1. sweetstyle

    which is better protection?

    The free screen protector that comes with the Mous Limitless2 cases or an Anker tempered glass protector?
  2. T

    Better burn-in protection Sony or LG?

    Hello All, With both the LG CX and Sony A8 at the same price I'm looking for reason to buy (or not to buy) one or the other. I've noticed the Sony does not have logo luminescence protection, which I would have thought would be essential considering the nature of oled panels? Does Sony know...
  3. W

    Conformal coating substitutes

    Hi guys, im new here, and new to drones. I recently bought a fpv tinyhalk II freestyle, and i want to give it a good protection against moisture from wet grass, but here in Brazil i was not able to find the so caled silicon based conformal coating, i just found some acrilic based ones, i dont...
  4. M

    Question Protecting the Equipment - UPS, Surge Protection or Nothing?

    Just an open question really. The focus here seems to be, quite rightly, on protecting the data. There seems to be little discussion on protecting the equipment that stores the data. I have recently re-purposed an old, low power consumption PC to act as a dual purpose machine NAS (RAID 1) and...
  5. skayjah

    Question Denon x3500 enters protection mode when oven switched off

    Hello, my denon x3500h goes into protection mode very briefly when I switch my oven off (does not happen when I switch the oven on). This happens whatever volume the receiver is on, and whatever temperature the oven is on. Is this likely to be a problem with the receiver, with my home wiring, or...
  6. nmanalo1224

    RX-A1010 circuit protection

    I touched the wires together on my mains and tripped the circuit protection on my RX-A1010. I tried resetting it by pressing the Info+Tone+Main buttons but it did not work. When I let go of the buttons the displays shows RX-A1010 and does not power on. Any suggestions or ideas before I take...
  7. paulyoung666

    mcafee total protection ?

    I have been given a years sub for total protection , looking for opinions on using it on my MacBook , good idea or not ?
  8. meltonboy

    Question Do I need additional anti virus protection when using VM?

    I've been using panda for many years but it is about to expire. I find their customer service really bad and renewed last time because i was lazy. They were unclear about the differences between their own products and i had to hassle them to give me their internet general price, having been...
  9. K

    I think my receiver has gone into protection mode

    I have a marantz sr7010 and it won't start. Comes on then turns of with the power button flashing red. From what I've read on this forum it sounds like it's has gone into protection mode is something that I can do. On an old marantz post somewhere someone suggests pressing 8 buttons...
  10. chansearrington

    Question Screen Protector for LG OLED

    My 3yr old son threw his Thor hammer at my 65" OLED65C7 last week and fixing cost more than replacing it so I'm replacing it with this year's OLED65C8 To hopefully prevent this kind of thing from happening again I'm considering ordering a tv screen protector from TVArmor. Does anyone have any...
  11. G

    Question Denon Amp Protection Mode

    Hi Guys Hoping you can help an old geezer get some decent sound from his, long overdue retro hi-fi set up, after too many years of listening to flat digital music! I have purchased (limited budget and smallish room so dont laugh!) New Audio Technica AT-LB3 deck, New Wharfdale 9.1 diamond...
  12. jmoor98904

    Question surge protection for emotiva gen 3 amp

    hello, i get a lot of surges at my house and have already went through replacing the power supply on my amp several times. each time it happens i am out 3-4 weeks and god knows how much money. should i use a surge protection on my emotiva gen 3 11 channel amp? if so how do i know what to get...
  13. K

    Issues with amp entering protection mode

    Hey everyone, I've had some long-running issues with a Tibo amp and Wharfedale 9.1 speakers. The amp was bought new along with some cable and the speakers - which were refurbs - all from the same shop. This is the first set of hifi separates I've owned and I don't know much about them. The...
  14. T

    Question Coaxial TV Surge Protection Device

    When using an external roof aerial, is it worthwhile fitting something like the following in the UK? SAC AE9700 With appropriate coaxial adaptors of course. The 'F' Surge Protector provides an effective means of protecting equipment from surge voltage damage. The device is designed to...
  15. G

    Arcam 10 integrated protection flashing red light

    Hi all My Arcam 10 integrated is going into protected mode with flashing red light. This is instant, no delay when power button pressed and with only a quick flicker of the green display. I have attempted a repair by replacing the 4 mosfets, with no change and then replacing ic z5 which is the...
  16. R

    Answered Unknown problem causing receiver protection fault

    My system includes…… Naim Unitiqute 2/NAP100 power supply Marantz SR7005 AV receiver I take the front L/R pre-outs from the Marantz into the Unitiqute, so that the Naim equipment only is used for audio streaming. The Marantz recently went into protect mode (blew some components within the...
  17. J

    New PSVR owners and glasses wearers.. Get some protection

    Since we have countless new PSVR owners since Christmas, I thought it would be prudent to give a warning about the risks of scratching your lenses with glasses. There are many DIY solutions to mitigate the risk.. Or I make/sell a 3D printed product that will help. Problem is the mods wern't...
  18. C

    Problem with RX-A830 not powering up- protection mode

    Hi all, I have a problem with my RX-A830 receiver ...... when I press the power button the red light on the front blinks , I believe this is a power protection mode . I'v tried the following sequence , press the "info" and "tone control" buttons then pressing the "power" button briefly...
  19. The Dark Horse

    Motor legal protection / cover - Worth it, do you take it out?

    It's car insurance renewal time for me, I was looking at bringing the price down and looked at removing the legal expenses cover. From googling it some people say its worth having, others say it isn't as it only covers uninsured losses and they will only look to cover you if they are guaranteed...
  20. sparkymark75

    Protection from dog claws

    I've just moved into a new house. When the dog stands up at the window sill, her claws are scratching the paint on the window sill when she drops back down. I've looked and can't seem to find any product that can be applied to the window sill to protect it. I would have thought there would have...
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