best case and screen protector

    Evening Just bought junior a iPhone 11 (project red) and wanting a very good case and screen protector. Any decent cases out there anyone could recommend and it’s a red handset I would imagine he’d prefer to keep red colour on view so clear Or even a red case. Also a very good screen...
  7. FlagshipDevice

    Which screen protector for iPhone 11/ Pro / Max?

    Hi all. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max coming next week and can't decide which screen protector to get. I've ordered a Mous case. Which protectors, if any, are you all going for?
  8. Manete

    Question Coaxial Surge Protection

    Hi. A week ago, a heavy storm damaged the main board of my satellite receiver through the coaxial input. Big thunder --> mains off --> mains on --> decoder won't boot. I have an electric surge protector for all my devices, but the electromagnetic pulse/field this time, went through my dish...
  9. dougie1809

    Question Looking for a phone protector

    Hi All, I had purchased the following strap protector for my Samsung phone A70, which is OK until I realised it was easy to rip off without too much stress: Can anyone recommend a steel retractor...
  10. R

    Samsung S9 plus Glass screen protector

    Hi all Got a problem with this phone and screen protectors fitting with cases. I have ordered a lot of screen protector now either not fitting or application very poor like the wet ones. Has anyone got a glass screen protector to work with a full bumper case? I have a full body case at the...
  11. A

    Galaxy watch 46 mm screen protector

    I just pre-ordered the 46mm version. Is it recommended to get a screen protector, and if so will any 46mm one fit, or does it need to be galaxy watch specific? If any can anyone recommend any?
  12. J

    Question Speaker protector / cover

    Hi I've just bought some Bowers & Wilkins DM603's with grills, I also have a cat, and there is my problem I don't want my cat using the grills as a scathing post but am worried if I remove the grills she will damage the foam on the speaker Has anyone made some covers to use instead of the...
  13. steviebwoy

    TV Protector!

    Hi folks, I had no idea where else to post this so Mods please feel free to move if you'd like. It's hopefully quite a quick one - I've got a new 49in Sony TV of late that is currently under siege by my 2 year old son who has taken to attacking it with all manner of toys from his exhaustive...
  14. sep8001

    S7 Edge Screen Protector

    Hi Any suggestions on a good screen protector for the S7 Edge, the ones a friend has tried fall off after a while. Thank you
  15. walters123

    Question best Samsung galaxy s9 plus case and screen protector

    as above looking at ordering today ready for friday. not looking at paying silly prices
  16. Sessen Ryu

    Note 8 Alcantara case - compatible screen protector

    I have a Note 8 with a beautiful alcantara case. Can anyone recommend a screen protector which which is compatible with this case? The Whitestone Dome does not work (unless you get a dremel out and file off the edges first!) I have read that the IQ Sheild does, however it's not available to...
  17. sea surfer

    Question Help needed with glass screen protector for new iPad Pro 2017

    Hi, I'm looking for a glass screen protector for my iPad Pro 12.9, I just bought one of these: I have found it to be far too reflective to do the new iPad 12.9 screen any justice for outside viewing, so it lasted the whole of 30 minutes, are there any screen protectors out there that...
  18. NeverEden

    Answered Anyone want a spare screen protector? - CLAIMED

    Bought 2 but only need 1, envelope with the protectors just sitting there and an eyesore lol. 1st come 1st served. No need to pay for postage, will send out 1st or 2nd class.
  19. I Am Alex

    Answered Which Surge Protector specs would you choose?

    Hello! I tried to find a more relevant sub-forum; sorry if this isn't the best one. N00b here. I haven't paid proper attention to my surge protector specs before, yet I did an inventory the other day and found that I'd accidentally purchased pretty good units over the years. Anyway - I need...
  20. A

    Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector + Case

    To save myself and maybe others going batty looking at 50+ Pages (50 if you got max posts per page set) I thought I was ask this separately. I will shortly be receiving this phone and want to be semi prepared but typically I dont use Screen Protectors or Cases but thought I would splash out a...
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